Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today i was up 2.4 pounds. So I am fasting til dinner.
Previously (even yesterday) I had this major feeling of dread over maybe needing to fast, but last night I decided I don't actually mind. In some ways it actually is easier to just know. . .I won't be eating anything at all til dinner (or during hcg, til the next super small meal you can have :) Than to be "allowed" to eat anything as long as in moderation and as long as you don't gain too much. Cuz honestly, it is pretty hard to figure out what and how much to eat to keep off this weight. I honestly haven't eaten SO much since adding back in more food and my weight seems to just be pushing upward. So, i am hoping this fasting will force it back down and then hopefully it will stabalize a bit more.

On a different note, I went shopping again last night. :) This time for new lounging/work out gear. Cuz my size L are too big. Yes, you heard that right. I (me who used to wear size 1x, I wear a size M) It seemed so crazy to me to look at size Mediums and even smalls. And they fit! I can't even believe it myself! SO SUPER FUN! :) (No, I am not saying I don't have any love handles or a muffin top, but I can't wear size L anymore, my old pants look ridiculous!) (I am focusing on the positive here :)

Not much else is new. We are just hanging out at home today. I still have "that laundry" to fold :) and my sweet (crazy :) baby MUST be put back on a schedule. :) She is REALLY out of wack and i don't think it helps when I tote her around town when she needs a nap! (she has started to FREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAK out when I put her to bed. It is probably also seperation anxiety + teething. But even after rocking her, giving her tylenol, changing her and feeding her and her being up for hours, she refuses to sleep. Last night she woke up at 10 and was awake til 2 am. Yeah, I think she needs a little more routine/schedule, so I am doing what I can! :)

Well, I should go get to that laundry.
But, Have a super day and pray the sun shines again soon, Please!? ;)


  1. Good luck with the laundry. :-P

    Also. you need to post some pictures. :-D

    And, how much total did you lose on HCG?

  2. Hey Jen,
    Funny that you are talking about fasting. I got on the scale this morning and did not get a good answer. So I decided to fast all day. Just water and vitamins for me. I have been weighing myself every couple of hours when I get curious and I lost two pounds so far. Tomorrow I will only drink tons of water and eat watermelon. I hope to go three days like that. Good luck with your's. Now you really know what I mean about looking ridiculous in the big clothes. But I have so much more to lose, your clothes have really saved me at times. Thanks so much. I need to come over sometime soon. Have a good day and I pray sun comes out too.