Monday, January 17, 2011


The results are in :)
I am losing. I am not exactly sure how much. when I started this last week...I had my old dial scale, but I decided I wanted a digital one so I could better see my progress and it is quite motivating, for me anyhow. (I know everyone is different, but currently it works best for me to weigh myself every morning, so I have that accountability.)
I bought the new scale on the first day (fri to sat) I lost .4, the second .2, the 3rd day .4. So a total of 1 pound since friday.
It is going really well for me to ration out the amount of calories I get a day. . and what I have been doing is if I do have a little something off plan..I just view it as what happened last time I ate and onward to the next time I should eat, only eating 200 calories...if I am hungry. (instead of previous thinking...aww, I screwed up my eating this day, who cares til tomorrow when I start over)
Examples of what I eat are this
banana and 1 tbsp natural pb
2 eggs and a small orange
2 rice cakes with lunchmeat
2 rice cakes topped with natural pb and a few slices banana
raw almonds and a small apple
baked chicken on a spinach salad
2 corn tortillias with tomato sauce, italian seasoning and lean ground taco meat
Exercise-I ran 3 times last week..this could improve, but I am just having a mindset of doing what i can rather than stressing it and quitting. As long as the scale is moving down, that is good! :)
otherwise, things are going ok. Hubby has been super busy with his book keeping side business on top of his other job, he has been super busy so it's been busy for me with the kids as well. I am working on adjusting to having 4 kids, I assume it will come with time and when they have all been well for a time :)
Next weekend we are spending the whole day sat. with my family so I am looking forward to that.
Last sat. evening Hubby and I got to go on a date, finally ;) for his birthday :) We went to baja fresh. YUM! :) and then out to visit Josh and Ruth Anne
Today we visited Ruth Anne and kids, that as always was really nice.
End of the story! :):)


  1. Love the new background; so bright and cheery!

    But... where's your ticker!?!?! :-D

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