Friday, December 30, 2011

The nightlife's been fun lately. But, it's a good thing i haven't had to be up and at em at a certain time this week.

It all started last week when my sister and I decided we wanted to meet up at 9 for half priced appetizers and drinks. . .I was up til one :) The next day my sister in law had a birthday, so we went with our hubbys on a double date to the late showing of MI-4. Then it was christmas eve and we had visitors til midnight. The next day was christmas. Then on Monday night my other sister and I went out. Tuesday another sister spent the night, so we stayed up late talking. The next night we had my brother (who's going to norway for a year) and his friends come visit. Then last night some friends and I took my sister to portland to a fondue restaurant since it was her 25th birthday. It's been fun!

Anyhow, so that's what i've been up to. It's been kinda nice to realize I do still have friends (besides my kids :) Just kidding! But, you have to understand, I've basically been home for a year unless I had to run an errand and at night I've tucked the kids into bed at 7, maybe watched a show and tried to get to bed as early as possible....cuz I've been up in the night or else up early with kids. . but somehow, magically, my baby has started to sleep til 10 some days and my kiddos kinda :)let me doze on the couch, so hanging out sometimes at night is an option now.

This post may seem random to you, but in my head the point makes sense. :)
Happy friday.
And Happy New Year!

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  1. That is so cool you're entering into a new, fun stage!! Funny, that's where *I* was a year! Maybe in another year I'll be there again...I miss dates with DH. =(