Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today I ....

Got out of bed :)
Drank a cup of coffee and read my bible
Got the kids a warm breakfast at the kitchen table
Got the kids dressed
Put Macy's ear drops in
Took kids to school
Cleaned out 6 totes full of kiddos clothes
Took half a van full of old clothes to goodwill
Picked up more ear drops for Macy
Bought a few doughnut holes and only ate 1
Sorted all 10 loads of dirty clothes
washed 4 of them
Got the kids lunch
Put 3 loads already washed away
Took a shower
Put stew in the crock pot
Made bread dough
Got Macy a nap

Go, Me! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Happy Wednesday,

I really need to get laundry put in the washer and fold a few loads already done...but I am tired so I am blogging instead.

Today Ky had a dentist appointment, so I had a sitter lined up for Mia and Macy...only problem as soon as I set Macy down to play once there she held my legs and cried. :( I wasn't sure what to do, as riding in the car is almost worse to her than being with a sitter,...but I didn't have the heart to leave her so I took her (note, I should have left her) :) She was SO grumpy and I couldn't find parking in the lot, so I had to drive out of the complex to the nearest lot and walk over and we were late....anyhow, it was honestly pretty irritating but, i kept reminding myself, It is possible that I become a new creation, and these situations are the tests. :)

So, that was my day in a nutshell. When we were done we dropped a gift off for Ky's cousin who just had eye surgery and then we dropped off stuff at the library, then picked up Mia (had lunch with them at the sitters with her little boy) and now we are home. All in all, I am so ready for Macy's ears to feel better! (I guess it's my own fault I forgot to give her ibuprophen this morning!

I'm so glad I am done with hcg. The stress of not being able to eat much and not screwing that's not so helpful for a mom!
I ended this (my last) round at 147.8. And that's good enough. I had a HUGE salad for lunch with mushrooms, cucs, baby tomatoes, brocoli and a bit of chicken for lunch. It was delicious!

Tonight I am signed up for cleaning at MCR. I don't feel like going, I am tired, but oh well. I know I will be glad I got out (especially since DH will be gone tomorrow night and all weekend. (at the Church's mens retreat. ) I am tempted to be sad about that...we will miss him. But i am determined to send him with a willing heart. Why would i be sad to send him off to be encouraged and in return i get an even better husband (Not that he's half bad now. but you get my point? :)

K, Enough rambling for today and I apologize that I don't have anything exciting to say!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hi y'all

Hey there,

I am so not inspired to write anymore. Sorry. But then I remember how much I love reading other peoples blog so here I am! :)

Let's see...what is going on with us?
Macy is sick, again! :( I spent the day yesterday out and about cuz of it. Well, first I had a dentist appointment cuz i traumatized my molar by biting on a peppercorn. No really! That was his diagnosis. So he prescribed me an anti-inflammatory which I realized when picking it up, is a steroid so no, I won't be taking that right now! (can't imagine it would be good to do that on hcg and my tooth isn't bothering me right now) I know, I am vain.
Hcg is over. I mean, today is my last day on drops, and I was 148 this morning. I am moving on. I didn't make it to 145 but honestly, what's 3 pounds (this is what I tell myself!) :)

Anyhow, so I got sidetracked, but about Macy she has a nasty cold and cough and in general is just misreable and clingy (which doesn't have to make me misreable, but that's a choice :)
Anyways, she has a ear infection so I am starting ear drops. She should be feeling better soon here...I hope!

I am rather excited that I am joining a gym. I called today and figured out that if I spend 55 bucks a month I can get me and the girls a membership to a fitness/activity center, so if I want I can put them in childcare or instead I could swim with them or do other activities or kids fitness classes (so cute :) I am excited.

Otherwise, it's the same ole ;) Lots of laundry to fold and put away and lots of laundry to wash. :) Speaking of which I really should go do that! :)

I hope all is well and I do plan to be back and write more sometime soon! tata

Thursday, January 19, 2012



So, I have tried to not make this blog all about weight cuz that's not what I want my life to revolve around...but it is important to me to feel good and since I didn't feel as good about my weight as I wanted at 155, I decided to do HCG one more round. I am on my 13th day and this morning I was down to 148.8. This is so fun for me. . . as I don't remember ever weighing that amount (passed that number right up at age 13 :(
Anyhow, it's not easy (the diet) but it works really well. I am down to a size 8-10 (not super small, but small for me :) and a s/m. . .Now if I can just get through the next 5 days of low calorie! :) . . weekends are easier for me...they are busier and not as lonely cuz DH is around.. but anyhow. . that's what's new around here!

Tonight we are visiting a family as a family :) for dinner, so I am REALLY looking forward to that! (it forces DH home for dinnertime! :)

Otherwise, nothing is new besides the flooding around town (Oh my goodness, it's been raining!)

I guess I should go make the salad I promised to bring tonight and switch the wash, so my jeans are dry! :) And do my other chores.....
Have a great afternoon. SMILE! Tomorrow is friday!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

on shopping

Isn't it so totally random how sometimes (usually when you don't have money or have to have anything in particular) you find tons of options and things on sale. (I'm mostly talking about clothes here) :) And when you have money and time and really need to find something in particular, there are no options ;)

Anyhow, totally randomly this morning (meaning I wasn't planning to go shopping for the wedding this morning) but I ended up going shopping. I went out to MCR to drop off the older three for the can drive and I was going to just head home or maybe run to the grocery store with macy, but then Maryanne asked what I was doing and said she was running to ross. :) SO...we ended up going for a coffee and then doing some shopping and i was seriously amazed that I ended up with 3 options for the wedding. :) Happy dance! (i'll probably just keep one, but I can't decide.

So, that's what's up over here. I really should go switch laundry and then fold I gotta go. but Happy weekend

Friday, January 13, 2012


:) I love comments on my blog! :) So, Thanks.

Accomplishments so far today-

Got kids breakfast
Got kids to school on time
Took both little girls grocery shopping (HUGE, at this point Macy is the worst shopper EVER! :)
Visited my mom
Picked up Ky from school
Got Macy fed and to bed
Got kiddos lunch
Put groceries away
Put in a load of laundry.

Yay, me! :)

I didn't end up going anywhere last night. I was just too tired and it was super nice..i just hung out with dh, we cleaned up the house, talked and watched some tv.
Tonight we are going over to some friends house for dinner as a family. I am really looking forward to it.
Best of all, its friday! I'm really looking forward to the weekend.
Have a good one, all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hey there~

Lately I am just lacking the motivation...ya know how that goes? Like I just have to tell myself just go do it..the housework. Ahh, I'm not just lazy, am I? I don't know . . lately I'm just lacking the umph! ya know?

Anyhow, not much else is new. I am supposed to go to a wedding shower tonight, so I am hoping DH gets home in time for that.. oh and I bought a dress this morning for the wedding next weekend. I loved it! and it was only 11 bucks, but...It was too slinky and just kind of shows off all I don't want to show off, aka the post c-section mama belly! :) So I hope dh not only makes it home in time for the shower but a bit earlier to watch kiddos so I can return that and try again..think thicker material on the next try! ;) Anyhow, I guess that is hoping a bit much of DH, but ya just never know, so I am off to make pizza for them to eat,...just in I can run out the door.

Otherwise, all is pretty much...well.. Macy is just recovering from a virus she came down with....

Hope all is well with you!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Miss Macy Grace

Tonight I'd like to talk about being thankful, something I feel I am struggling with lately. You see, my precious little baby is growing and so is her will (and I'll give her this, her teeth, the dang molars!) In any case, on a regular basis I feel a bit suffocated. You see, she is totally a mama's girl. But when something (her teeth, her ears, her siblings, you name it!) are bothering her, she is so dang clingy. Now I totally realize when I say that, if you haven't really experienced her/my life on a daily may think this is just a random complaint. But it gets so crazy that i literally can't walk away from her (even to pee) without her grabbing my leg and yelling mamamamamama! So trying to drive anywhere, walk her in the stroller or basically do anything besides hold her can literally turn into a rather torturous experience on the nerves.

Then when I stop and really think, i'm like seriously? Come on, Jen. Only a year ago I was thanking God from the bottom of my heart for saving my baby's life and now I "want" to complain that she wants me to hold her. (I mean, it is a "little" extreme, often.) But I'm really going to work to keep perspective here. Soon she will be grown and gone and I am going to choose to enjoy these years, rather than look back in five or ten and wish I had. I mean, she is pretty dang cute! And sweet (when you don't cross her will! I mean if she sees a fruit snack-you better hand over the whole package ASAP!) :)

Anyways, that's just what's on my mind tonight!

(P.S. Not that anyone is judging, but just in case...I thought to add this note- I don't actually (normally) :) just hand over what she wants, and therefore..I "hear" about it! ;) And yes, I know this is my job, teach my kiddos, I'm just saying that some day/days are harder than other days. Ya know how it is!)