Monday, May 6, 2013

This weather

The weather here is just fantastic.

My kids have been playing outside way more. Which is always best for my kiddos.

Martin did get his check. A few days late. But we are thankful. He still hasn't heard back from new company. So keep praying :)

I'm good. I've eaten all fruits and veggies so far today and feel great so I'm thinking back to the raw diet. :) I'm planning to try to go jogging after dinner but I'm not sure I will have time before Martin leaves for the brothers meeting.

Brooklyn is good. Had a good weekend. ...Loves when there is activity clubs and Children's meeting.

Ky got a basketball hoop from us for his birthday. We bought it over the weekend. In general, he's been a happy lil fellow :)

Mia is constantly begging for play dates but does better with few of those and lots of downtime so I've been workin on making it super fun for her w Macy :)

Macy is well. A handful! :) but. Today was a pretty good day. See below!

Have a great week all

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  1. the last picture is so cute:) Loving the weather here too. planted flowers today. Hope that job works out!!