Monday, January 24, 2011

what doesnt work

...Is taking the weekend off :) not sure what happened but sometime between baby macy being diagnosed with a sinus infection (she had been up throughout the nights like 10 times or so, so friday I finally decided something had to still be wrong even though she just finished antibiotics) anyhow, it was pretty hectic. She wouldn't nurse, so I had to put her milk in baby cereal but she doesn't really know how to eat cereal yet.
My point is between that and my moms family being in town so we were over there most the weekend...I ate. And I enjoyed it and I gained weight.
But, even though I am disappointed that I gained, I am not worried about it. I am back to it this morning and the scale will go back down and continue downward!
I sprained my ankle saturday night, not horribly but I won't be able to exercise for now. But that's life. Gotta learn to live it and be thin. :)
Baby macy is feeling better. .by the way.
I hope you are well too. Happy monday!

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  1. Life is like that and in the grand scheme of things, you probably didn't gain weight. If you had waited a couple of days, it probably would have been the same weight or down a bit.