Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Miss Macy Grace

Tonight I'd like to talk about being thankful, something I feel I am struggling with lately. You see, my precious little baby is growing and so is her will (and I'll give her this, her teeth, the dang molars!) In any case, on a regular basis I feel a bit suffocated. You see, she is totally a mama's girl. But when something (her teeth, her ears, her siblings, you name it!) are bothering her, she is so dang clingy. Now I totally realize when I say that, if you haven't really experienced her/my life on a daily may think this is just a random complaint. But it gets so crazy that i literally can't walk away from her (even to pee) without her grabbing my leg and yelling mamamamamama! So trying to drive anywhere, walk her in the stroller or basically do anything besides hold her can literally turn into a rather torturous experience on the nerves.

Then when I stop and really think, i'm like seriously? Come on, Jen. Only a year ago I was thanking God from the bottom of my heart for saving my baby's life and now I "want" to complain that she wants me to hold her. (I mean, it is a "little" extreme, often.) But I'm really going to work to keep perspective here. Soon she will be grown and gone and I am going to choose to enjoy these years, rather than look back in five or ten and wish I had. I mean, she is pretty dang cute! And sweet (when you don't cross her will! I mean if she sees a fruit snack-you better hand over the whole package ASAP!) :)

Anyways, that's just what's on my mind tonight!

(P.S. Not that anyone is judging, but just in case...I thought to add this note- I don't actually (normally) :) just hand over what she wants, and therefore..I "hear" about it! ;) And yes, I know this is my job, teach my kiddos, I'm just saying that some day/days are harder than other days. Ya know how it is!)

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