Friday, July 29, 2011

you know your baby is growing when....

you can't bathe her in the sink anymore! :)
I used to always stick her in my sink and rinse her down, soap her up and rinse her off, wa-la. Much faster and safer than the tub..cuz she is so busy right now, but...last night I just couldn't quite squish her in there :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chores and kids and other things...

Hi there,

Man, it is nice to be home and settling back into our "normal" routine, but one thing has changed....It is that Mama no longer does everything around here :) :)

While at my parents I realized something, the dishes and other housework are the chores that the kids are supposed to do, right? Well, I always felt like it was annoying to have to keep reminding them to do it, so I tended to just do it for them (i mean while staying at my parents) but then I realized that when they didn't have chores to do they tended to just fight, or sit around saying they were "bored" or just seriously ramble to me about nothing ;) Meaning they needed something to do....which is when I started handing the chores back out and man! It made such a difference, which is when I realized my kids need to do chores, like starting IMMEDIATELY! :) It was so great ...this morning we spent an hour doing chores, they helped set the table and empty the dishwasher and rinse the dishes after breakfast and then load the dishwasher and even start it oh and empty the dryer and then take care of their "pets" (bunny and hampster) and wow! this day has been going so much better. The kids are way happier and not as much fighting. My point here is that I realized the structure and being productive is super important, so we will be continuting this :) (oh and then they all got a star once done with the chores and getting dressed and brushing their teeth...once they have 10 stars they get a treat or prize ;)

Anyhow, I was super happy to be back down a bit this morning to 158.0 this morning. I was pretty nervous that I would gain a ton while at my parents (I am not sure what it is, but while there it is like I have this drive toward the snack cupboard way more often than normal, it's kind of weird and unexplainable!)
Yesterday I swam some laps and today I hope to go jogging later.

In any case, I hope you are all doing well and have a super day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hi, y'all. :)
Hope you are well.
We are. We've just been real busy. What? With 5 more kids and all. :) (tomorrow my parents get back from a much needed vacation.
So, my weight really skyrocketed this weekend. One day even up to 160.5. But I feel I am getting it back under control...just had a couple rough days there.
Today I went jogging and loved it and one day over the weekend I swam some laps. ...working on being healthy but "normal".
Anyways, it is late, so I should go. But hope all is well with you.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am finally posting. I am not entirely sure anyone even reads my blog anymore, but my guess least a few people do but don't normally comment ? :)
Anyhow, today I was about 157. (I didn't get to weigh til after a cup of coffee. And I think I have made a decision and that is to let it go, for now. .the dream of 145 that is. I just can't handle the stress right now. I am going through a really stressful time right now. Where hubby has to work 16 hour days 6 days a week and the kids have been each going through rough times and I just feel like it isn't the time for dieting. The constant stress of it, is gonna send me off the deep end. Not really, but.... :) anyways, so i plan to weigh once a week and as long as my weight stays between 155 and 160. I am good with that. And I will be working out. I plan to go jogging tomorrow.
Anyways, I hope you have a good weekend

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feeling better


As I mentioned yesterday, I fasted yesterday (til dinner when I had an apple and a hamburger patty (didn't have a steak on hand)) And I am feeling much better today. . as in physically feel better. It's really interesting, but important to pay attention to...for me. That I feel so much better when I am eating better. . so that's what I will be doing.
This morning I was down 2.2 from yesterday to only 1 pound above my ending weight. 155.8. Which is where I want to keep it. At 155, if the future. I also want to start working out on a regular basis. I did go running on tuesday (my sister watched the kids) I ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, so more like I barely jogged, but whatever! I am sore and it challenged me, but felt good. so that's what counts. I am not sure what my workout plans are, just that I will be making it happen. On friday we move to my moms for 6 days (to look after the kids, my parents are going to a family reunion) so I plan to try to jog every day while there. After that...? But, it will happen. . . I know I am totally rambling in this post...but while we are discussing when and how I will find time (or have a sitter so i can) to work out in the future..I have been totally realizing that I tend to think like this about working out and weight loss and/or maintenance...

It's like I have to have this perfect plan I stick to...regarding eating and working out or else I just don't care. It's that all or nothing attitude. so I am working on that. It doesn't always have to be perfect and I don't always have to have a certain plan, but in general make good choices and workout regularly, even if its only 2x a week. If I regularly do that...that's good.

Anyhow, enough on that.
Otherwise, we are well. Macy's top teeth are finally cutting through, so I have hope that she will one day be happy and sleep well again :) :) :)
Ruth Anne and kids are heading over for a playdate, so that is real nice :) :) :)
And I am looking forward to going to my moms, cuz my sisters are so nice and help me tons .. to keep my kids happy :)

I have lots more new pictures from our vacation etc, so i plan to post those soon.
And now I should probably do a little of this and a little of that around my house....
Have a good one

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(Today I am fasting cuz I was up 3.2 pounds from ending weight!) :( WAH! yes, I am struggling. I need to get a handle on my comfort eating! (Hubby's been working 16 hour days, and it is taking it's toll...basically, being alone all the time, but obviously eating crappy isn't helping!)
Anyhow, I am working on focusing on the positive, which these kids are...look how cute they are. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

junk food attack

Today I was up 1.4 from my end weight, which I was happy about since.....I had a junk food attack yesterday. :) not sure why....except that I was super. Duper. Tired. (Baby macy has a cold, so she hasn't been sleeping well. Anyhow....I actually drove to the store for candy and nachos :o. (Guess what kind of candy? Yep. Red vines. :) and good and plentys)

Anyhow, today I don't feel like eating....anything! So maybe I got that outta my system!?

I never made it to the macy had a meltdown. But I am hoping to go today when hubby gets home....if its not too late. Which isn't actually that likely (he has been having to work real long hours lately. Oh well, I can keep trying makes me feel good about myself ;)

Have a good day today. I personally, will be folding TONS og laundry, once I get home from taking mia to the dentist. Later! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

hi I

Good day to ya! :) I hope your day is going well ;)1

It's been a busy one here, getting all settled back in from vacation. I am just working on laundry now. ;) unending job, right? :)

I was up .8 from my ending weight today, so that is good. The kids have a birthday party this afternoon, so I am planning to hit the gym, while they are busy...and I am super excited about it. ;)

Other than that, not much else is new. Have a great rest of the day today!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The fast

The fast did it's job. This morning I was down to 155.8, so down 1.8 from yesterday. From here on out...especially since we are done vacationing, for now :) I will be trying to be more careful and make better choices so I keep that number down, I have to admit....fasting isn't that fun :)

Other than that, we are good. Slept at home last night and just need to unpack today.

I do hope to post pictures soon. i just need to upload them first....that's the part I tend to not do!

K, Have a great day. We will talk soon! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wow, this week flew by....for us anyhow :)
We had a blast, but I have to admit I am kinda ready to return home and to our "routine" (whatever that means :)

Anyhow, so for the last few days I was up 2.0 pounds, but this morning I was up to 157.6 (that's up 2.8 pounds) AHHH! so I am fasting today.

So...over the last week I have been seriously considering doing one more round, but I know I am so burned I am not sure about that. And I know I am thinner, but I still am a bit chubby in the midsection, I would love to watch that disappear which I think 10 more pounds would do.

I think I have a plan.. . I think I am going to do ESE. I will get back to you on that :)

Bye for now. My family is waiting for me to finish packing up. We are moving home today :)
Hope you are well

Thursday, July 14, 2011

hi there


I didn't quit blogging ....yet. I am finding it harder to find time to blog, especially since the weather got nicer. We are outside and on the go a lot.

We are doing well though. We have been doing lots of swimming and playing on the big playground and in the huge sandpit and being with great friends for campfires and otter pops etc. :)

My weight...I haven't had to fast....yet! But I was up 2.0 mon thru wed and this morning 1.8. And I guess I don't really care as long as I stay within that 2 pound range...for now. I know I am thin for me. But I have kind of decided, I do want to get to 145 if possible. So sometime I will most likely be working on that again.
On an exercisae note, yesterday I swam laps for half an hour. It was great. I am sore today, so I know I got a great workout. I will be getting back to regularly exercising soon here. I just feel so much better then.

Well..I don't have much else to say but that I hope you are all doing great and enjoying summer too. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

vacation is great

Hey there,

Vacation is great. Really! We are having a blast. Got all moved in yesterday and then swam and today we swam all day til the kids were so tired, that they are all napping and now I am just watching a bit of tv and relaxing. :)

Today I was up .8 from my ending weight, yesterday it was .6. All in all, everything is real great and I hope you are too.

Happy weekend ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011



Clearly I am excited about the weekend ;) And this one in particular. Tomorrow is the beginning of our vacation week at our church retreat center. It is going to be SO fun. A week long of swimming and playing on the huge playground and in the campground, but best of all a whole week long with all our friends :)
(So, I better get off of here and get to work, lots of packing to do)

Today I was up 1.8 pounds from my ending weight. I am planning lots of healthy snacks to buy while buying groceries, currently I guess my plan of attack is the less temptation to eat junk, the better! :)

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

And tomorrow is friday! :)

Hi there,
So today I was up 2.0 again. Oops. Goodness food just tastes good when you basically haven't eaten in a few weeks :) But, I promise I am trying to do better and I WILL fast if I go up even an ounce more :)
Otherwise, life is good. Pools are wonderful! My kids swam a total of 4 hours yesterday and they are so much more settled and happy today :)
Gotta go get some (All our clothes :) laundry done.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's already mid week? :) yay!
Anyhow, today I was up 2.0 exactly. Figures! We watched a movie and had a few yummy snacks.. so today I will be detoxing a bit. Lots of fruit and a salad etc. I've got peaches and watermelon and grapes :)
K, so I don't have anything real exciting to say. . but I do have lots of exciting chores to do. HAHA and lots of exciting issues the kids need help with (like figuring out how to play nicely together :)
Have a great day

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The picnic

Hi! :)
Oh, our 4th celebrations were SO nice. How about you?
We got there about 3 and mingled for a while after I laid Macy down for a nap and then we swam. The Kids LOVED that and I got to enjoy the sun and friends company. :)
Then came the food. Oh my! Everyone brought something to share, so I ended up having more than I had planned on (and was honestly a bit worried about my weighin this morning, but surprisingly I was only up .2 from my ending weight. :) SO nice, it seems like my body is settling at 155. So I am happy about that.) Anyhow, then we had a short service and some performances, from the choir and band, etc. And then a cake raffle. Then they had an obstacle course type game for the kids, which they LOVED and then a kid movie and fireworks (Mia was VERY afraid, so we watched from a window ;) but it was still fun :)
Anyhow, so that was our 4th. Hope yours was fun too.
Have a super day today

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 1 of maintenance

This morning I was 155.4. . Up .6 from my ending hcg weight. Which was good. It was a warning signal to me :) to be careful in my choices at the picnic today. :)

Happy 4th, guys. Hope it's a great day! (I hope to post pics tomorrow!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 3 of no drops

Phew, this round is almost over and on to maintenance :)
This morning I was down .2 more. So now at 154.4. I was happy to see that, but don't expect it to stay there..I made it most the day on low cal and then tonight was at a bbq and had a few chips w salsa and cream cheese (which shouldn't have happened today) RRR! I am hoping not, but scared I jumped up. Oh well, I guess as long as it is within 2 pounds of my ending weight of 154.8 (your marker weight that you can't go any more than 2 over is the ending drop day...or else you are supposed to fast!)

Anyhow, I found a new swim suit today, so I am happy about that....we have a huge picnic at our retreat center and the kids want to SWIM and SWIM and never stop swimming.. :)
Anyhow, I have tons of housework to do (i spent the day out shopping and swimming and then the bbq tonight, so I have lots to catch up on ;)
Happy 4th, everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2 of no drops

This morning I was down .2 to 154.6. So that was nice.
1 day down, 2 more to go :)
Hope you have a good day today.
We are off to run errands and hit a playground etc. :)
Happy almost 4th :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1 of no drops

Morning :)
It's friday! :)

This morning I was shocked to see I was down a WHOLE pound :) so cool. So I ended this round at 154.8. And I am totally happy with that! I lost 12.4 pounds total this round, 2.6 less than round 1. . but I kind of expected that, since I am closer to goal.

Anyways, so that's that. I am so glad I made it this far and now if I can just get through these next 3 days of low cal. i will be relieved, no I should say...once I am done...cuz I will do this right, so I keep the weight off.

In other news, I am super much ;) looking forward to the weekend. Saturday hubby and I have plans to run some errands. ..etc. Then on sunday the older 2 kids got invited to some war reenactment, so we will just have the little 2...maybe we can get out and do something fun w just the 4 of us and on Monday a big picnic and campout at our church retreat center. The kids (and I :) can't wait! :)
Hope you have a great day