Sunday, May 22, 2011

on day 1 without drops

Yesterday went well. It helps a lot to stay busy. As mentioned yesterday, I spent the morning grocery shopping and then we worked around our house, inside and out. We have lots of little (and big) :) projects to get done, so it felt good to tackle some of it. (one of them being putting in a fence around the entire yard, and taking out a few trees and planting more grass, I am SO excited for a bigger yard :)
Anyhow, after working a bit we had a bbq with the kids. It was simple but fun. We roasted some marshmellows after eating. Then the kids did some sparklers we had saved from the 4th of July last year. :)

About my weight, it was down .2. Which is ok, I don't really expect it to go down at all, since I am not using the drops anymore.

About my clothes shopping last night. It went ok. I got a few things. 1 real cute dressy outfit, the other things just necessities. Like a tshirt, 2 tank tops etc. So it was fun, but not the best clothes shopping experience EVER :) But, that's ok. I didn't want to buy tons anyhow, cuz I plan to do one more round. So I don't want to buy too much at this size, since I don't know what Size exactly I will be once at my goal weight.

I hope you are well. Have a fantastic day.

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