Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi there,

I am alive! (I were worried, cuz I always post so regularly!) :)

Anyhow, we are well. DH was in Arizona for a business trip all week so I have been real busy with kids, etc. (Like normal, hmm..I don't really have a better reason for not updating though)

In any case, nothing is really so new around here. I just spend my mornings with my 2 little girls. Super nice to have a little time with just them. And after we pick up Ky from kindergarten I get them lunch then do some chores and we have a quiet time. Then play some more and then we are off to get Brooklyn. Then it's snack time, homework, then bath time, then the kids have their favorite show while I get dinner, then dinner time, then time to get ready for bed and storytime and sometimes a movietime and then bedtime for kids, then the "real" quiet time begins! :) :)
(Yeah, that was a MAJOR runon sentence!) :)Anyhow....

Macy is quite the "toddler" now. Learning lots of new things, we are really enjoying her. (even when she hits the spoon full of pears on the floor or all over me :) :) She's a bundle of love. ;)

Mia seems to be settling in as a big sister (a year later, it seems she is no longer jealous that she has a baby sister) Thank the Lord! I was wondering if that day would ever come! :) She is really a fun, sweet little girls most days, nowadays!

Ky is doing super good in school so he earned himself a remote control car. (we had a program where every day he was good, his teacher gave me a thumbs up on the way out and he got a star for that and once he had his chart of 30 stars marked off he got a new remote control toy ;)

Brooklyn is my super A student. . she is constantly coming home with awards. She's nonchalant but so proud to be learning! :)

I have been having some get togethers with friends this week. It is super nice for me. I am such a social person that when I don't do that, I tend to feel real lonely (i know, I am never alone, but I miss BIG people) :) Ruth Anne came to visit on monday and I have gotten together with other moms the other days and today a friend came for lunch on her lunch break (oh and an uncle stopped by too :) LOVE it...and speaking of the lunch, I still have dishes to do from that, so I should go now and clean up before I go get Brooklyn!

Lastly, but best of all ...DH is back from his trip and going to make it home for dinner today! ! ! :) LOVE <3

Happy (almost) friday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

On this fine friday


Hope you are well. We are too. :)
This morning I packed up all children, dropped the older two off at their school and hit the gym and it felt great ;) Then I went to famous footwear and bought myself a new pair of running shoes. LOVE THEM :)

Not much else exciting happening around here. . it's just a fall day with candles burning in my house, some chai tea about to be made, the washing machine is humming and I am planning soup for dinner :)

Tomorrow I am doing some cooking in the morning for a rental group at our church property and then we are taking the kids to go swim. They are pReeety excited :)

I am looking forward to the weekend. It's always nice to spend some time with my DH and enjoy a fun activity with the kids.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's on my mind tonight...

What's on my mind tonight is that it's so good to be merciful.. That's what I want. My kids have been fighting like A.LOT! lately. Ugh. I just hate all the bickering and I tend to get so frustrated with them. Like, just.stop.fighting! Why do I have to keep reminding you?
But then tonight, as I was apologizing to Mia for not being so patient today and telling her I really want to be more patient tomorrow..she innocently replied, "you always tell me that, mom" :) rather :(
OBVIOUSLY, I need patience and mercy, so I best be merciful toward my kiddos.
Matt. 5:7
Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What I am loving lately

1. Enjoying family outings with hubby and kiddos on saturdays (last weekend, it was the to come.)

2. Chai tea (LOVE IT! :)

3. Projects (today it was "that" HUGE pile (it filled up 6 clothes baskets) of kids clothes in my room of clothes the kiddos had outgrown)

4. Shopping (I had 100 dollars to spend at turned into 130 :) but anyhow! ;) I had money from hubby to spend on new clothes for my birthday. I keep buying stuff and deciding it's not perfect so returning it and spending it on different outfits, eventually I am sure I will settle on some certain clothes but for now.. it's been fun to return and buy different stuff :) :)

5. and lastly...its fun to type alone when your words make sense, but Macy keeps crawling up and changing what I typed so I keep erasing and retyping so I am gonna go play with her instead of forcing my way :)

Happy Monday

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Any excuse to go to target


It seems I've been to target a lot lately. It's just a happy place for me. I'm not sure what it is. .It just makes me happy to set foot in there ;) I got a few gift cards to target for my birthday :) So i got a new purse and some totes (rather boxes, I guess?) to organize my life around here and I just feel happy about all that, so I wanted to share ;)

I have nothing else exciting to report. I have been just living the life, ya know? Took macy in this morning as she was up in the night a lot and the poor baby has 2 bad ear infections, so we got her meds and I am glad she will be on the mend soon here.

I went to the gym on tuesday and on wed I did a tae-bo video at home. It felt good to get moving (well exercising, I mean...I do move all. day. long! :) whether I want to or not ;)

I have been doing a lot of reorganizing and moving things around in my house. I bought those totes(brown boxes) at target to organize the kids toys and put them up on their shelves when not being used. . I L.O.V.E. to organize. It makes me feel SO accomplished. Way more than laundry or dishes or the normal chores. It's the OCD in me or something.

ANYWAYS! I probably should get back to the bills (BORING!) :) and probably i should..maybe...I should lay off on the caffiene, just a little bit ???? :) (but the argument there is I am getting so much more done when I have 2 espressos a day :)

Happy thursday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The simpler, the better

Hi there,

Happy Monday.

I am finding the above to be true for our life. . The simpler, the better. As my dear husband pointed out last night, I tend to bite off more than I can chew. (It wasn't a criticism, just a reminder ;) I tend to have these grand plans and expectations for the day and life in general. (and tend to get disappointed and overwelmed when my expectations aren't met (and they generally never are) :) But that's ok. I am learning. Kids only have a few basic needs and as long as I keep those priority, all the other things, tend to fall into place when necessary!

Anyhow, that's just what has been helpful for me to work on lately! :)

We are doing well. Martin worked all weekend, as in...even though he didn't go to work on sunday, he had to input all the inventory counts at in he got done at 10 pm last night. Normally that would have been super hard for me...but it was oddly ok. I guess I just realized how stressful it was for him..

In other news, I don't have much else to say. We have really settled into a routine with school, which is nice, really nice. I know I have to be up and at em at 7 am to get everyone fed and clothed and out the door, but then once we get the older 2 into school we have a little "down time"... just me, Mia and Macy. Lots of days, we run errands or visit a friend. And then once we get Ky we get home and eat lunch and get Macy her nap and then hang out a bit, the middle two kids have an hour rest time at some point before we get Brooklyn at 330. Then we have a snack and Brooklyn and ky do their homework. Then they watch their show wild kratts :) while I get dinner. Dinner is at 5. Then baths and storytime before bed. It helps me SO much to know and for the kids to know...what is coming next in the day :)

Well, I best go for now. . almost time to pick up Brooklyn.
Have a great week.