Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The ticker

The weight ticker, not my heart. ;)
Anyhow, not sure what I did wrong, I can't figure out how to center it or get rid of the ugly background around it, but it's fun, so i left it for now (Ruth Anne, that's why I didn't put it up the other evening, it looks stupid to me!) Help anyone?

Otherwise, things are going well today. I am right at 800 calories right now. Perfect~It's working SO SUPER DUPER well the way I am allotting out calories :) For exercise, today we walked DD to kindergarten. It went real well.. The kids loved it. I want to do this more often, I just have to allow enough time for it.

I went out and visited my friend Tina this morning. It was so so nice. I got a foot bath done by her. No, she didn't rub down my feet ;) She has this machine that pulls all the toxins out of your body! I am not sure how it works, just that it has something to do with positive and negative charges???? Anyhow, she said it should help me feel better :)

I should go for now, i need a nap. I was up lots of times in the night with my dear baby who has another cold. Thank goodness for the end of cold season, that is coming when? :)

Have a great day.

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  1. I totally want to try one of those footbaths at Tina's .... I have an open invitation to stop by, it's been like... 2 years since she told me that, lol~! Oops.

    I'm so happy that the calorie thing is working for you!! It's funny cuz I've been doing that too, or at least that has been my INTENT --- I'm finding it hard to be motivated lately. But I have to say, WOW, I absolutely LOVE calorie counting, and it works super well and gives me fast results when I stick to it.

    The only problem is, I don't have any desire to eat ANYTHING raw because 1) I'm burned out and 2) there are so many other things I'd rather use my calorie allottment for, lol! Ugh. I am looking forward to watermelon season, maybe that'll help me get back in the groove.

    Wanted to say, I love the new background! Refreshing and fun colors. And the ticker is super fun, especially when you're losing - aaaaw makes me want to start blogging again. I AM blogging, just on a private forum so it is kind of lame to blog twice.

    It was REALLY nice to see you/talk to you on Tuesday - I've been thinking of you and your situation often, and praying for you. Makes me realize I need to get much more fellowship with others because it brings me out of my own little world, you know?

    Have a good day today!