Thursday, January 27, 2011

what I've been up to


I feel that it has been a while since I wrote a truly interesting post, so I thought I would attempt to do that now since the kids seem to be playing nicely for a few minutes at least (Of course it totally makes sense to do that instead of cleaning the house or something useful :) Hey don't judge, I am finishing my coffee while writing and then I will attempt to do something useful ;)

Now I can't promise this will be interesting, but I thought I should fill you in on what I have been doing. . . and that is trying to catch any five min of sleep possible :) You see, my kids have been sick for a very long time. First it was the younger three one by one coming down with ear infections. Then Macy got a sinus infection and the last most crazy of all, Brooklyn came down with the stomach flu. Poor girl. She was throwing up all night. I swear it must have been 20 times. starting at 11 pm and ending at 6 am. I felt sorry for her...and myself ;) I tried not to, but it was rough. :) Anyhow, my point is...I don't get much sleep lately, so I have been tired and not up to too much (well, besides what is necessary.

But, a few things have been established to make my life easier.. one is...Thursday evenings off :) It's like a little tradition. I make pizza for Hubby and the 3 older kids and when he gets home...i take off. :) They eat together and play and generally have a GREAT time and so do i. This is when I take care of the list I have created all week long. Groceries and returns or a visit to a friend (RA?) :) ALONE! :) well, Macy is in tow, but that's different. She doesn't talk back :) Yet! :) So, I am looking forward to that tonight.

Lastly I have been really getting into organizing. I am kind of (fine, a lot OCD :) So this is super fun for me. This week I cleaned out my linen closet and made tons of space for the kids toys. Super nice cuz then they know exactly where to go look when they are bored (so ky is always in that cupboard ;)

Today i am clearing off the top of the refrigerator :) The next project will be the hall coat closet. Downright embarrassing how crazy cluttered that is and then the kids toys. I am clearing out half (or more) These kids don't even play with half their stuff. Our house is cluttered! Enough is enough.

K, I am off! have a super day.

P.S. I am FINALLY back down to my lowest weight since Macy. 9 more pounds til Pre PG. weight. :)


  1. You are definitely welcome to visit me anytime! I think for the time being Josh will be at RG every Thursday night, so you'd have to come here.

    Hey, we should swap toys. Then the kids would always have new stuff to play with. ;-)

    Good job on the weight loss!

  2. Say HI to RA for me! Take care of yourself...sleep when you can. Fatigue wreaks havoc on the body, mind and soul.

  3. Aw...I feel for you! During brother's conference both Jack and Harmony came down with the stomach flu and that was *lovely* - and yeah, no sleep is rough.

    Super cool idea to get out on Thursdays - I'm glad you're doing that. Going on Fridays has been my sanity and I know you can use a little bit of that! =)

    You're doing GREAT with the pre-regnancy weight journey!!! Fun fun - maybe this summer you'll be at the lowest ever. Have fun tonight and let us know what you did! =)

    PS I've been meaning to clean the top of my fridge for're motivating me!