Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Memorial Day

I made taco pizza. It was delicious, especially with all those fresh veggies on top!

We ended up going to the park to bike ride, instead of the farm. It was a great idea. Thanks, DH! :)

Keeping this in mind

How quickly life here passes on its way;
You soon will reach the evening of your day.
Be therefore good and tender to each one
Who journeys with you till life's day is done.

The hands that serve you, thankfully receive,
Ere enters death and bitterly you grieve.
How quickly cometh that unbidden one;
Then it's too late to do what is not done.

While beats the heart bound close to you in li9fe
Of mother, father, children, husband, wife-
O show them love ere they depart from you;
You know yourself what loving deeds can do.

The feet that tread life's pilgrim way here too,
Should their oft stumbling be well known to you,
Then take good care not to forget at all
How often you yourself didst come to fall.

Fault-finding, causing other souls to grieve,
Is easy, but do you thus achieve?
If you can't bear a soul just as he is,
Then your reward from God you'll surely miss.

How oft have you God's Holy Spirit grieved?
And yet His love so richly you've receive!
The bonds of love keep strong in all you do;
Do unto others as God does to you.

Happy Day,

(up .8 lbs from ending hcg weight)

Monday, May 30, 2011



This will probably be a pretty boring post for now (I hope to come back later with some pics from our outing to the farm etc.) But for now, I just wanted to note that I am up just 1 pound today (from my ending hcg weight)

I am actually wanting to work in the direction of not having this blog be primarily about weight loss, but until I get through this maintenance phase (1 1/2 more weeks) and then do one more round of hcg it helps me to keep track of where I am at on here. Anyhow, I better go for now. We have kids to get dressed and ready and a house to clean :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. No one is really updating their blogs, so I am guessing that is cuz you are all too busy having FUN :)

P.S. If you found this post a bit boring, check out my pics from yesterday. We took a trip down to the park, instead of walmart. Lucky kids ;)

Happy day,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Sunday


TOTALLY normal! :)

social functions=lots of great food


So, we had a delightful time yesterday. My mom and youngest brother joined us for our bbq. (dad's out of town and other kids had plans.) It was real nice to be together.

But, we ate. and ate, had some wine and ate some more ;) Therefore, I was up 1.6 from my lowest weight this morning. ...To be expected. So today is the day to be more disciplined and careful!

Anyhow, on to more exciting things.:) We are looking for something to do to entertain our kids today. (Poohy weather out!) So, I have got to go. We've got some brainstorming to do. :) (it could be that the trip I need to make to walmart ends up being IT! (Don't be jealous, you could do the same....if you really want :)

Happy Sunday to you~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guess what?

It's a 3 day weekend! :) (in case you didn't know that) :) I am excited (clearly!)

My sister is headed over to help kick off the weekend right by cooking up a good old fashioned yummy breakfast. Then we are gonna hang out all day and do..........NOTHING! :) Then this afternoon we have a good friend coming for a bbq! :)
(not that the weather is cooperating, but NEways!) Tonight we have a movie night planned.

In other news, yesterday did end up being a pretty great day. I (was crazy, yes :) and loaded up all the kids and went to Old Navy and Target. It was pretty great and although they have WAY too much energy to act appropriately inside the stores, I figured out if you know exactly what you want to look at it goes fine! :) I got a few new tshirts for 3 bucks at target, we got some new flip flops etc. (oh, and not that you care, but I decided, Mediums are a bit too small still, that's why we went back to the stores, to return stuff.) PS. I will buy mediums later, I believe they will fit after my next round of hcg :)

About that, I was up .8 from my ending weight, so I will be being careful at above stated "feeding frenzies" :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

You know you are lucky...

When your 3 year old sticks a smartie up her nose and it gets stuck but you somehow dislodge it and tweeze it out! (yesterday 3pm) And it doesn't surprise me. That girl has been doing some weird things that are obviously not good. Oh well. Part of growing up, right?

Anyhow, I am so proud of me. :) I folded all 10 of those loads of laundry and then put them all away. :) (well, I should give my mom some credit, she folded one load :) oh and DH put his away. :)

So yesterday turned out to be a real nice break from the norm. My hubby worked through the night on wed. So after taking a nap yesterday he was home and hung out with us from 2- bedtime. It was REAL nice. It feels like this week is taking forever to end! I love that guy ;)

This morning I was down .4 from my ending hcg weight. So that was nice.

I feel this is going to be a good day. Even though my kids seem to have started off on the wrong foot and my dear baby girl was literally up all night, singing in her bed....I feel happy. That always helps.

Happy friday, hope its a good one.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you plan to go to bed early...

Don't open your lab top.
AH! I thought I'd just watch one episode of a tv show and then I watched one more and then checked a few blogs and suddenly it was 10:30. Oops! :)
Anyhow, PHEW! Done fasting and my weight is back to the ending weight on hcg :) very nice! :)
K, well I am currently working on finishing up "that" laundry. And no, I am not joking. Hysterical, right? :)
Have a super day today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

an update

Today has gone fine so far. I am feeling more tired now so am losing my motivation to stay busy with housework (nope still didn't fold that laundry :) And now feel the hunger and wish I could eat (partly just cuz I don't want to work) (yes, I have issues ) :)
Anyhow, Ruth Anne asked how many pounds total I lost on hcg, the answer is 15. :) Two of those pounds though were gained during the initial 2 loading days.
I will post some pictures once I have some...but it is rare nowadays that there is another adult around long enough to get that accomplished :) Hubby's work is super busy.
K, I will have to go fold laundry I suppose (I should probably post before and after pics of the pile, so you can see my progress on that :)


Today i was up 2.4 pounds. So I am fasting til dinner.
Previously (even yesterday) I had this major feeling of dread over maybe needing to fast, but last night I decided I don't actually mind. In some ways it actually is easier to just know. . .I won't be eating anything at all til dinner (or during hcg, til the next super small meal you can have :) Than to be "allowed" to eat anything as long as in moderation and as long as you don't gain too much. Cuz honestly, it is pretty hard to figure out what and how much to eat to keep off this weight. I honestly haven't eaten SO much since adding back in more food and my weight seems to just be pushing upward. So, i am hoping this fasting will force it back down and then hopefully it will stabalize a bit more.

On a different note, I went shopping again last night. :) This time for new lounging/work out gear. Cuz my size L are too big. Yes, you heard that right. I (me who used to wear size 1x, I wear a size M) It seemed so crazy to me to look at size Mediums and even smalls. And they fit! I can't even believe it myself! SO SUPER FUN! :) (No, I am not saying I don't have any love handles or a muffin top, but I can't wear size L anymore, my old pants look ridiculous!) (I am focusing on the positive here :)

Not much else is new. We are just hanging out at home today. I still have "that laundry" to fold :) and my sweet (crazy :) baby MUST be put back on a schedule. :) She is REALLY out of wack and i don't think it helps when I tote her around town when she needs a nap! (she has started to FREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAK out when I put her to bed. It is probably also seperation anxiety + teething. But even after rocking her, giving her tylenol, changing her and feeding her and her being up for hours, she refuses to sleep. Last night she woke up at 10 and was awake til 2 am. Yeah, I think she needs a little more routine/schedule, so I am doing what I can! :)

Well, I should go get to that laundry.
But, Have a super day and pray the sun shines again soon, Please!? ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

close call

So today I was up exactly 2 pounds from my ending weight. That was totally a wake up call. I have to be careful. And yesterday I wasn't careful enough. I know I had too many carbs. ..for me.
So I think I may post what I eat, for the next three weeks. I don't want to get all obsessive, but I know that will keep me accountable which is good. Cuz I know I don't want to have to fast all day :)

On a different but healthy note, I am back at the gym this morning. I am just going to do some cardio, the elliptical for now. I don't want to overdo it since I haven't been working out these last few weeks.

What else is new? I washed lots of loads of laundry and have a few more to wash before sitting down to fold them all. (Note to self, next time I feel like ignoring it, just remember it will all still be there for me later. I don't have a maid ;( And there is no laundry fairy or anything like that :) :)

I am so happy the sun is shining. And that's all for now!
Happy day

Monday, May 23, 2011

An early start

Hi y'all.

So, the way it works (hcg) is after quitting the drops..you are supposed to continue the low cal (500 cal.) diet til the drops are out of your system. They suggest 3 days, but my friends told me it normally happens sooner and that you can tell they are out cuz you feel super hungry suddenly. THAT happened to me yesterday. I had planned to continue low cal through today..but yesterday I woke up STARVING! So, half way through the day yesterday I started adding normal food back in.
I was careful but ate a few bites of what was served for dinner and dessert (we were at my moms last night for dinner) And today I was only up .4.
I was glad cuz you are supposed to weigh every single morning and if you are up any more than 2 pounds you have to fast til dinner. (you continue this for 3 weeks at which point you can do another round of drops and low cal or else proceed to maintain and your weight should stay stable. I plan to do one more round)

Anyhow, all else is well. We went to the dr this morning to check baby macy's ears, but I guess she is just teething (she hasn't been sleeping as well as one could hope) ;)
Then we ran by the store and said hi to a friend real quick before picking up Brooklyn. Now I am just working on laundry etc. FUN TIMES :) :)

Well, I hope you are well. I will check back in tomorrow.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

on day 1 without drops

Yesterday went well. It helps a lot to stay busy. As mentioned yesterday, I spent the morning grocery shopping and then we worked around our house, inside and out. We have lots of little (and big) :) projects to get done, so it felt good to tackle some of it. (one of them being putting in a fence around the entire yard, and taking out a few trees and planting more grass, I am SO excited for a bigger yard :)
Anyhow, after working a bit we had a bbq with the kids. It was simple but fun. We roasted some marshmellows after eating. Then the kids did some sparklers we had saved from the 4th of July last year. :)

About my weight, it was down .2. Which is ok, I don't really expect it to go down at all, since I am not using the drops anymore.

About my clothes shopping last night. It went ok. I got a few things. 1 real cute dressy outfit, the other things just necessities. Like a tshirt, 2 tank tops etc. So it was fun, but not the best clothes shopping experience EVER :) But, that's ok. I didn't want to buy tons anyhow, cuz I plan to do one more round. So I don't want to buy too much at this size, since I don't know what Size exactly I will be once at my goal weight.

I hope you are well. Have a fantastic day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You know you are a Stay at home mom when...

Going to the grocery store alone is a super fun outing :) :) That's what I did this morning and I totally enjoyed myself! ;)

Today I was down .6 more.
Today was my first day off the drops (I have 2 more left of this low calorie diet and then I introduce normal foods again carefully) It has gone surprisingly well.

Tonight I am going out clothes shopping. Here is to hoping I find some new clothes that fit :)

Have a great weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Late to bed and early to rise

............Makes a mama tired! :)
We ended up watching a James Bond movie last night, so needless to say, we didn't get to bed early. The kids however, did! SO...
This morning 5:45 and wa-la in walked mia and a minute later macy could be heard talking,(dadada :) Anyhow, that can kinda be expected around this part of town ;)
So, I will probably just drink lots of coffee and call it good :)

On the scale, I was down .4, which I was thankful for after yesterday. Today is my last day of drops. And then I have 3 days of the same diet without drops before adding back in more calories.

Gotta go, Macy is determined to type as well ;) HAPPY FRIDAY! It's the weekend :) or almost. (We are going to plant a garden tomorrow, or that's the plan! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

over it

That's how i am feeling. I am over it. . .ready to be done with this round. And the fact that I was up on the scale (it was only .2, but still!) doesn't help. BUT,

That is just how i am feeling. It doesn't matter. . I am continuing on. I will stick this out as planned. I am in control!

Otherwise, we are doing well. REALLY glad it is sunny out and looks like the summer is finally approaching soon. We were out today, enjoying a new pack of bubbles and lots of toys (thanks, Ruth Anne)

I had a really nice visit with a friend this morning. . She has a huge backyard and the kids got to jump on the trampoline, play on a tire swing and have a great time, while we caught up. That was quite delightful.

On a totally different note, I notice I am having a REAL aversion to housework lately, not sure if it is the diet or just a stage I am going through (my guess is it's the diet...I don't have much energy) So I look forward to that being over. . but for today I am done with the dishes and laundry.(or caught up for now, I mean) So that is nice.

One of my brothers is going to bring icecream for dessert and my little sisters and brother to visit, so that will be fun for all of us. Oh and the finale of bones is on tonight, so i am looking forward to that :)

Tons of random thoughts for ya! ;)
Hope you are well.
Later :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Good morning.
Today was better than expected on the scale as well. .8 more down.

I am off to drop DD off for kindergarten and then off to visit a friend, so I better scoot. Sorry this is so short.

Enjoy the sunshine. It does wonders for me :)
Happy wednesday, half way done with the week (or all done if you are a lucky person who is going on vacation tomorrow!) :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a little note

Just wanted to log on real quick and say I lost .6. I was happy about that. I guess cuz I have this secret fear I won't lose much more, since i am almost done with this round. I can't believe I did it. I am almost done with an entire 3 weeks of eating so super little and being super disciplined. I am very proud of myself :)
I have just 3 days left on the drops and then a few more when I am supposed to eat very low cal til the drops are out of my system.

Well, it is quiet time here :) and I am off to watch an episode of castle :)
Happy tuesday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another 1 bites the dust

Yes! :) I was so happy this morning to find a whole pound lost. So super rewarding!
I have decided to go back to eating chicken twice a day. Cuz the days I switched it up to egg whites and/or taco meat were the days I didn't or barely lost. That could have been coincidental but it's not worth it to me.

Otherwise also, today has been a good day. Ruth Anne came to visit bearing a gift. A great sugarfree espresso drink for me. Thanks RA. And now I have been outside with my kids for an hour while they actually mostly played ;) (instead of squabbling) so super thankful its not raining. I am so excited for summer.

Have a great monday, jen

Sunday, May 15, 2011

.2 down

So, today i only lost .2. But, I am looking at it this way in 13 days I lost a total of 11.6 pounds, instead of feeling bummed....And as Ruth Anne keeps assuring me...I am losing fat on these days, even if not losing much weight.

Anyhow, yesterday we ended up going to the farm with the kids. We petted the animals, played on the playgrounds and (they:) got doughnut samples. It was really nice to just enjoy the day together. Then in the afternoon everyone napped and then I did LOTS of laundry. Feels good to be a bit more caught up.

Well, i should go...get started getting ready for church.
Happy Sunday to you!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

no more beef

I didn't lose today! WAH! :(

I have two thoughts about it...yesterday I had extra lean beef for dinner, which I have never done on hcg. I am wondering if that wasn't as good for the diet as chicken (or shrimp). The other thing is my friends have warned me, I am getting to those few days in the middle when the loss really slows down..in any case, I am continuing to plug along. And i am going to appreciate how far I have come! It's crazy how if you allow yourself to feel negatively, it doesn't matter what the scale says, it's never low enough. I am really working on being content with my loss.

In other news, we have no plans this weekend(well, besides church on sunday) and i am really excited about that. It looks like the sun is going to shine again today and I am excited about that too. We spent almost all day yesterday (up til bedtime even) outside and it is therapeutic or something! I want to do something fun with the kids and Hubby outside today.

Anyhow, have a super duper weekend. I'll be back :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's new over here


I hope I still have at least a few people willing to read? :)
Sorry I tend to going MIA, but just FYI I have a feeling I will be around a bit more in the next few weeks. .cuz I have a new topic to write about :)....

HCG, the Hcg diet..Yes, I joined that wagon! :) And i have been VERY pleased with the results. I am down 8.5 pounds since my last post. (I have lost a total of 11.5 on the diet, but 3 pounds were weight I gained during the first two "loading days".
Anyhow, I am very pleased. It is a very rigid diet and I know not all people agree with the theory, but I have seen it work well for many people and read up on it and wish I would have known about it 10 years ago.

Otherwise, we are doing well...just getting over another round of strep throat ( my poor kids) so it is nice to be healthy again. Here's to hoping cold season is OVER for this year! :)

I have been loving the sun that has been making an appearance at some point every day. It is just fantastic. I have been sitting out a b it each day, as I kindly command the "littles" to play outside :) It is good for all of us :)

In other news, I was so proud of Brooklyn. Her writing piece was selected to be honored at a writing festival in town. She was the kindergarten child selected from her school to be honored. It was so cute, there was a whole ceremony and she got an award and autographed book by a childrens author from Lincoln city.

Well, it's about rest time around here, so I better go get kids settled, but I hope you are doing well. And if you read and have time, please, pretty please...let me know ;)