Monday, May 16, 2011

Another 1 bites the dust

Yes! :) I was so happy this morning to find a whole pound lost. So super rewarding!
I have decided to go back to eating chicken twice a day. Cuz the days I switched it up to egg whites and/or taco meat were the days I didn't or barely lost. That could have been coincidental but it's not worth it to me.

Otherwise also, today has been a good day. Ruth Anne came to visit bearing a gift. A great sugarfree espresso drink for me. Thanks RA. And now I have been outside with my kids for an hour while they actually mostly played ;) (instead of squabbling) so super thankful its not raining. I am so excited for summer.

Have a great monday, jen

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  1. Hey! Sorry, I just saw all these posts from you. =) I love hanging out with you. I'm glad we get to do it pretty often. :-D