Tuesday, January 4, 2011


..........It really helps.
Yesterday I did good all the way til I had an hour of my sweet baby(who caught a cold :( crying) and then my kids gummy bears (weird, I know:) Started looking so good ;) I had six and then I thought...I can't do this. I said I was going to lose weight, on my blog...people are believing in me :)
Anyhow, so I stopped at six and otherwise did real good yesterday.
Gotta go be productive while my older two are in school.
I hope to be back later with more fun pics
Dawne, Macy is so super good, besides the cold. We are enjoying her so so much. She is SUCH a happy baby that when I smile at her she gets so excited she flings her arms and legs and laughs with delight. NO JOKE! I LOVE it! It makes all the hard work with littles worth it, oh so worth it :)

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  1. Looking forward to more pictures, AND to more success with our eating healthy foods and losing weight. =)

    The strangest things appeal to me too, when I can't have them. This morning I was drooling, literally, as I thought about a Jimmy Dean sausage and cheese croissanwich. I don't even care about them normally!! But it sounded so so so good at that moment. I sipped my peach tea instead. :-P