Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1 of no drops

Morning :)
It's friday! :)

This morning I was shocked to see I was down a WHOLE pound :) so cool. So I ended this round at 154.8. And I am totally happy with that! I lost 12.4 pounds total this round, 2.6 less than round 1. . but I kind of expected that, since I am closer to goal.

Anyways, so that's that. I am so glad I made it this far and now if I can just get through these next 3 days of low cal. i will be relieved, no I should say...once I am done...cuz I will do this right, so I keep the weight off.

In other news, I am super much ;) looking forward to the weekend. Saturday hubby and I have plans to run some errands. ..etc. Then on sunday the older 2 kids got invited to some war reenactment, so we will just have the little 2...maybe we can get out and do something fun w just the 4 of us and on Monday a big picnic and campout at our church retreat center. The kids (and I :) can't wait! :)
Hope you have a great day

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