Tuesday, July 19, 2011

junk food attack

Today I was up 1.4 from my end weight, which I was happy about since.....I had a junk food attack yesterday. :) not sure why....except that I was super. Duper. Tired. (Baby macy has a cold, so she hasn't been sleeping well. Anyhow....I actually drove to the store for candy and nachos :o. (Guess what kind of candy? Yep. Red vines. :) and good and plentys)

Anyhow, today I don't feel like eating....anything! So maybe I got that outta my system!?

I never made it to the gym...baby macy had a meltdown. But I am hoping to go today when hubby gets home....if its not too late. Which isn't actually that likely (he has been having to work real long hours lately. Oh well, I can keep trying anyways...it makes me feel good about myself ;)

Have a good day today. I personally, will be folding TONS og laundry, once I get home from taking mia to the dentist. Later! :)

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  1. Hee hee...I can relate to driving to the store just to get what I'm craving!! Even WITH lots of kids!! Did you get to go to the gym? Bret is working really late tonight too, it's almost 8pm and he's still not home. He had to take a client out to dinner - good for me cuz then I don't really have to make dinner, lol! But it IS nice to have him home to help put the kids to bed so I'm hoping he'll be home soon. =)

    I'm doing tons of laundry too, I'm still not quite done with all the stuff from being gone. I guess it doesn't really help that one cycle takes 4 hours on my dryer, lol! It feels so good when I know I've worked hard during the day on keeping my house a home for my family, you know?

    I'm loving the updates as always, it's fun to follow along with how it's going. Any more plans to do ESE or does it just suck too much? Cuz I totally agree, it does really become a drag...but the scale does make up for it the next day! LOL.