Monday, September 12, 2011

So many possiblities, so little time :)


Happy Monday to ya. I can say that, cuz it is almost over :) :) Actually it was a pretty good day...Today we visited Ruth Anne to celebrate Ky's last day before he starts school. (and to celebrate Ruth Anne and I being friends, of course :)

Tomorrow my baby boy starts kindergarten. In one way, sad... another, happy. He needs something to do for part of the day and I need some time to think, so it's good :) I almost can't believe I have two and a half hours with ONLY 2 kids. :) It's gonna be good. The possibilities of what I could do in that time are endless! I mean...I could maybe actually talk to my friends,...if I tried to visit them ;) or I can maybe get in a workout at the gym...or I could actually clean like really house or organize the kids clothes (like that BIG pile in the corner of my room that I've been adding to since baby Macy was born. NEEDS TO GET GONE! :)
Anyhow, just what's on my mind today. OF COURSE, I will miss him and I really hope he loves school.

On the subject of my's been the same for the last 2 days...160.4 and I am ok with's 3 pounds down from one point last week. (I know weighing every day may seem anal to some people but if you have fought your weight your whole life, you might understand it. It is reassuring to me to know I still weigh 50 pounds less than a few years ago ;)

All in all, I am doing pretty good and I hope you are too.

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