Friday, January 28, 2011

suuny days and water weight

First of all, Can I just say...I love the sun! Amen

Also, as you may have noticed? I was up a pound today. But I am sure it is just water I know I have been under, even if only a bit, on my allotted calories for a day. . Which I assume are around 2500 or so (to maintain, while nursing) so my goal is to always be under that, by at least 500 but up to 1000 calories a day, so I lose between a pound to 2 pounds a week. (not sure that made sense, but anywho! :)

I know some people would say don't weigh every day, but I like it, It helps me stay focused.

In other news, I have gotten mostly a full nights sleep (Macy usually cries 1-2 times a night for her binkie) for 2 nights now. Thank God, seriously! :) I feel so so much better and the sun only helps my mood :)

I didn't do anything exciting last night, besides grocery shop, but it felt good to get out and get that done. Remember the sleep thing? I am big on that right now, so I chose to come home rather than visit RA. But,

....This morning I met RA and my sister at the Kids club. The kids played super nicely and we chatted and drank Java Crew. It was fun. And we decided that will be another ritual I can look forward to.

Well, I am gonna go for now, but have a super day. It's FRIDAY!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

what I've been up to


I feel that it has been a while since I wrote a truly interesting post, so I thought I would attempt to do that now since the kids seem to be playing nicely for a few minutes at least (Of course it totally makes sense to do that instead of cleaning the house or something useful :) Hey don't judge, I am finishing my coffee while writing and then I will attempt to do something useful ;)

Now I can't promise this will be interesting, but I thought I should fill you in on what I have been doing. . . and that is trying to catch any five min of sleep possible :) You see, my kids have been sick for a very long time. First it was the younger three one by one coming down with ear infections. Then Macy got a sinus infection and the last most crazy of all, Brooklyn came down with the stomach flu. Poor girl. She was throwing up all night. I swear it must have been 20 times. starting at 11 pm and ending at 6 am. I felt sorry for her...and myself ;) I tried not to, but it was rough. :) Anyhow, my point is...I don't get much sleep lately, so I have been tired and not up to too much (well, besides what is necessary.

But, a few things have been established to make my life easier.. one is...Thursday evenings off :) It's like a little tradition. I make pizza for Hubby and the 3 older kids and when he gets home...i take off. :) They eat together and play and generally have a GREAT time and so do i. This is when I take care of the list I have created all week long. Groceries and returns or a visit to a friend (RA?) :) ALONE! :) well, Macy is in tow, but that's different. She doesn't talk back :) Yet! :) So, I am looking forward to that tonight.

Lastly I have been really getting into organizing. I am kind of (fine, a lot OCD :) So this is super fun for me. This week I cleaned out my linen closet and made tons of space for the kids toys. Super nice cuz then they know exactly where to go look when they are bored (so ky is always in that cupboard ;)

Today i am clearing off the top of the refrigerator :) The next project will be the hall coat closet. Downright embarrassing how crazy cluttered that is and then the kids toys. I am clearing out half (or more) These kids don't even play with half their stuff. Our house is cluttered! Enough is enough.

K, I am off! have a super day.

P.S. I am FINALLY back down to my lowest weight since Macy. 9 more pounds til Pre PG. weight. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

what doesnt work

...Is taking the weekend off :) not sure what happened but sometime between baby macy being diagnosed with a sinus infection (she had been up throughout the nights like 10 times or so, so friday I finally decided something had to still be wrong even though she just finished antibiotics) anyhow, it was pretty hectic. She wouldn't nurse, so I had to put her milk in baby cereal but she doesn't really know how to eat cereal yet.
My point is between that and my moms family being in town so we were over there most the weekend...I ate. And I enjoyed it and I gained weight.
But, even though I am disappointed that I gained, I am not worried about it. I am back to it this morning and the scale will go back down and continue downward!
I sprained my ankle saturday night, not horribly but I won't be able to exercise for now. But that's life. Gotta learn to live it and be thin. :)
Baby macy is feeling better. .by the way.
I hope you are well too. Happy monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

it works

..If you eat less, you lose weight. :) check out my ticker!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

due to last night

...I was up .2 this morning, but I know I stayed in my calorie range, so i am guessing water weight?
I am not worried, it was worth it :) I got to go to a friends birthday party and they had fondue, chocolate and cheese and wine :) It was delicious! And it was super fun to go and party and even eat but within reason and without guilt, knowing i am still heading downward on the scale ;)
In other news, my brother and his wife came over for dinner last night. . before the party. it was really nice to have them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The ticker

The weight ticker, not my heart. ;)
Anyhow, not sure what I did wrong, I can't figure out how to center it or get rid of the ugly background around it, but it's fun, so i left it for now (Ruth Anne, that's why I didn't put it up the other evening, it looks stupid to me!) Help anyone?

Otherwise, things are going well today. I am right at 800 calories right now. Perfect~It's working SO SUPER DUPER well the way I am allotting out calories :) For exercise, today we walked DD to kindergarten. It went real well.. The kids loved it. I want to do this more often, I just have to allow enough time for it.

I went out and visited my friend Tina this morning. It was so so nice. I got a foot bath done by her. No, she didn't rub down my feet ;) She has this machine that pulls all the toxins out of your body! I am not sure how it works, just that it has something to do with positive and negative charges???? Anyhow, she said it should help me feel better :)

I should go for now, i need a nap. I was up lots of times in the night with my dear baby who has another cold. Thank goodness for the end of cold season, that is coming when? :)

Have a great day.

Monday, January 17, 2011


The results are in :)
I am losing. I am not exactly sure how much. when I started this last week...I had my old dial scale, but I decided I wanted a digital one so I could better see my progress and it is quite motivating, for me anyhow. (I know everyone is different, but currently it works best for me to weigh myself every morning, so I have that accountability.)
I bought the new scale on the first day (fri to sat) I lost .4, the second .2, the 3rd day .4. So a total of 1 pound since friday.
It is going really well for me to ration out the amount of calories I get a day. . and what I have been doing is if I do have a little something off plan..I just view it as what happened last time I ate and onward to the next time I should eat, only eating 200 calories...if I am hungry. (instead of previous thinking...aww, I screwed up my eating this day, who cares til tomorrow when I start over)
Examples of what I eat are this
banana and 1 tbsp natural pb
2 eggs and a small orange
2 rice cakes with lunchmeat
2 rice cakes topped with natural pb and a few slices banana
raw almonds and a small apple
baked chicken on a spinach salad
2 corn tortillias with tomato sauce, italian seasoning and lean ground taco meat
Exercise-I ran 3 times last week..this could improve, but I am just having a mindset of doing what i can rather than stressing it and quitting. As long as the scale is moving down, that is good! :)
otherwise, things are going ok. Hubby has been super busy with his book keeping side business on top of his other job, he has been super busy so it's been busy for me with the kids as well. I am working on adjusting to having 4 kids, I assume it will come with time and when they have all been well for a time :)
Next weekend we are spending the whole day sat. with my family so I am looking forward to that.
Last sat. evening Hubby and I got to go on a date, finally ;) for his birthday :) We went to baja fresh. YUM! :) and then out to visit Josh and Ruth Anne
Today we visited Ruth Anne and kids, that as always was really nice.
End of the story! :):)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

something new

I started something new and am excited about it. So as is usual for me, I want to talk about it. And what better place for that than here? :)
Let me just note, when I created this blog. - really didn't want it to be just a diet blog. So I have tried to not only talk about that. But being overweight really stresses me out and I am not happy when I am not actively trying to fix that and since it is important as a mom to be happy. I have decided I need to actively work on this.
Anyhow. Phew...lots of thoughts on that. But my main point of this post. The new thing I am doing is. Eating two hundred calories every two hours. So by the end of the day I have had 1600 to 1800 calories depending on when my last snack is. That way I get in enough to still feed baby but never feel deprived. Yesterday it worked beautifully. And by the end of a week I should have lost 2 pounds. ;).
In other news, I jogged for 20 min. On treadmill again this morning.
About my kids. My girls are much better and ky is on the mend. I am so thankful.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi! I just wanted to note that I will be started to jog more regularly. If I can't outside. I will use my treadmill. If I can't do 20 min. I will do 10. Cuz it actually feels good and really improves my mood. Twenty min. On the treadmill done today. Check. ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

a new week

A new has begun. So yesterday we took our third kid into doc. And yes. He too has an ear infection. My poor kids. And poor me. ;). Haha. Its part of being a mom but I do look forward to cold season being over
Anyhow, I did not lose any weight this week. But in all reality that was just one more stress last week so I am not surprised
However, I did jog on sat and today and have hope that this week I may see a loss.
I have got to go get some shut eye.
Have a great week all.

a new week

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My week

Hi ya all~
Sorry I haven't been updating lately. My week...It was certifiably insane! No kidding. Both my 3 year old and my 3 week year old have had horrible colds which turned into ear infections=grumpy said 3 year old and grumpy 3 month old but doesn't have to =grumpy mom. :)
The reason I say this is I have been learning something very important about myself. My tendency when life turns crazy is to turn to what's easiest and most tempting to eat=junky food but this = grumpy mommy. I mean seriously What I eat seriously affects how i feel and doesn't help me cope well. So I have turned to clean eating and it is really helping me. So I am really no longer dieting to lose weight, although I know this will be a product of eating well and exercising, but I am eating clean foods and exercising as I am able cuz it is seriously like medication for my soul :)
I just finished off a smoothie. It was really tasty. It had a few frozen berries, a few walnuts, and a banana.
Hope you had a good week. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

more pictures


..........It really helps.
Yesterday I did good all the way til I had an hour of my sweet baby(who caught a cold :( crying) and then my kids gummy bears (weird, I know:) Started looking so good ;) I had six and then I thought...I can't do this. I said I was going to lose weight, on my blog...people are believing in me :)
Anyhow, so I stopped at six and otherwise did real good yesterday.
Gotta go be productive while my older two are in school.
I hope to be back later with more fun pics
Dawne, Macy is so super good, besides the cold. We are enjoying her so so much. She is SUCH a happy baby that when I smile at her she gets so excited she flings her arms and legs and laughs with delight. NO JOKE! I LOVE it! It makes all the hard work with littles worth it, oh so worth it :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

losing weight

Todays the day. Carpe diem. Seize the day. You get it :). I am doing this and posting about it cuz I need the accountability. Today I was 24 pounds from my goal. I hope to be at my goal in 12 weeks. So far so good.