Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A good report


The first day of Kindergarten went splendid. Ky loved it and when he got home was in great spirits and super cooperative. And now is taking a nap. AHH! I think I love kindergarten or the teachers or whatever. I am so relieved (many years of worrying have gone into this day,....in case you don't know us well,..I thought I would explain)

Today has been a good day. I just finished tidying up. And go to get Brooklyn in a few minutes. Then we will go to grandma's to get Aunt Kara who is babysitting for us tonight for a parents meeting. . I am looking forward to that (I am just praying DH will make it though, since he called a few minutes ago to report a very stressful crazy day at work :( Oh well...such is life.

This morning I was still at 160.4 pounds.

I should go for now, but I hope you are having a terrific tuesday!

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