Friday, December 30, 2011

The nightlife's been fun lately. But, it's a good thing i haven't had to be up and at em at a certain time this week.

It all started last week when my sister and I decided we wanted to meet up at 9 for half priced appetizers and drinks. . .I was up til one :) The next day my sister in law had a birthday, so we went with our hubbys on a double date to the late showing of MI-4. Then it was christmas eve and we had visitors til midnight. The next day was christmas. Then on Monday night my other sister and I went out. Tuesday another sister spent the night, so we stayed up late talking. The next night we had my brother (who's going to norway for a year) and his friends come visit. Then last night some friends and I took my sister to portland to a fondue restaurant since it was her 25th birthday. It's been fun!

Anyhow, so that's what i've been up to. It's been kinda nice to realize I do still have friends (besides my kids :) Just kidding! But, you have to understand, I've basically been home for a year unless I had to run an errand and at night I've tucked the kids into bed at 7, maybe watched a show and tried to get to bed as early as possible....cuz I've been up in the night or else up early with kids. . but somehow, magically, my baby has started to sleep til 10 some days and my kiddos kinda :)let me doze on the couch, so hanging out sometimes at night is an option now.

This post may seem random to you, but in my head the point makes sense. :)
Happy friday.
And Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



That's what's up over here. That being said, I don't have much time to talk, but I just wanted to say hi.

Hope your christmas was wonderful. Mine was so, so nice. Christmas Eve we shared a bottle of wine and the "raqlette grill" with good friends. It's a german tradition. Basically you grill good meats and vegetables and bread and cheese while sitting around the said grill and sipping good wine ;)

Christmas day, we did gifts, the kids loved their gifts and then headed to my parents for a great meal together and more partying. It was very laid back, for us :) And i loved it.
Yesterday we spent a good chunk of the day getting rid of the tree (it was taking up our whole dining area :) (we also discarded many old toys etc :) REALLY good times :)

Anyhow, I hope your holiday was every bit as wonderful as ours.
And have a happy happy day today.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey there,
Happy holidays.
Hope you are well.
We are. Just having a ton of playdates while the kids are off school.
We went and listened to the Youth group carol at a friends house last night. And then my sister spent the night, which was nice. She has been that extra pair of hands i could use and don't have :)
Anyhow, I should go for now, cuz we have 3 extra kids right now plus I really must fold laundry and put it away! like today! :)
Have a happy day today!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday


Not really anything exciting to report over here..but I thought i'd say hi anyhow.
I'm just listening to some westlife over here and googling info about gyms in the area. I really need to get back to the working out..but i'm not sure how to get that accomplished, since (a)My gym shut down their childcare option (b)DH is insanely busy at work again and (c)we sold our treadmill and (d)our wii fit dvd isn't working (not that I used it anyway! :)
So, I am considering joining another gym that has childcare, but it's spendy!

Anyways, so I don't really have anything else to say. I just wanted to say hi and that's about it!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what's up over here?


Shopping. Xmas shopping. . I've become obsessed with it and can't stop! :) Why didn't I start earlier I ask myself (after having a couple mini panic attacks...I know...still a few days left, but remember the precious ones who only have 3 more days of school and my hubby who works a million hours a month to provide the gifts? :) anyhow this equals only 3 more mornings to hit stores which really means 3 more stores I can go to (Macy is like the worst shopper ever! :) and I actually only have friday free (i'm dumb and made social plans :) wed and thursday morning) Anyhow, that's what's up here. Oh and the answer to not shopping earlier? remember my PRECIOUS van was in the shop? O van, how I missed you! ;)

Otherwise, this afternoon we are going to a friends to decorate cookies :) I'll try to post some pics later.

Happy Holidays,...hope your shopping is going well too :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

It IS friday!


I am so glad it's the weekend!
I've been looking forward to it SO much. Tomorrow we are going over to the Synergy 16 tree lot to buy our tree! :)

I am really looking forward to seeing spending some time with DH this weekend!

Today I spent a good couple hours deep cleaning my kitchen .. like scrubbing cupboards and windows and the microwave. It felt SO great! I forgot I used to do stuff like that. Like be obsessive enough to get it done. :) but I rather enjoyed it. Next is up is organizing it. . (the counter where the bar stools are is where I keep these big old tupperware drawers etc with the kids paints, crayons, papers and I plan to throw lots of old stuff away! :)

Anyhow, i am sure I am boring you! So I will go hang with my kids who are watching kipper :)

Happy weekend!
BTW, yes I got my van back. YAY!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy days

Hi there,

I can't believe it's been 3 days since my last post, since I've seriously been meaning to post more often.. but it's just been a busy week.

Macy's ear tube surgery went real well, she now is feeling better, I think! :) But she is really, like really, clingy! Like she just wants to be held all day ever since, like just in case some "scary" people come take her again and put a mask over her face and do something that made her hurt when she woke up with THEM again! :) I can understand it, if I put myself in her tiny little shoes. . .
so that's that!...My life right now :)

So otherwise, my van is still in the shop, so my mom has been really gracious and giving lots of rides, bless her heart, she's saving my dry skin and frizzy hair :) (all the cold weather) My van should be done this afternoon? I'll believe it when I see it! ;)

What else? Hmm..well, I made cookies with Mia this morning (store bought dough from the freezer :) I did one load of laundry and visited with my mom all morning! And I really should pay the bills etc while macy sleeps a bit, so......

I'll go for now...but first I will share what I am looking forward to in the near future......

...watching snow white and the 7 dwarfs with kids tonight (martin has a work dinner)

.. watching bones on tv tonight :)

.....watching the prison break final movie with DH tomorrow night?

....getting our tree on saturday.

,....going to ikea to pick out Brooklyn's gift (a desk/bookshelf)on sunday while the children's meeting kids go to the silver falls holiday bazaar
edited.......(just kidding, there's a normal meeting during this trip ;) but we will go sometime to get this and I ALWAYS love a trip to Ikea :)

......wrapping gifts

...drinking lots more coffee with peppermint mocha creamer

...getting together with the older kids in my family at my parents to chat, laugh and eat great food next sunday night (with out kiddos :)

...a moms and tots holiday party next thursday with mia and macy

.....getting together with my friend Rosy next tuesday

....Buying more christmas presents!

....eating lots of great food over the holidays ;)

....the christmas feast at church next saturday

...watching my kids faces when they open their gifts christmas day :)

Have a super day today and I will try to be back soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Things I am loving lately

Hi there,

We are doing well. It is freezing here in this part of the world, but I was brave and walked the kids to school anyhow,..and all bundled up it was actually really nice.
I am feeling the love today, so I am appreciating that :)
I have candles lit and Ruth Anne is on her way. I am super excited to visit with her. It's been way too long.

What I am loving lately...

That they started making sugar free peppermint mocha creamer! :)


Holiday lights

Walking with the kids

Goofing off with my little family :) (last night we lit some fireworks we found just for the heck of it :)

That my little girl is feeling better (when I took Macy for her preop appointment friday they figured out her ear was infected again! poor thing! I thought it was just her molars bothering her)

That hubby has the day off tomorrow for Macys surgery but still a day off!! :)

Good friends

Chewy peppermint mocha cookies I plan to make soon :)

Happy monday!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sorry to disappoint

Your comments (on my last post) cracked me up!! :)
Sorry to disappoint, but nope, Jen doesn't have it all together, at all! I like to, but so don't.

Reality is, My accomplishments in a day are normally, One load of laundry washed and the dishes from the day in the dishwasher. (oh, and I try to shower once a day :) I usually do manage that while the kids have a quiet time.
Walking to the school seems super overwhelming cuz it takes 15 minutes to get there and 20 or more home (Mia is SO lazy and I'm not really in a hurry :) It's not the walking I dislike, it's the pressure of getting to the school on time, walking, with kids in tow. But, once I am forced to do's nice. :)
Anyhow, I guess the picture you (Tereza :) have of what I thought I would want to be like as a mom (like, all put together and everything in its place in my house) but I have realized in order to achieve that, I drive myself crazy and don't enjoy my kids, so I have settled for my home to be "surface cleaned" mostly and I have a standard that I try to stick to, before I hit the sack (basically, I make sure the laundry got put in the dryer, the dishwasher is started, the toys are thrown into the corner of the living room and the coffee is ready to brew for morning and DH lunch is in the fridge)

So, that y'all know what my reality is, I have to go fold and put away 5 loads of laundry and wash 3 more :) (cuz every once in a while I have to catch up on what doesn't get done regularly, like finishing up laundry and bathrooms and vacuuming and sweeping and mopping etc. Oh and fyi, I pretty much never dust :0

Yes, I read your blogs. . elmina and Tereza and I totally enjoy them, sorry I don't comment.
Hope the weekend is going well for ya

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday fess up

...I did hcg again and lost 10 pounds :)

.......I am totally pumped for the holiday season

.......My van is in the shop so I walk to the kids school 3 times a day

.....I love reading and don't do it enough

......hubby and I watched a whole season of the show Nikita over the txgiving holiday, it was super fun

......I am not sure anyone reads my blog anymore, but I still post anyhow. :)

.......I am so so far behind on laundry cuz I have been nuturing my social life far too much for that! :)

..........last night Brooklyn and I made these "doughnut things" (some indian dessert I got off tereza's blog) and then we got all the kids back out of bed to eat them :)

........I'm not sure this is a fess up, but rather a bunch of random facts, but anyhow!! :)

........also, Macy is getting ear tubes put in next tuesday which is so good, since she has been on 10 rounds of antibiotics in the last 6 months for ear infections.

.have a super duper weekend!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More pictures

I don't have much to say, so I thought to share more pictures :) ...just from "the life" ya know? :) Some from brooklyn's family birthday party Nov.2. One is from a "home date night" we had :)
Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what's new over here?

Hi there,

Hope you are well. :)

We are just waiting for the big "turkey" day over here :) We are going to my parents for the occasion and the kids especially, just can't wait! Their teenage girls have a real fun time planned, so we are all looking forward to it. I plan to have someone take a nice family picture, so we can give those out this year (I'm usually so NOT on top of this...)
Anyhow, I will try to share that on here...if that all pans out.

Otherwise, we are just doing the same ole thing here. The kids have the week off. Parent/teacher conferences were yesterday and we got a great report on both kids, so happy, happy! :) Today we are just hanging out til Macy's ear tube consult this afternoon. Ky and Brooklyn both have a playdate later during the appointment, so they are looking forward to that! Mia gets to come with me! :) yay for her! ..(and me :)

So that's what's up with us..I know I always enjoy reading an update, so I figured you may too?

Have a happy week and enjoy good eats!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey there


I am not even sure what i am going to post about.. but I thought I better say hi, so no one worries about me :)

We are doing well, just keeping busy with "the life" :)
Today Me and the girls visited the some more books and books on cd for the van and some dvds...with a 7 day vacation from school coming up soon here, I best be prepared :)

I am super into wearing my apron and chopping up lots of veggies for my crock pot soup (lentils, split peas, potato you name it, soups) My hubby loves it, my kids...? not so much ;)

Otherwise, not so much else is new....I am trying to think of good ideas of things to keep everyone happy during the week off, but hmm...? maybe the farm to pet animals and play, but it is pretty chilly out and Macy has a pretty bad cold already,(but then again, she is on antibiotics for her ears....again, so by then maybe she can handle it;)

Anyhow, I have nothing exciting to talk about, but we are doing pretty good. DH stayed home yesterday, cuz his back was so bad, so that was sad for him, but nice for us to see him...I feel I am fighting something too...I feel kind of achy..SP? So, I am taking vit. c and staying warm and hoping to sleep more now that macy has meds for her ear infection.

K, I am so totally rambling, but hope you are well.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I am loving lately

1. Broccoli (with ranch dip of course :) or on salads (with pecans and dried cranberries, DELISH! :)

2. Pumpkin candles

3. Reading

4. Talking Rain

5. Organizing my grocery shopping lists BEFORE I get to the store, according to the aisles things are on (clearly I have been to Walmart WAY too often ;)

6. My husband . . my best friend. :)

7. My kiddos, even if they don't play together well very often ;)

8. The holiday's coming (and peppermint mocha creamer is in my fridge for my coffee. LOVE! :)

9. That curious george episodes are now instantly on netflix (my kiddos ALL love that little guy. :)

10. Sleeping. :) (I would love to hibernate for just a month or two :)

11. Open season, hey! that movie is FUNNY! :)

12. Fridays, means the weekend is here.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I get to choose

... my mood :)

So I choose to be happy today.

I am lighting pumpkin spice candles. . brewing some coffee in my new coffeemaker and starting a crockpot of lentil soup, (my husband will thank me for the soup, guessing not the kids, but who cares, I can still be happy! :)

Anyhow, that's me today. Choosing to love my life. choosing to make it good for my family and choosing to BE happy! :)

Hope you are well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi there,

I am alive! (I were worried, cuz I always post so regularly!) :)

Anyhow, we are well. DH was in Arizona for a business trip all week so I have been real busy with kids, etc. (Like normal, hmm..I don't really have a better reason for not updating though)

In any case, nothing is really so new around here. I just spend my mornings with my 2 little girls. Super nice to have a little time with just them. And after we pick up Ky from kindergarten I get them lunch then do some chores and we have a quiet time. Then play some more and then we are off to get Brooklyn. Then it's snack time, homework, then bath time, then the kids have their favorite show while I get dinner, then dinner time, then time to get ready for bed and storytime and sometimes a movietime and then bedtime for kids, then the "real" quiet time begins! :) :)
(Yeah, that was a MAJOR runon sentence!) :)Anyhow....

Macy is quite the "toddler" now. Learning lots of new things, we are really enjoying her. (even when she hits the spoon full of pears on the floor or all over me :) :) She's a bundle of love. ;)

Mia seems to be settling in as a big sister (a year later, it seems she is no longer jealous that she has a baby sister) Thank the Lord! I was wondering if that day would ever come! :) She is really a fun, sweet little girls most days, nowadays!

Ky is doing super good in school so he earned himself a remote control car. (we had a program where every day he was good, his teacher gave me a thumbs up on the way out and he got a star for that and once he had his chart of 30 stars marked off he got a new remote control toy ;)

Brooklyn is my super A student. . she is constantly coming home with awards. She's nonchalant but so proud to be learning! :)

I have been having some get togethers with friends this week. It is super nice for me. I am such a social person that when I don't do that, I tend to feel real lonely (i know, I am never alone, but I miss BIG people) :) Ruth Anne came to visit on monday and I have gotten together with other moms the other days and today a friend came for lunch on her lunch break (oh and an uncle stopped by too :) LOVE it...and speaking of the lunch, I still have dishes to do from that, so I should go now and clean up before I go get Brooklyn!

Lastly, but best of all ...DH is back from his trip and going to make it home for dinner today! ! ! :) LOVE <3

Happy (almost) friday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

On this fine friday


Hope you are well. We are too. :)
This morning I packed up all children, dropped the older two off at their school and hit the gym and it felt great ;) Then I went to famous footwear and bought myself a new pair of running shoes. LOVE THEM :)

Not much else exciting happening around here. . it's just a fall day with candles burning in my house, some chai tea about to be made, the washing machine is humming and I am planning soup for dinner :)

Tomorrow I am doing some cooking in the morning for a rental group at our church property and then we are taking the kids to go swim. They are pReeety excited :)

I am looking forward to the weekend. It's always nice to spend some time with my DH and enjoy a fun activity with the kids.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's on my mind tonight...

What's on my mind tonight is that it's so good to be merciful.. That's what I want. My kids have been fighting like A.LOT! lately. Ugh. I just hate all the bickering and I tend to get so frustrated with them. Like, just.stop.fighting! Why do I have to keep reminding you?
But then tonight, as I was apologizing to Mia for not being so patient today and telling her I really want to be more patient tomorrow..she innocently replied, "you always tell me that, mom" :) rather :(
OBVIOUSLY, I need patience and mercy, so I best be merciful toward my kiddos.
Matt. 5:7
Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What I am loving lately

1. Enjoying family outings with hubby and kiddos on saturdays (last weekend, it was the to come.)

2. Chai tea (LOVE IT! :)

3. Projects (today it was "that" HUGE pile (it filled up 6 clothes baskets) of kids clothes in my room of clothes the kiddos had outgrown)

4. Shopping (I had 100 dollars to spend at turned into 130 :) but anyhow! ;) I had money from hubby to spend on new clothes for my birthday. I keep buying stuff and deciding it's not perfect so returning it and spending it on different outfits, eventually I am sure I will settle on some certain clothes but for now.. it's been fun to return and buy different stuff :) :)

5. and lastly...its fun to type alone when your words make sense, but Macy keeps crawling up and changing what I typed so I keep erasing and retyping so I am gonna go play with her instead of forcing my way :)

Happy Monday

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Any excuse to go to target


It seems I've been to target a lot lately. It's just a happy place for me. I'm not sure what it is. .It just makes me happy to set foot in there ;) I got a few gift cards to target for my birthday :) So i got a new purse and some totes (rather boxes, I guess?) to organize my life around here and I just feel happy about all that, so I wanted to share ;)

I have nothing else exciting to report. I have been just living the life, ya know? Took macy in this morning as she was up in the night a lot and the poor baby has 2 bad ear infections, so we got her meds and I am glad she will be on the mend soon here.

I went to the gym on tuesday and on wed I did a tae-bo video at home. It felt good to get moving (well exercising, I mean...I do move all. day. long! :) whether I want to or not ;)

I have been doing a lot of reorganizing and moving things around in my house. I bought those totes(brown boxes) at target to organize the kids toys and put them up on their shelves when not being used. . I L.O.V.E. to organize. It makes me feel SO accomplished. Way more than laundry or dishes or the normal chores. It's the OCD in me or something.

ANYWAYS! I probably should get back to the bills (BORING!) :) and probably i should..maybe...I should lay off on the caffiene, just a little bit ???? :) (but the argument there is I am getting so much more done when I have 2 espressos a day :)

Happy thursday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The simpler, the better

Hi there,

Happy Monday.

I am finding the above to be true for our life. . The simpler, the better. As my dear husband pointed out last night, I tend to bite off more than I can chew. (It wasn't a criticism, just a reminder ;) I tend to have these grand plans and expectations for the day and life in general. (and tend to get disappointed and overwelmed when my expectations aren't met (and they generally never are) :) But that's ok. I am learning. Kids only have a few basic needs and as long as I keep those priority, all the other things, tend to fall into place when necessary!

Anyhow, that's just what has been helpful for me to work on lately! :)

We are doing well. Martin worked all weekend, as in...even though he didn't go to work on sunday, he had to input all the inventory counts at in he got done at 10 pm last night. Normally that would have been super hard for me...but it was oddly ok. I guess I just realized how stressful it was for him..

In other news, I don't have much else to say. We have really settled into a routine with school, which is nice, really nice. I know I have to be up and at em at 7 am to get everyone fed and clothed and out the door, but then once we get the older 2 into school we have a little "down time"... just me, Mia and Macy. Lots of days, we run errands or visit a friend. And then once we get Ky we get home and eat lunch and get Macy her nap and then hang out a bit, the middle two kids have an hour rest time at some point before we get Brooklyn at 330. Then we have a snack and Brooklyn and ky do their homework. Then they watch their show wild kratts :) while I get dinner. Dinner is at 5. Then baths and storytime before bed. It helps me SO much to know and for the kids to know...what is coming next in the day :)

Well, I best go for now. . almost time to pick up Brooklyn.
Have a great week.

Friday, September 30, 2011

My birthday


Happy Weekend! It's been a good week... am glad. :)

I had a wonderful birthday, thanks :)
I spent the morning (grocery) shopping with my mom :) And the kids were actually real sweet all (well, mostly:) all day. At dinner time, martin actually made it home to eat with us :) Then we had a little party with the kids. They got me a new grocery tablet for the fridge, my favorite hersheys cookies and cream bar and a starbucks gift card all picked out by (hmmm?) ME :) That's being a mom sometimes. Hubby felt so bad, but he just did NOT have time :) (he got a new position at work, and at month end it's crazy getting inventory counts done.

Anyhow, then at 730 I headed over to my friend maryanne's house where my hubby had invited a bunch of my friends, we just talked a lot, ate good snacks, drank wine and they were super generous, I got a bunch of gift cards, to target, starbucks, java crew. They all took turns giving gifts and saying nice things about me. It was so sweet...Made me feel so loved! :)

Otherwise, all is well. I still haven't made it to the gym...I am waiting for macys cold to get better. But I feel happy and content. It's nice to actually "feel" that way sometimes!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tomorrow is Macy's first birthday

Happy Birthday, baby girl. Hard to believe it's been a year since Macy survived a crazy birth! (I had placenta abruption during my induction and was raced in for an emergency c-section. She wasn't breathing at first and had a very faint two minutes they lost that, but they were able to save her and not only that (even though they expected to find problems due to lack of oxygen) she is perfectly normal! :) She's our miracle baby and we are so thankful we have her. She brings SO much joy to our family!

Tomorrow we plan to have a small party with her favorite aunt and her "grandma" rosemary. And everyone is excited :) I will be making pumpkin cupcakes with whip cream and sprinkles on top! :) The kids are so funny. They are totally excited she can join them in eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch :)

I should go. It's storytime ;) but I just wanted to say. We are good. And quitting hcg was probably the best decision I ever made! :) and my weight is holding steady at 159.6. So, I am relieved.

Have a happy happy week!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving on


So, I made an executive decision to be done with hcg. Yesterday as I was sitting there thinking (barely able to fold laundry, I was so weak) I thought...why am i doing this..I am actually in a happy place right now...Why am I messing with that?

I've felt like my life was so out of my control for so long now...but recently (as I mentioned in a previous post) I am finally starting to feel like, if I really devote all my attention to my job all day long, I can actually manage it...and sometimes, kind of like it. :) I don't mean to sound depressing or anything, that's just the truth.

I've had lots of good days in the past week, and that is a change for me. I want to like my life and there is no reason I need to be any, with that said....
I am moving on. :)

I plan to keep tabs on my weight, by making healthy food for us all and working out a few days a week, but i weigh 160(159.4) and that is ok with me. (And tereza yeah, Martin says I am hot ;) The other day (it was so sweet) ...(actually it was 5:45 am and I was barely awake standing at the kitchen sink making a bottle for sweet baby Macy) He actually said these words ;) "you look so good. No really. I just want to take the time to tell you I am so proud of you. You have four kids and look better than ever ;) (That means a lot to a person who's been struggling with their weight for 17 years,...has it really been that long? wow, I AM getting older.)

Speaking of birthday is next thursday. Yep, happy birthday to me! :) Tomorrow morning Hubby is taking me on a date. I am pretty excited about it. It's been WAY too long. And on my birthday, Hubby arranged a birthday party for me. I am excited about that too. :)

This morning I met Ruth Anne at the kids club so the kids could play and it was super nice we got to catch up too. :) Now, I need to go soon and do some chores. I am going to make banana bread for a after school snack and then I am going to put the laundry's been sitting in the living room for far too long.

Yes, I realize this post is totally and completely super random and I appreciate you sticking around and finishing reading...if you did.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not according to plan

um hi,

So this is so not going according to plan ...I assumed I would at least lose a few pounds before these types of problems occured. But, ahh! This morning I was up .6 to 159. One friend suggested maybe my body is trying to say hello...this is a good weight for me! And I agree...I just don't know what to do since I am only on day 6. I am super nervous that if I just quit it will mess with my metabolism and that's not really ok with me. . but if I that wasn't a potentional issue, I would quit in a heartbeat (especially since I have been having such a hard time having enough energy for "my life".

Anyhow, that's where I am at with hcg. (oh and I am doing an apple day today) Otherwise I am doing much better than in a long time. I feel like I can (barely) :) manage my life and all the things I need to do, but I am happy to do them.. Everything isn't a chore anymore. I can actually, sometimes, enjoy my kids...instead of feeling like they are all always talking and needing something at the same time. I am super thankful and no, I am not saying everything is easy and always hunky-dory. I just feel like a little bit sane again. ;)

Hope your week is going well, it's almost friday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today was hard

I am finding it hard to keep up..with everyone and everything. . I don't have any energy. . I guess I am busier than I was in one way (what with dropping off kids in am and picking up at noon and at 330 and my kids are busy anyhow....always :)
So, that's what I am finding tough this time...not cravings, but feeling tired or whatever.
I only lost .2 today, so hoping for more tomorrow.
I better go do dinner cleanup and homework and brush teeth and laundry etc. :)
hope you are well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 4

Hi there,

I missed posting a day only cuz i was busy....anyhow,

This round is going well, quite well so far. . I am not saying it's no issue, cuz every once in a while when I slow down a bit, I realize I am feeling hungry or that eating something different from my menu sounds good, but it's really not that big a deal. . but i know that's cuz my life is really busy. It's a good busy though. I am finding when I just take the time for all the little things my kids need and to just enjoy their life and what's going on with them, it goes so much better.. if that makes any sense at all.

This morning I was 158.6. So I am down 1.4 pounds from my starting weight (I think). I'll take it :) It all adds up. It's been real nice to just see the scale going down, at this point.

I best go for now. My laundry is getting behind and I want to fold it up and put it away before my brother comes for dinner. (He is watching my kids :0 :) so I can go to the gathering for all the young sisters tonight. (Hubby may end up here too, but I just don't know. He got a few new things added to his plate at work, it'll be busy for him (for me :) for a while here. But, I oddly ;) feel up to it. I haven't talked about it much on here.. but I've felt pretty overwhelmed for a while now.
But lately, I guess since school started I have been feeling so much better. I feel like I can manage my life now. That doesn't mean I am good at it, but I feel like I can be, if I try real hard :)

Anyhow, I gotta go for now...later!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 has gone well.
I have to admit I was a bit disappointed to still be up 2.2 pounds from my beginning weight. This morning I was 162.0, but I know i will lose it, and I am already started...2 days down 16 to go. . . whatever happens with the scale happens :)

Today we went to the conference for the morning and then hit the grocery store..whole family in tow...always a treat! :) and then the kids had naps and I ran a couple errands (hubby's tire was flat, so I tried to replace it for him...only to learn the tire stores are closed on sundays??)

Anyhow, then we went to the park for a picnic dinner only to be attacked by a swarm of well...such is life. It's been a nice weekend anyhow...and now I am ready to sleep for like the next 20 years. :) just joking, but I am tired, so I will be back tomorrow sometime.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So this morning I weighed.............

164.2. Holy cow! That's insane. But anyhow, I am doing this and I have to at least lose a few pounds. Right? Right :)

Today has gone fine so far. Black coffee for breakfast then off to the races...getting kids ready to go for the day...then chicken salad I packed and took with me and now I am doing a bit of housework while the kids nap and having another coffee.

Here's to hoping the scale is down at least a couple pounds in the morning? :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sick of food

Ahh, I am done eating! I know in a few days I will probably want to take that back. But I am done eating and ready to start the 500 calorie portion of this diet. Bring it on, HCG! :)
This morning I was 160.6 and I am sure will be up more in the morning, but that's the way this diet goes. In my previous rounds, I was back down to my original weight(pre-loading weight...this round 159.8) after the first day of the 500 calorie portion. So, we shall see. But, I am excited about this.

In other news, i am so super glad it is friday. Even though this weekend will be busy (with our church fall conference all weekend) I am looking forward to seeing hubby and hopefully "relaxing" sunday afternoon and evening.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gonna ...JUST DO IT!

Hey there,

So, I know it seems random, but I decided to just do it. HCG. :)
I got my new drops yesterday afternoon and I just feel ready, so I am EATING today. Loading up on fat to last me through the round. :)
This morning I was 159.8 pounds, so I am 15 pounds away from my goal. I don't expect this round to take me to my goal, I just hope it will get me down to 150.? (I think I will lose less this round, as I am closer to my goal and also cuz I have already done 2 rounds. I have heard you lose less the more rounds you do???)

Anyhow, on a totally different note. we seem to be getting settled in with the school thing. Which I am super thankful about. I met a friend who has 2 little girls my little girls ages, at the park this morning and Mia had a blast. Now it is rest time and I am tired, so I think I will sleep after putting in a load of laundry. I am starting to feel more sane. . . Which is nice. :)

Hope you are doing well. I will be back soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

This week seems to be flying right by. Today Mia, Macy and I visited the library for storytime. It was real nice for Mia, she seems to be a bit jealous that the big kids have school and she has nothing new and special :) So, I wanted to do something fun for her. :)

This morning I was down to 159.4. I am not sure why...I guess I am a bit too busy to think much about eating. ;)

I don't really have anything else to say. But, I guess I should be working on laundry, so I will go for now.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A good report


The first day of Kindergarten went splendid. Ky loved it and when he got home was in great spirits and super cooperative. And now is taking a nap. AHH! I think I love kindergarten or the teachers or whatever. I am so relieved (many years of worrying have gone into this day, case you don't know us well,..I thought I would explain)

Today has been a good day. I just finished tidying up. And go to get Brooklyn in a few minutes. Then we will go to grandma's to get Aunt Kara who is babysitting for us tonight for a parents meeting. . I am looking forward to that (I am just praying DH will make it though, since he called a few minutes ago to report a very stressful crazy day at work :( Oh well...such is life.

This morning I was still at 160.4 pounds.

I should go for now, but I hope you are having a terrific tuesday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

So many possiblities, so little time :)


Happy Monday to ya. I can say that, cuz it is almost over :) :) Actually it was a pretty good day...Today we visited Ruth Anne to celebrate Ky's last day before he starts school. (and to celebrate Ruth Anne and I being friends, of course :)

Tomorrow my baby boy starts kindergarten. In one way, sad... another, happy. He needs something to do for part of the day and I need some time to think, so it's good :) I almost can't believe I have two and a half hours with ONLY 2 kids. :) It's gonna be good. The possibilities of what I could do in that time are endless! I mean...I could maybe actually talk to my friends,...if I tried to visit them ;) or I can maybe get in a workout at the gym...or I could actually clean like really house or organize the kids clothes (like that BIG pile in the corner of my room that I've been adding to since baby Macy was born. NEEDS TO GET GONE! :)
Anyhow, just what's on my mind today. OF COURSE, I will miss him and I really hope he loves school.

On the subject of my's been the same for the last 2 days...160.4 and I am ok with's 3 pounds down from one point last week. (I know weighing every day may seem anal to some people but if you have fought your weight your whole life, you might understand it. It is reassuring to me to know I still weigh 50 pounds less than a few years ago ;)

All in all, I am doing pretty good and I hope you are too.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A different decade

Hey there,

So, I just wanted to share....I was down to 159.8 this morning. I am real excited to be back in the 150,s and i hope to stay there :) (well, secretely I hope to one day be in the 140,s but anyways!!)
I ordered 2 bottles of my favorite hcg, the spray,...It should be here in 1-5 business days...I plan to reevaluate at that point, but most likely get started with a round right away.

Not much else is new. I took Mia out for some mommy/daughter time and ran a bunch of errands this morning. It was thought goodness she can talk! (like her mama :) but real nice. I found her a Super cute pair of nikes for $12. She LOVES them, so that was fun. Now we just NEED to find Brooklyn a pair of school shoes, but i am DONE with the running around for today, so I think we will do that tomorrow when DH gets back from fundraising (rental cooking).

Other than that,..what else to report? Hmmm...I fixed my favorite pair of shoes with super glue :) :) (the flowers on the top were falling off) Ruth Anne promised me a pedicure and coffee date for my birthday at the end of the month and My favorite tv shoes are coming back soon :) and we plan to have a bbq and hang outside...enjoying the last of the summer weather (i don't actually know it's the last of just sounded good to say that. :)
Oh and my baby is almost ONE! oh my gosh, this year has flown by!
Amen! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm alright! ;)

Hey there,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. . I have just been real busy getting caught up on laundry from all the vacationing and then getting kids ready for school and then baby macy is teething (or something !!!:) and ya know how it is? life is busy.

But, I am good. I am feeling super good about this school thing! :) Routine is good. Brooklyn went for her first whole day today and in her words "just loved it" :)
Ky heads in on tuesday. Should be interesting :) He is all gung-ho! but i did take him in for his testing today and he was all nervous but excited and concentrated real hard for like 10 min, but as soon as he could (as I chatted with his teacher)was doing somersaults on the reading rug :) :) :) That's MY BOY! :) Love him

My weight is 161. something lately. I want to be rid of my midsection but am just not so sure I am up to fighting that fight yet, still debating,....but I do have a call coming from the health food store once more hcg drops are I guess I am mostly leaning toward doing a round soon.

All in all, life is good. We are settling in for the fall (i baked my first loaf of zucchini bread for the season this afternoon.) And my family was happy.

Have a good one.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

About blogging..

Sometimes i just feel like posting, and sometimes I don't. Obviously lately I don't really feel like it so much ;)

I am good though. It's been a busy, stressful summer for me. It's been hectic for me..trying to juggle keeping my busy 4, 5 and 6 year olds happy and also a baby, who has different needs than they do (obviously! ;) And with DH working, A TON I've had lots of days that didn't feel so bright, with no light seeming to be at the end of that tunnel (if ya know what I mean?) But things are starting to look up again. DH has been making it home for dinner most nights lately, (even if half the time it is a VERY late dinner :) and he is getting a good bonus for all those long hours and possibly a newer position at work with better pay.

The kids are SUPER excited to start school this week and I am excited for a bit more of a schedule.
I am hoping to get back to the gym after dropping Ky off at kindergarten and it will be nice to have a bit of time with just the "little girls".

About my weight, it's up in the 161's these last few days, but I am totally pmsing, so that is expected.
I am not sure what my plan is as far as my weight goes. I really want to do another round of hcg and I am seriously considering it...once the kids are in school and we are settled in that routine but I am kind of nervous, cuz i feel like it added to my stress level over the summer, which I don't really need(more stress)... It's most important to me that I am good to my kids, but it really is nice to feel good about myself and currently..I don't. I feel like even though I am way thinner, I still have at least 10 pounds to lose (and my doctor backed me up on this, so I know I am not out of line thinking this)
...Hcg well...but it IS stressful. But then again, so is any diet then I think I should just be good with weighing 160, but that is stressful too, cuz I don't feel good about it...I know I am totally rambling, so I will sign off for now.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The coast

Oh, it was wonderful :)
We had such a nice home. My mom rented a house that was just PERFECT for our whole extended family. There was a bed for almost everyone and even a bathroom off our room, so Macy could have her own "bedroom". . which was a huge help. :)
We hung out at the beach, enjoying the sunshine, sand and it fit. And enjoyed each others company, the hot tub, games and movies and food when we were done on the beach. All the kids handled living with lots of others nicely (this was my biggest "concern". But it worked out great :) I will try to post pictures soon.

About my weight, something miraculous happened! :) well, not really a miracle,..but I am not sure why...I weighed 160.2 this morning. That was a super nice surprise. Cuz there was definitely a lot of food..and some alcohol involved in the weekend.

Anyhow, I should go get the kids breakfast now. but I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

taking the time...

I wanted to take the time to say i was the same weight this morning 161.4. But that's all i have time to say, really.
i am off to pack as the kids are napping and then we are supposed to take off for the coast. I am real excited :) :)
hope you have a great weekend. I will be back tuesday night :)
And hope to post wed that we had a wonderful vacation :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


hey there,
So today we have done, well basically nothing and I feel so much better. Thanks :)
Anyhow, this morning I weighed no loss there. I am just glad I didn't gain after my snack of wheat thins and cheese last night. :o
I better go for now as i promised all the kids a nap in preparation of our beach trip :)
Have a great day today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it's debatable

Is that how you spell it? :) really is debatable at this point, ...whether it is worth it to leave the house, alone (i mean me alone being the only adult :)
And i know this stage won't last forever...but it's like by the time we are all finally ready to's time for baby macy to have another nap but if we are just home all day, the "big" kids are bored.
anyways...that about sums up my life currently :)
(we went to our church retreat center again today...just for "the day" we made it there by 12 to swim and made it til 3....seems ok...but it felt just so darn heck stressful and not worth it (seeing as the kids didn't really seem so happy all day! Oh well, such is the life as a mother of a few young ones, i guess.

About my weight, i was down to 161.4 this morning, so even though it's's headed back down. I am hoping to be down to 160. something by friday and stay at that while at the coast, but that will be "lucky" if it happens and I decided today..I just can't stress too much about it. This being a happy mother thing is all about balance, right?

Hope you are well

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So, today has been a struggle....everyone just seems so grumpy. Then I realized everyone seemed tired, so I put us all to bed and everyone but Brooklyn is still sleeping :) :) SUPER!

Anyhow, on the dieting note,...this morning I was 161.6 as long as that number keeps dropping all is good! ;)
I need to get back into the habit of exercising, the last time I did that was jogging last wednesday (unless you count a 10 min. walk I took the kids on yesterday...barely a walk basically it was crawling on our feet, just as a distraction from our house :)
About exercising, I just plan to keep trying to get a bit in here and there til school which point I plan to go to the gym a few times a week after dropping the kids off at school :)

We are getting settled back in at home here. I just have 4 more loads of laundry to fold and put away and one more load to wash...I should get done just in time for our vacation at the coast with my family :) which starts friday night. We plan to stay for 4 whole days...hubby in tow too :) :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

how it happens........

The weight gain. :(
you eat too much...don't pay enough attention, Don't weigh yourself daily and wa-la! You weigh more.
Vacation, its great, but part of the fun tends to be great food.

So, this morning I was up to 162. UNACCEPTABLE!
So, I am going to be calorie counting til I am back under 160.

Anyhow, We had SUCH a great week. We went swimming, a ton. We played on the playground, hung out with friends, celebrated Mia's birthday, stayed up late, ate lots of candy :) We had a blast.

It was SO nice to spend the whole week together (well, if we weren't together (me and DH, it was cuz he was entertaining the older 3 kids.) I feel all readjusted and reconnected to the whole family. It was super nice to be less stressed and just enjoy my family, especially Macy. I realized I have been subconciously viewing her needs as one more thing to take care of, instead of enjoying her.
The kids seem so much happier since having daddy around. I LOVE it.

Anyhow, I should get back to my "stuff". I have been working on doing the laundry, the bills, etc.
I hope you are well, and in case you are wondering...I hope to update more in the future :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm alive


I figured at some point someone might (?) :) wonder if I died or something and i didn't ;) so I thought I would post.

We are doing good. Just hanging out and doing our "thang". The kids are still learning to do chores, but getting pretty good at it. :) They still LOVE to swim and constantly beg to go to grandmas, especially, to swim.

I am still mostly single-parenting. . .but the good news is that today "should" be the last day hubby has to do 2 jobs. :) :) :) I will believe it when I see it. . but that's what the plan is.

And best of all, he has the entire next week off. I CAN NOT wait. We are going out to our church retreat center for the week. And since he can join us, I expect it to be a good time! ! :)

Other than that! Not much else is new. This morning I weighed in at 157.2. So I am happy with that. The last time I went running was last sunday evening. But it felt real nice so I expect that I will be doing more of that in the near future (P.S. I am not sure why I say running. I NEVER run, it is more like a slow jog! ) :) :)

Hope you are well! Happy "almost" friday!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just for fun

Just for fun..I dug up pictures from all my kids at the age (or around the age anyhow) that Macy is now. :) I think Macy and Brooklyn look the most similar. It's a busy but super fun age.. Macy is almost crawling and starting to talk. She says hi and no :) and Ky ky and dada and mama. :)
Enjoy! :)
Macy Grace

Mia Claire

Kyron Jake

Brooklyn Paige

(about my weight, I have been fluctuating between 155 and 160 still. I haven't been able to exercise in recent days, it's just been too darn busy being a mom and hubby working 14 or more hour days. . .Hoping that changes soon :) But for now, I am working on being happy exactly as it is. Cuz my attitude is up to me, right? :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

can't decide

hey there,

I can't decide if this should be a diet blog or just a blog about my kids or what, so it is just a little of everything (in case you hadn't noticed) :) Some days i think I just want to be fun and enjoy life, and forget about dieting, but it seems if I do that I gain weight, which is unacceptable, so I have to keep that priority too.

Anyhow, so today this is mostly a diet blog to say, Yay me! I was down to 158.0 today, so I am happy about that (last time I saw that number was last thursday, I would like to see that number go down tomorrow :) which means, note to self...don't get started snacking at moms later...I am headed there to take the kids swimming in a bit and ya know how I get while there? There's that "force" pulling toward the snack cupboard :)

Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good friends.....

...are the best! :)
How is your week going? Mine is all confusing, not bad, but..I feel like it is the end of the week. Like thursday or something. But, alas it is only tuesday :)
We are good though. Just hanging out, playing in the kiddie pool and at the sprinker parks around town :) Today i plan to take the kids to the library for new books and videos then to my moms to swim.
This morning I weighed 158.8 and decided that I want to get back down to 155, so i am going to work on portion sizes and healthy choices. Exercise, I have been doing a bit. I jogged a bit on thursday or maybe it was friday night and then on sunday I did some interval sprints on the treadmill. It felt good but wasn't too hard, so I know I must be in ok shape afterall. So that is nice.
Ok, I should go get kids doing chores and dressed etc . now, so have a good one

Friday, July 29, 2011

you know your baby is growing when....

you can't bathe her in the sink anymore! :)
I used to always stick her in my sink and rinse her down, soap her up and rinse her off, wa-la. Much faster and safer than the tub..cuz she is so busy right now, but...last night I just couldn't quite squish her in there :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chores and kids and other things...

Hi there,

Man, it is nice to be home and settling back into our "normal" routine, but one thing has changed....It is that Mama no longer does everything around here :) :)

While at my parents I realized something, the dishes and other housework are the chores that the kids are supposed to do, right? Well, I always felt like it was annoying to have to keep reminding them to do it, so I tended to just do it for them (i mean while staying at my parents) but then I realized that when they didn't have chores to do they tended to just fight, or sit around saying they were "bored" or just seriously ramble to me about nothing ;) Meaning they needed something to do....which is when I started handing the chores back out and man! It made such a difference, which is when I realized my kids need to do chores, like starting IMMEDIATELY! :) It was so great ...this morning we spent an hour doing chores, they helped set the table and empty the dishwasher and rinse the dishes after breakfast and then load the dishwasher and even start it oh and empty the dryer and then take care of their "pets" (bunny and hampster) and wow! this day has been going so much better. The kids are way happier and not as much fighting. My point here is that I realized the structure and being productive is super important, so we will be continuting this :) (oh and then they all got a star once done with the chores and getting dressed and brushing their teeth...once they have 10 stars they get a treat or prize ;)

Anyhow, I was super happy to be back down a bit this morning to 158.0 this morning. I was pretty nervous that I would gain a ton while at my parents (I am not sure what it is, but while there it is like I have this drive toward the snack cupboard way more often than normal, it's kind of weird and unexplainable!)
Yesterday I swam some laps and today I hope to go jogging later.

In any case, I hope you are all doing well and have a super day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hi, y'all. :)
Hope you are well.
We are. We've just been real busy. What? With 5 more kids and all. :) (tomorrow my parents get back from a much needed vacation.
So, my weight really skyrocketed this weekend. One day even up to 160.5. But I feel I am getting it back under control...just had a couple rough days there.
Today I went jogging and loved it and one day over the weekend I swam some laps. ...working on being healthy but "normal".
Anyways, it is late, so I should go. But hope all is well with you.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am finally posting. I am not entirely sure anyone even reads my blog anymore, but my guess least a few people do but don't normally comment ? :)
Anyhow, today I was about 157. (I didn't get to weigh til after a cup of coffee. And I think I have made a decision and that is to let it go, for now. .the dream of 145 that is. I just can't handle the stress right now. I am going through a really stressful time right now. Where hubby has to work 16 hour days 6 days a week and the kids have been each going through rough times and I just feel like it isn't the time for dieting. The constant stress of it, is gonna send me off the deep end. Not really, but.... :) anyways, so i plan to weigh once a week and as long as my weight stays between 155 and 160. I am good with that. And I will be working out. I plan to go jogging tomorrow.
Anyways, I hope you have a good weekend

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feeling better


As I mentioned yesterday, I fasted yesterday (til dinner when I had an apple and a hamburger patty (didn't have a steak on hand)) And I am feeling much better today. . as in physically feel better. It's really interesting, but important to pay attention to...for me. That I feel so much better when I am eating better. . so that's what I will be doing.
This morning I was down 2.2 from yesterday to only 1 pound above my ending weight. 155.8. Which is where I want to keep it. At 155, if the future. I also want to start working out on a regular basis. I did go running on tuesday (my sister watched the kids) I ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, so more like I barely jogged, but whatever! I am sore and it challenged me, but felt good. so that's what counts. I am not sure what my workout plans are, just that I will be making it happen. On friday we move to my moms for 6 days (to look after the kids, my parents are going to a family reunion) so I plan to try to jog every day while there. After that...? But, it will happen. . . I know I am totally rambling in this post...but while we are discussing when and how I will find time (or have a sitter so i can) to work out in the future..I have been totally realizing that I tend to think like this about working out and weight loss and/or maintenance...

It's like I have to have this perfect plan I stick to...regarding eating and working out or else I just don't care. It's that all or nothing attitude. so I am working on that. It doesn't always have to be perfect and I don't always have to have a certain plan, but in general make good choices and workout regularly, even if its only 2x a week. If I regularly do that...that's good.

Anyhow, enough on that.
Otherwise, we are well. Macy's top teeth are finally cutting through, so I have hope that she will one day be happy and sleep well again :) :) :)
Ruth Anne and kids are heading over for a playdate, so that is real nice :) :) :)
And I am looking forward to going to my moms, cuz my sisters are so nice and help me tons .. to keep my kids happy :)

I have lots more new pictures from our vacation etc, so i plan to post those soon.
And now I should probably do a little of this and a little of that around my house....
Have a good one

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(Today I am fasting cuz I was up 3.2 pounds from ending weight!) :( WAH! yes, I am struggling. I need to get a handle on my comfort eating! (Hubby's been working 16 hour days, and it is taking it's toll...basically, being alone all the time, but obviously eating crappy isn't helping!)
Anyhow, I am working on focusing on the positive, which these kids are...look how cute they are. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

junk food attack

Today I was up 1.4 from my end weight, which I was happy about since.....I had a junk food attack yesterday. :) not sure why....except that I was super. Duper. Tired. (Baby macy has a cold, so she hasn't been sleeping well. Anyhow....I actually drove to the store for candy and nachos :o. (Guess what kind of candy? Yep. Red vines. :) and good and plentys)

Anyhow, today I don't feel like eating....anything! So maybe I got that outta my system!?

I never made it to the macy had a meltdown. But I am hoping to go today when hubby gets home....if its not too late. Which isn't actually that likely (he has been having to work real long hours lately. Oh well, I can keep trying makes me feel good about myself ;)

Have a good day today. I personally, will be folding TONS og laundry, once I get home from taking mia to the dentist. Later! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

hi I

Good day to ya! :) I hope your day is going well ;)1

It's been a busy one here, getting all settled back in from vacation. I am just working on laundry now. ;) unending job, right? :)

I was up .8 from my ending weight today, so that is good. The kids have a birthday party this afternoon, so I am planning to hit the gym, while they are busy...and I am super excited about it. ;)

Other than that, not much else is new. Have a great rest of the day today!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The fast

The fast did it's job. This morning I was down to 155.8, so down 1.8 from yesterday. From here on out...especially since we are done vacationing, for now :) I will be trying to be more careful and make better choices so I keep that number down, I have to admit....fasting isn't that fun :)

Other than that, we are good. Slept at home last night and just need to unpack today.

I do hope to post pictures soon. i just need to upload them first....that's the part I tend to not do!

K, Have a great day. We will talk soon! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wow, this week flew by....for us anyhow :)
We had a blast, but I have to admit I am kinda ready to return home and to our "routine" (whatever that means :)

Anyhow, so for the last few days I was up 2.0 pounds, but this morning I was up to 157.6 (that's up 2.8 pounds) AHHH! so I am fasting today.

So...over the last week I have been seriously considering doing one more round, but I know I am so burned I am not sure about that. And I know I am thinner, but I still am a bit chubby in the midsection, I would love to watch that disappear which I think 10 more pounds would do.

I think I have a plan.. . I think I am going to do ESE. I will get back to you on that :)

Bye for now. My family is waiting for me to finish packing up. We are moving home today :)
Hope you are well

Thursday, July 14, 2011

hi there


I didn't quit blogging ....yet. I am finding it harder to find time to blog, especially since the weather got nicer. We are outside and on the go a lot.

We are doing well though. We have been doing lots of swimming and playing on the big playground and in the huge sandpit and being with great friends for campfires and otter pops etc. :)

My weight...I haven't had to fast....yet! But I was up 2.0 mon thru wed and this morning 1.8. And I guess I don't really care as long as I stay within that 2 pound range...for now. I know I am thin for me. But I have kind of decided, I do want to get to 145 if possible. So sometime I will most likely be working on that again.
On an exercisae note, yesterday I swam laps for half an hour. It was great. I am sore today, so I know I got a great workout. I will be getting back to regularly exercising soon here. I just feel so much better then.

Well..I don't have much else to say but that I hope you are all doing great and enjoying summer too. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

vacation is great

Hey there,

Vacation is great. Really! We are having a blast. Got all moved in yesterday and then swam and today we swam all day til the kids were so tired, that they are all napping and now I am just watching a bit of tv and relaxing. :)

Today I was up .8 from my ending weight, yesterday it was .6. All in all, everything is real great and I hope you are too.

Happy weekend ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011



Clearly I am excited about the weekend ;) And this one in particular. Tomorrow is the beginning of our vacation week at our church retreat center. It is going to be SO fun. A week long of swimming and playing on the huge playground and in the campground, but best of all a whole week long with all our friends :)
(So, I better get off of here and get to work, lots of packing to do)

Today I was up 1.8 pounds from my ending weight. I am planning lots of healthy snacks to buy while buying groceries, currently I guess my plan of attack is the less temptation to eat junk, the better! :)

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

And tomorrow is friday! :)

Hi there,
So today I was up 2.0 again. Oops. Goodness food just tastes good when you basically haven't eaten in a few weeks :) But, I promise I am trying to do better and I WILL fast if I go up even an ounce more :)
Otherwise, life is good. Pools are wonderful! My kids swam a total of 4 hours yesterday and they are so much more settled and happy today :)
Gotta go get some (All our clothes :) laundry done.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's already mid week? :) yay!
Anyhow, today I was up 2.0 exactly. Figures! We watched a movie and had a few yummy snacks.. so today I will be detoxing a bit. Lots of fruit and a salad etc. I've got peaches and watermelon and grapes :)
K, so I don't have anything real exciting to say. . but I do have lots of exciting chores to do. HAHA and lots of exciting issues the kids need help with (like figuring out how to play nicely together :)
Have a great day

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The picnic

Hi! :)
Oh, our 4th celebrations were SO nice. How about you?
We got there about 3 and mingled for a while after I laid Macy down for a nap and then we swam. The Kids LOVED that and I got to enjoy the sun and friends company. :)
Then came the food. Oh my! Everyone brought something to share, so I ended up having more than I had planned on (and was honestly a bit worried about my weighin this morning, but surprisingly I was only up .2 from my ending weight. :) SO nice, it seems like my body is settling at 155. So I am happy about that.) Anyhow, then we had a short service and some performances, from the choir and band, etc. And then a cake raffle. Then they had an obstacle course type game for the kids, which they LOVED and then a kid movie and fireworks (Mia was VERY afraid, so we watched from a window ;) but it was still fun :)
Anyhow, so that was our 4th. Hope yours was fun too.
Have a super day today

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 1 of maintenance

This morning I was 155.4. . Up .6 from my ending hcg weight. Which was good. It was a warning signal to me :) to be careful in my choices at the picnic today. :)

Happy 4th, guys. Hope it's a great day! (I hope to post pics tomorrow!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 3 of no drops

Phew, this round is almost over and on to maintenance :)
This morning I was down .2 more. So now at 154.4. I was happy to see that, but don't expect it to stay there..I made it most the day on low cal and then tonight was at a bbq and had a few chips w salsa and cream cheese (which shouldn't have happened today) RRR! I am hoping not, but scared I jumped up. Oh well, I guess as long as it is within 2 pounds of my ending weight of 154.8 (your marker weight that you can't go any more than 2 over is the ending drop day...or else you are supposed to fast!)

Anyhow, I found a new swim suit today, so I am happy about that....we have a huge picnic at our retreat center and the kids want to SWIM and SWIM and never stop swimming.. :)
Anyhow, I have tons of housework to do (i spent the day out shopping and swimming and then the bbq tonight, so I have lots to catch up on ;)
Happy 4th, everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2 of no drops

This morning I was down .2 to 154.6. So that was nice.
1 day down, 2 more to go :)
Hope you have a good day today.
We are off to run errands and hit a playground etc. :)
Happy almost 4th :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1 of no drops

Morning :)
It's friday! :)

This morning I was shocked to see I was down a WHOLE pound :) so cool. So I ended this round at 154.8. And I am totally happy with that! I lost 12.4 pounds total this round, 2.6 less than round 1. . but I kind of expected that, since I am closer to goal.

Anyways, so that's that. I am so glad I made it this far and now if I can just get through these next 3 days of low cal. i will be relieved, no I should say...once I am done...cuz I will do this right, so I keep the weight off.

In other news, I am super much ;) looking forward to the weekend. Saturday hubby and I have plans to run some errands. ..etc. Then on sunday the older 2 kids got invited to some war reenactment, so we will just have the little 2...maybe we can get out and do something fun w just the 4 of us and on Monday a big picnic and campout at our church retreat center. The kids (and I :) can't wait! :)
Hope you have a great day

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 18 of Round 2

So, it's final day (well, on the drops. Then I still have 3 more days on 500 calories til the drops are out of my system)
Anyhow, Today I was down .4 to a new lowest weight :) 155.8. I am so glad. . for a few days there I was wondering if I was stuck at 157, which I was deciding was ok, but I still wanted to lose a few more pounds. ;)

Well, I should go for now. I hear my baby waking and need to do a few things before cartoons get boring and the kids need help to play nicely. Ya know how it is? :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 17 of Round 2

Hi, y'all.

So, this morning I was down .2, so that was nice. It's not much, but at least the scale is moving in the right direction again. So now my weight is 156.2. I am hoping I reach 155 by the end of this round, friday morning.

In other news, yesterday I had baby Macy's checkup and all looks great, which was really good to hear. For 2 reasons, the fact that she has had TONS of ear infections...but her ears looked perfect. And most importantly given her birth story (she had a lack of oxygen for some time in the beginning ...due to placental abruption, she was born with a super low heart beat and not breathing...She is our miracle baby!) Anyhow...
Otherwise we are up to the normal. . Just trying to keep the kids busy and happy. Today we had my sister and niece and nephew over to play for an hour (that would be Lynnette, who is babysitting mary anne's kids :) and then we went and picked up my sisters and brother and went out to the library and the park to play (my mom is doing a round of chemo this week, so I thought we could maybe keep her kids busy this week, as it fits ;)

Hmm..what else? Not much, I guess. I am looking forward to sunny weather when we can play out in the water and in pools, etc.

K, I better go before the kids movie ends and they need direction in what to do next! :)
Hope you are well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 16 of round 2

Hi :)
So today I was down 1 pound from yesterdays weight. So down to 156.4. My new lowest weight. :). Only 11.4 from my dream weight. Here's to more losing today. :)
Have a great day

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 15 of Round 2

This morning I was up .8 again, back to 157.4. :( :(
Overall, i have lost 9.8 pounds, so it IS totally worth it, but my goodness...Frustrating. That means in the last week, I am down 1.2 pounds total. UGH! But, i guess i probably wouldn't have even lost 1.2 if I hadn't done this diet, so even though it doesn't seem worth it this week, overall, I am thankful for the loss. 9.8 in 2 weeks is pretty good. (I am trying to encourage myself here! :) AND, my guess is I will be back down tomorrow (I hope)

In general, I am really struggling. I must be pmsing (I know TMI :) but I always struggle more with my eating then and I have been really struggling. That doesn't mean I am cheating, I am not really. (besides having a glass of wine instead of fruit) and an espresso with sugarfree flavoring) (but that didn't hinder my loss in the beginning of this round) But I REALLY just feel like eating everything in sight and I am so so close to just doing it, but I guess the fear of gaining in excess since I am still on the drops keeps me from doing so.

Anyhow, sorry this post is so depressing but I am just saying it like it is. :)
"only" 3 more days on the drops and then a few til the drops are out of my system. I have made it this far, I know I CAN do this.

In other news, this morning I packed up all the bikes (actually I had the kids put them in the van :) and we went out and played at the park ALL morning. It was wonderful. Just perfect weather and they got to use lots of the energy up. They were SO much better behaved this afternoon! I think we will probably do that MUCH more often.
Hope you are well. I should go get to my household chores, they don't get done otherwise and I plan to go to bed real early today.
Happy Monday

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 14 of Round 2

Happy Sunday! A new day...a fresh start. :)

No, I didn't go off the diet. But WOW, yesterday evening was about as hard as it gets. . .We had a bbq and everything from doritos to leftovers from breakfast looked good. We bbq'd french fries and polish dogs and the kids had doritos and I am serious...I got SO close to just having some. But, then I thought, better to have some extra protein (I had already had my 6 apples, I did another apple day yesterday) than end up eating fries. So, I made some deviled eggs (with ranch spray dressing and mustard, they were good, least to me, but I am pretty sure almost any food would taste good currently :) and I had 1 1/2 eggs.
And this morning I was down .8 :) :) even better than I hoped...I was scared I wouldn't even still be at yesterday's low of 157.4 . Today I was 156.6. SO cool and worth it. It was just what I needed to stay motivated and keep going.

Otherwise, yesterday was a good day. The kids had a blast at the can drive and I used the opportunity to shop for new pants. I didn't find any I love yet. . but it was fun to try new smaller sizes (mostly 12's) and have them totally fit fine.
K, I better go clean up breakfast. I think I am off to try again at a different mall. :) and then we are going swimming at a friends house. Thank goodness, summer seems to finally ? be here? :)

Have a good one

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 12 and 13 of Round 2


So, I didn't end up doing an apple day on thursday, cuz after reading up on it, it seems like you should do it only if you haven't lost in 4 days. But, then yesterday I was up .4 more! :( WAH! and I was like who cares what the proper thing to do is? It's not like eating apples will probably make me gain. So, I did an apple day yesterday. And guess what? This morning I was down 1.2 more from yesterday! :) :) :)
So, my current weight is 157.4 :) :) (Happy dance) I am so glad it worked. I was started to think I was not going to get to lose more. So, that puts me at 12.4 from my goal weight.

I have been keeping busy lately. Dieting is easier that way! (plus my kids are happier that way :) So yesterday, mia had a dentist appointment, then I went grocery shopping, then we dropped off my sister (babysitter :) and said hi to my siblings. Then we visited a friend for a bit, and then my younger 3 took a good nap cuz last night we went out to our church property to "work" on the campsites (daddy worked and we played) :) And then had a big bonfire. It was really nice cuz the kids loved it ;) and we got to see our friends (even if we only got to talk briefly)
Today we are going out to meet up with friends at church for a kid pop can drive fundraiser. The kids are so excited!

I am considering doing another apple day today. I am not sure if you are supposed to do 2 in a row, but it was kind of a nice change. :)
Have a great day today

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 11 of Round 2


Today I was up .2 again. :( I am trying to be positive. I mean, 9 pounds in 10 days is REAL good, but ugh. Who wants to gain weight when working so hard!? Not me. So, I am going to try an apple day today. Just 5 or is it 6 apples for me today and that is all I eat. Supposedly it will help jump the weight loss again??? I hope so. This diet only feels worth it, when really losing good and I am kind of getting burned out anyway.
Oh well, Mind over matter...Just 8 days left on the drops and then the 3 off til I can actually eat again :)
Have a great day today

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 10 of round 2

Good day to you.
So, todays weigh-in was worth waiting for. :)
I was down a whole pound from yesterday.(which brings my total lost to 9.2 pounds :)So that was real real nice.

This morning I brought my kids to the indoor playground to meet some friends and play. So I should go for now.
But have a great day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 9 of Round 2

Bad news today, I was UP, .2 :( And no, I didn't cheat..This was disappointing for me, but doesn't change anything. I will continue onward. I know there will be more "better" losing days for me. Last round I did have one gain of .2 and the next day, it was right back down. Plus, I am choosing to be positive and see my total as my achievement, not today's "loss or gain" and overall I have still lost 8.2 pounds in 8 days. ;)

In other news, yesterday was a real busy, but nice day. My mom came over in the morning and left my 12 and 10 year old sisters to watch my girls and our boys and us went and picked up a food box. They stayed til lunchtime and then we went and got a free lunch at the boys and girls club... for all the kids. Then she kept ky all day and my 14 year old sister came and stayed with my younger two girls while I took Brooklyn to the dentist. On the way we got a coffee for me and a friend who just had a baby. So we took that to her and visited for a few minutes, while the girls played. Then the dentist. Then we all went to my moms for dinner to celebrate fathers day, since that didn't work on the actual day. THEN, we went out for cleaning night at our church property :) It was a busy but really, a great day.

Today we are hanging out at home. Bathing all the little monkeys, doing some cleaning and relaxing, hopefully sitting in the sun :) Then later on, since our hubbies are both doing fundraising.. Ruth Anne invited us to come play. My kids will be SO excited! K, I should go get on the said cleaning, but I hope you are all well. ENJOY THE SUN! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 8 of round 2

Today I am down .4. Got a real busy day but I wanted to update.
Have a good one

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 7 of round 2


So, as of today I am still ahead of last rounds results. Today I was down .6 to 159.2. . .For a total of 8 pounds down this round.
So far this round is going well. I have my moments, but for the most part I can't believe I am 1/3 way done with this round. :)
I had my hopes of getting down to 150 this round, but I kind of think I will end at 153ish...not sure why that number, I just have a feeling, so I am working on appreciating my success so far, not focusing on my end goal (if that makes sense) :)(and wow, that was totally a run-on sentence. :)
K, I will be back soon.
Hope all is well with you....

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hey, it's here. It's the weekend! :) (as if you didn't realize...?) :)

So, this morning i was down a whole pound more. SO SUPER SWEET! :) So, that puts me at a total of 7.4 pounds lost this round and only 14.8 pounds from my dream weight. ;)
I am now 159.8. Which is SO fun. It's a new decade of numbers! :)

Anyhow, last night I got to go shopping. And found a new super cute zip up hooded sweatshirt, which is just perfect, since it is raining here I can wear it tonight to the youth retreat :) (the reason this is exciting is I have been looking and not finding one I like, Plus i had a coupon so it was less than 10 dollars ;)
But....getting to the main point here, it was fun to go shopping and realize I totally DO wear a new size. As in mostly larges, but some med. which is totally a new thing for me. It is so weird cuz I feel the same size but clearly am not since I pulled on a pair of these swim coverup shorts and even a dress (size med) and they TOTALLY fit.. I guess I am kind of in shock or something (if that makes sense) It's a good thing, but I am going to have to get used to being a new size. Anyhow....that was my shopping experience (Yes, I AM rambling, I guess i may or may not be avoiding cleaning my house :)

K, Well, I will stop boring you with all the details, but I am quite pleased with my diet. :)
And also,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just for fun...Pics from years past :)

Day 5 of round 2

HAPPY FRIDAY! :) I am so happy it is almost the weekend. This weekend our church has a youth retreat and I get to go for part of it! :) And in general, if it's the weekend we usually see more of daddy :)

The sun is shining today, already, which is just great for my spirits. Interesting how the day seems so much more hopeful, or something when it is bright and shiny outside! :) I am not sure what we will do today, but since dear baby is still sleeping, we could totally head out somewhere and enjoy this weather, since she will be all rested and happy for a few hours! :)

About my diet, this morning I was down .4. At first, part of me was tempted to be disappointed it wasn't more than that, but then I decided to look at the positive instead. So I pulled out my calendar from last round, that I marked with how much I had lost each day, etc. and guess what? I have actually lost more so far this round than last round. My total in 4 days last round was 5.6 pounds and this round it is 6.4 pounds, so I am going to appreciate how far I have come. I mean at one point in the last 6 years I weighed 78 pounds more than I do now (I was pregnant, but still ...only 9 pounds of that was baby!) :)

Well, I should probably go for now. But, happy friday to you! ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4 of Round 2

Isn't she cute? :)

Hi y'all.

So, this morning I was down another pound! Super nice :) I am now 16.2 pounds away from my final goal. Someone asked if I was willing to share my actual weight...I have been thinking about it :) So, I decided I will :) I now weigh

161.2 pounds.
I am close to 5 foot 9. I had always heard to figure your healthy weight at 5 foot =100 pounds and add 5 pounds for every inch after that. So, i have always wanted to weigh 145 pounds. As I have further researched, I know that I am getting close or on some charts even in a "healthy range" for my height, but why not shoot for my dream since I am getting close. :)

Anyhow, in other news, we are doing NOTHING today :)
It ended up being busy yesterday with a visit from a friend and her girls in the morning and then later on we went to the library (instead of the picnic) and the park. So, today it just feels right to take it easy.
I swept and washed my floors. Go, me! :) And my mom stopped by. That was super nice :) Then I called the internet company and gave them a piece of my mind, since half the time, anymore, the internet hasn't been working! GRRR!
Now, I am off to fold laundry. A LOT of laundry. Wish me luck! :)
Hope your day is going fantastically! It's almost friday!