Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy weekend

Hi there,

SO.....I guess I am just not really much of a blogger. Huh? I think it's because it's not super interactive...I'm not really ever sure Anyone reads my Then I start feeling like what's the point? :) (I guess I might need that talk therapy after all :)But anyhow, here's the latest with us.

Martin started his new job last week and so far really likes it. It's super nice that he is in town..We have stopped by a few times to say hi and he has come home a few times for lunch. He is currently out at MCR cooking breakfast for a rental group!

I have been doing fine. I started hcg a few weeks ago..I haven't managed to do it faithfully so I have only lost 6 pounds but I keep telling myself I'm 6 pounds closer to my goal and so I keep trying. I'm not sure whether to just be done with this round though and continue to eat healthy but start exercising cuz I've been feeling a lot more anxious recently and I feel like this diet is just adding to my stress list...but I'm afraid if I quit that I will be disappionted in myself later?
Different topic, but I am excited for school to be out. It will be nice to not be forced to make three trips a day to the school and just be on our own schedule!

The kids are all doing fine.....they've been more grumpy lately it seems but I blame it on a needing a break from school! :)

I've got to that's it for now but....I will leave you with a few random pictures I've taken recently...(we've been outside a lot!! And my lil sis graduated from high school! Yay Janice! :) I took this picture of Macy cuz her hair is Growing back finally :):)And I think the pic of my mom is so so cute! :) the pic of Mia was cuz she got the principal award this week :) 

Have a fabulous day!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Martin got the job :) so great. It's here in town. Seven minutes away!

Im good. I'm glad that Martin has a day off today. We are going to work in our backyard. 

All the kiddos are good. Just ready for the weekend. Ky and Mia both have a birthday party tomorrow so that will be fun for them. 
Here's a picture of Macy loving her whip cream from the coffee shop. Poor girl is still losing tons of hair. She has loose anagen syndrom. And another of my toy shelf that I moved and cleaned up. Love it

Monday, May 6, 2013

This weather

The weather here is just fantastic.

My kids have been playing outside way more. Which is always best for my kiddos.

Martin did get his check. A few days late. But we are thankful. He still hasn't heard back from new company. So keep praying :)

I'm good. I've eaten all fruits and veggies so far today and feel great so I'm thinking back to the raw diet. :) I'm planning to try to go jogging after dinner but I'm not sure I will have time before Martin leaves for the brothers meeting.

Brooklyn is good. Had a good weekend. ...Loves when there is activity clubs and Children's meeting.

Ky got a basketball hoop from us for his birthday. We bought it over the weekend. In general, he's been a happy lil fellow :)

Mia is constantly begging for play dates but does better with few of those and lots of downtime so I've been workin on making it super fun for her w Macy :)

Macy is well. A handful! :) but. Today was a pretty good day. See below!

Have a great week all

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The latest

Hi there. Hope you are having a great week.

The latest w us is this...

Martin had a job interview yesterday. Please pray he gets it. It's an established company in town and his current work is an hour away and they didn't pay their employees yesterday!! No joke.

I am doing good. I'm so glad the weather is nice. I am currently on the Elliptical :) in general, I am working on taking things one situation at a time. No cause to flip about the work thing. For today we have what we need and god knows and has a plan with all that.

Brooklyn is good. Ky and her have been playing real nice together and i love that.

Ky had his birthday last Saturday. So it was real fun for him to have his party on Monday and he is having fun w all his new toys.

Mia. The conference last weekend and assessment tests at school and the party Monday plus a meeting after so a late night has all been a bit much for her. But when I'm merciful and remember all that. It helps :). Stay positive.

Macy. She is having a rough week. Probably cuz of all the above. But the best thing I can do for her is stay in rest. So I am working on that. She is cute and sure cracks us up when she is happy. Yesterday she told me she wanted to have peanut butter with graham cracker on it for snack. And insisted that was the way to say it :) see picture below. Also. She is obsessed w Dora currently. We are working on not going too far w that :).

Have a great day

Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy week.

This week has been busy but good.

Martin is pretty busy with the mcr kitchen as he is the food coordinator for the weekend. But he did manage to spread bark dust in our front yard and its looks so great :)

I'm doing good. I'm loving this sunshine. And working on just focusing on today. And today I need to pack for the weekend conference. I'm looking forward to the weekend a lot!

Brooklyn is still sleeping :) she must have been over tired. She's been having a hard time getting to sleep at night. She was cute. Asked me if she could stay home w me yesterday for take your kid to work day ;) I took her shopping last night and got her a few new shirts.

Ky still has a cold. :( or a new one...which makes him a bit more difficult. But it's good for me to remember to be merciful. I feel grumpy when I get the sniffles too ;) When I was out last night we picked out new shoes for him so he is all jazzed about that. Also. His birthday is tomorrow so I want to get him a few things while out today.

Mia is doing well. She is excited for the weekend too. :). She's been loving the weather too (I've always said she is a mini me :) .....shes been riding her bike a lot and playing in the kiddie pool and eating otter pops ;)

Macy had a pretty good day yesterday. The weather helps. A lot! She loves to play in the water too.
She was hilarious last night when we went shopping. She was trying all the shoes on ...just like the big kids :):)

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our yard

Our's in some need of help so that's our latest project. See hubby below :) he was so great today. Doing lots of weeding and all the dishes.
Me- I had a dentist app this morning. Phooey. I had two cavities. How I hate getting fillings! I had a busy day cuz Brooklyn had an app too this afternoon so I was running around all day. Tomorrow I have to so laundry. In a major way :)
Brooklyn. It was nice to have some time w just her this afternoon during her appointment. I bought her an italian soda when i got my coffee. She was so sweet to thank me for it. :)She is such a sweet Girl. She picked me some flowers in the yard today cuz she heard me telling Martin I wanted to plant more flowers in the Yard. :) Mia helped Her pick them :)
Ky- he had fun w his frogs today :) got a cute pic of that. He had a pretty good day too except when Martin made him weed;)
Mia- today was a much better day w her. Thank goodness ;) and tonight we went on a little date to target and got an icee she loves that.
Macy- she had some big fits today. But we had to miss her nap and she was with a sitter. A great one. But that is always more overatimulating for her than doing the normal. So. Tomorrow we will be home more :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our date :)

Today me and Martin got to go on a date. It was nice to get some time just me and him. We went to Ross dress for less and old navy. We got some flip flops for the kids. (.see below :) then we went to Mexican and went tanning.
I went running again. (Took a pic to document) :) And I fasted today...which was good. But I have to be careful w that. I think it added to my irritability tonight :(
Brooklyn- she had a good day today. She loves being at my moms house (my sisters watched her while we were gone.)
Ky-he had another real good day. Besides one meltdown at dinner time about daddy feeding a cricket to his frogs :) I think ky had just gotten too hungry. O and he is paranoid that his Pets will die since his hamster and lizard both died.
Mia- huge meltdown tonight after the meeting :( but it is past bedtime and not normal to be out at night.
Macy- hmm. It seemed like she had lots of fits today. But I think it was cuz we were gone for a while today. She does better when we are with her all day. But. Life isn't always perfect.
Has a good meeting tonight about not being lazy. Perfect for me to hear as I feel done. But my housework is not and my children aren't sleeping yet :)
It was a busy but good day

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The weekends.

The weekends are great but always a bit busier with everyone home. :) not that it's bad, just saying ;)

Today Martin was around all day. Love that! :)

We had a lazy morning. And then ran a few errands.
I went jogging this afternoon. I'm excited to go again. It was super refreshing and not as hard as I imagined it would be. :) today I decided to try to go jogging every day I can til summer (and beyond) :) but I get into pretty good shape this way :) I have a few months still til I have to wear a swim suit in public ;)
I definitely went to bed too late last night so I didn't have all the patience in the world today and want to get to bed earlier tonight.
Brooklyn- today was a pretty good day with her. She has been teasing Macy alot which makes Macy scream and quite frankly is pretty annoying. But it's not her fault. She just needs to be reminded to be a blessing ;) she was pretty obedient and happy for getting to bed super late and woken up by her sisters.
I bought her a treat while out for coming so quickly when I called her earlier (sounds like she is a dog. Oops :) but she liked that. Special attention.
Ky- wow. Sleep really did him good. He was in a super good mood today and I love that! Super nice to be around him. He was really content. See. That's why it never pays to focus on the negative. im referring to his bad mood yesterday. He does always enjoy having dad around.
Mia- hmm. She had a hard day today. I think I will try to do something special w just her tomorrow. That usually does the trick.
Macy- she always has a better day when both me and Martin are home. Two people to give her love :) she played outside a lot and did watercolors. Etc. we painted our nails together :) that was fun!
she had her usual stubborn moments but overall. Today was a pretty good day. :)
Tonight we watched the brunstad feast all together at home. It was nice to just settle in at home but be encouraged.
Now. I'm off to bed. :)
I posted a few random pics below. The One of me was from my run.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A new direction

Um hi!

I blush...hard to believe it's been 8 months since I last posted. :( I honestly thought I was done blogging. I just felt I didn't have much to say. Well, I want to correct that...I have TONS to say...ALWAYS..but for a long time I felt I didn't have anything I wanted to share...Ya know? Life can be tough...And I don't want to be negative so...I quit blogging.

(A little background in case you have forgotten or didn't know) I had baby number four, Macy in Sept of was an emergency c-section cuz i had a placental abruption, it was pretty traumatic to say the least...they didn't think baby macy would survive originally..3 weeks after Macy was born, I got a call that my mom(who lives five minutes away and was constantly available to help out) has a brain tumor and if she survived the surgery to remove what they could, has only a few years to live...5 weeks after Macy was born my hubby who was unemployed at the time(so constantly available to help)got a new job that required him to be gone in portland from 6-10pm most days. So I settled in and did my best to be a quality "single" mother but honestly....I felt like I was barely surviving. I didn't admit how I felt right away..No..I waited a good almost 2 years :(til i started having panic attacks to finally admit how I felt...Life sucked! It was the day I rolled over and looked at dh and told him....nothing seems worth the amount of work it requires anymore. Like, I'd rather just stay in bed indefinitely :0
So, I called my dr. And she put me on meds for the anxiety and checked my thyroid and come to find out..I have a thyroid disease called hashimotos can cause anxiety, depression, exhaustion etc.
So, once the meds kicked in...I started feeling better and enjoying life more and not feeling so stressed about everything all the time. (I think I forgot to mention...all my kids and hubby have been diagnosed with adhd..they have meds now...but things can get a tad stressful! :)
But after a few months..I started to pack on pounds, so they switched my meds and then switched them again and now again, but I finally think I have found the answer..recently....and anyhow...Recently this is what is new with me...
My youngest Macy has been having a hard a really hard time as in....she throws herself on the floor at any given moment if she gets stressed about anything, so I am learning how to better care for her..
We've been to the pediatrician and been to a psychologist and basically here's the deal. They said that the oxygen deprivation at birth...she wasn't even breathing when born...although it didn't cause major brain definitely damaged the case she probably would have had of adhd is much worse than it would have what that means for needs a lot more attention, direction and prep work for everything we do every day... than most instead of just doing whatever I thought is most important or what I want to do each day...I am working on conciously putting her first and making sure I do what it takes to keep her happy cuz that is the only way the whole family is happy which honestly...think about it ;) Makes mama happy :)
And honestly I feel like i've had a breakthrough recently myself...on why life has seemed so hard for so long. I guess I realized I didn't have any clue how hard parenting was or how much sacrifice it takes, parenting alone is hard enough and guess what? It's even more complicated with kids with adhd...but am I just gonna settle at that? Be depressed and be grudging that it is breathtakingly almost impossible at times to juggle everyones seriously who can process what four people are saying when they are all talking at once!? :)
So, recently I got this idea about my blog (my dr. told me to go to talk therapy...I figure this could be just as good :)...I can use it to share a little about each kid each day...Like what they acccomplished or said that was so cute or a good idea I had to keep them happy. Like how I am working with their individual case of adhd each day....cuz honestly it does intrigue me. The field of psychology and why people are the way they instead of seeing each of them as a burden...See them as a case I can try to solve, a little PERSON who's world I can improve. :) (It is my job after dh goes to work, my job is to teach my kiddos. Sometimes it's just all a bit much for me to process.)
(But here is a good place for me to ramble about why it is stressful for me, in an effort to sort it all out. I am hoping this will help me :)

So...Here goes~
I'm going to start at the top!
And I'm going to include me and dh too :)

Today Martin is pretty preoccupied with the macleay kitchen inventory. He is the coordinator for the food services at the spring conference next weekend. He was home from 5-6ish and has been gone since...but that's ok with me...cuz I know he is trying to get it all done so he can turn in all orders and then he will be around for the rest of the weekend! I think :)Plus he had been home sunday and monday all day..sick..but he still helped out and it was nice to see him

Today I am pretty good. I started back on zoloft...but on a lower dose cuz my doctor thinks (and I agree) that i only started gaining when I was at a higher dose. I had a pretty good day with the kids...kind of did too much with them...being gone grocery shopping all morning and then visiting at Maryannes and then having Kristi here was kind of more than my poor ole brain does good with, but I can also work on just focusing on today...tomorrow I don't have any social plans so I can catch up on housework etc then. I'm still sorely tempted to stress about my weight, but I am really hoping I won't keep gaining on zoloft and that I will start to lose when I make healthy choices overall(I have 15 lbs to lose since last summer..i'd love to lose 25ish but it ain't realistic)..Note..try to get to the gym tomorrow.

Brooklyn~She had a star party at her school tonight and since I had to get the other kids to bed before it started at 8:30, my mom and karl and tracey took her.. so sweet to see how much it meant to her...My gosh...she was so hyper when she got home...shows she had a GREAT time..Note to self...Work to never damper this side of her...:)

Ky~my goodness...grumpypants...he was grumpy today from the second he got in the van after school til his head hit the hay. Nothing i or anyone said or did was right! I wonder if something happened at school that bothered him today..BUT we did stay up way too late last night and it has been really stressful for him since he was working on his school program..that is out of the normal for him and therefore stressful!
Note to self, ask him tomorrow :)

Mia~She was fine today til after Kristi left.. This is when I realized again!I can't do 2 playdates in one day especially after school,for is just too much. (going to lexi's after school and her playing with paige here after)

Macy~O she is just a good ole crackup if you let it crack you up! :) she did pretty good today considering she never fell asleep at her naptime. She was so excited to grocery shop with me. It was good for me to realize that when I just plop her in the van and announce we are going to the store it doesn't go as well as when like today i told her when she woke up..when we are done eating then we are going to get dressed and then can you help me grocery shop? :) She needs to understand what the plan is, always :)