Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guess what?

It's a 3 day weekend! :) (in case you didn't know that) :) I am excited (clearly!)

My sister is headed over to help kick off the weekend right by cooking up a good old fashioned yummy breakfast. Then we are gonna hang out all day and do..........NOTHING! :) Then this afternoon we have a good friend coming for a bbq! :)
(not that the weather is cooperating, but NEways!) Tonight we have a movie night planned.

In other news, yesterday did end up being a pretty great day. I (was crazy, yes :) and loaded up all the kids and went to Old Navy and Target. It was pretty great and although they have WAY too much energy to act appropriately inside the stores, I figured out if you know exactly what you want to look at it goes fine! :) I got a few new tshirts for 3 bucks at target, we got some new flip flops etc. (oh, and not that you care, but I decided, Mediums are a bit too small still, that's why we went back to the stores, to return stuff.) PS. I will buy mediums later, I believe they will fit after my next round of hcg :)

About that, I was up .8 from my ending weight, so I will be being careful at above stated "feeding frenzies" :)

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