Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today I ....

Got out of bed :)
Drank a cup of coffee and read my bible
Got the kids a warm breakfast at the kitchen table
Got the kids dressed
Put Macy's ear drops in
Took kids to school
Cleaned out 6 totes full of kiddos clothes
Took half a van full of old clothes to goodwill
Picked up more ear drops for Macy
Bought a few doughnut holes and only ate 1
Sorted all 10 loads of dirty clothes
washed 4 of them
Got the kids lunch
Put 3 loads already washed away
Took a shower
Put stew in the crock pot
Made bread dough
Got Macy a nap

Go, Me! :)


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I ALWAYS read your blog (it comes up on my reader, probably mine does on yours too!) and I want to comment tons of times but I'm usually nursing and the whole one-finger pecking the keyboard thing is really annoying when you are trying to write something heartfelt. =) Tonight I am playing hookey from sleeping while the baby sleeps so I have a moment to type...I crave alone time these days and while they're all sleeping, and for right now anyway, I'm going to comment, darn it! =)

    I am praying for you this weekend, and all the Moms who have sent their husbands to the conference...I am SO GLAD that we have husbands that are looking forward to and making it a priority to go to hear God's word! I know too, that we only benefit from that. =) But at the same time, it's a sacrifice on our part...I miss having him here and I know you do too. God will bless that, though.

    I loved your list of accomplishments!! I have been wanting to do a post like that for a long time even just for my own sake, but it just doesn't happen unless I make time, like when I'm supposed to be sleeping when the baby sleeps ( now). I do it in my head all the time, though, especially when I look at my house and think o.m.g there is SO MUCH to be done and I need to be doing x and the BARE minimum! But when I think of what I *have* done, like even just getting all the kids ready and out the door THREE times per day, with a newborn??? Hello?? That's a lot in itself, right? Especially when I'm trying to work around nursing and the baby's sleeping schedule + the three littles' nap schedule (and mine). But it was fun to read about your day as well. =)

    Don't you LOVE that Goodwill has such an awesome drive-through donation station?? Hee hee....I always have a big black garbage bag in my garage that is just like the routine donate to Goodwill bag. When it's full I just zip on over there before/after bringing Marie to school and wah-lah, no having to get out of the car, even. Love love love! (Ok, maybe not THAT much love, but you know what I mean!)

    Thanks for the encouragement last time I talked to you regarding where I'm at with my life with a newborn and that it does get better (and also the whole/real foods tip) is more help than you know, to look at you and see that wow, life really does get back to normal....???!! And also that you are looking better than you ever have before, let alone with 4 kids! So there is hope for me too, I just need to chill and not stress about it. There's light at the end of the tunnel even if I can barely see a faint light in the thick fog right now.

    Have a good night!