Friday, December 30, 2011

The nightlife's been fun lately. But, it's a good thing i haven't had to be up and at em at a certain time this week.

It all started last week when my sister and I decided we wanted to meet up at 9 for half priced appetizers and drinks. . .I was up til one :) The next day my sister in law had a birthday, so we went with our hubbys on a double date to the late showing of MI-4. Then it was christmas eve and we had visitors til midnight. The next day was christmas. Then on Monday night my other sister and I went out. Tuesday another sister spent the night, so we stayed up late talking. The next night we had my brother (who's going to norway for a year) and his friends come visit. Then last night some friends and I took my sister to portland to a fondue restaurant since it was her 25th birthday. It's been fun!

Anyhow, so that's what i've been up to. It's been kinda nice to realize I do still have friends (besides my kids :) Just kidding! But, you have to understand, I've basically been home for a year unless I had to run an errand and at night I've tucked the kids into bed at 7, maybe watched a show and tried to get to bed as early as possible....cuz I've been up in the night or else up early with kids. . but somehow, magically, my baby has started to sleep til 10 some days and my kiddos kinda :)let me doze on the couch, so hanging out sometimes at night is an option now.

This post may seem random to you, but in my head the point makes sense. :)
Happy friday.
And Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



That's what's up over here. That being said, I don't have much time to talk, but I just wanted to say hi.

Hope your christmas was wonderful. Mine was so, so nice. Christmas Eve we shared a bottle of wine and the "raqlette grill" with good friends. It's a german tradition. Basically you grill good meats and vegetables and bread and cheese while sitting around the said grill and sipping good wine ;)

Christmas day, we did gifts, the kids loved their gifts and then headed to my parents for a great meal together and more partying. It was very laid back, for us :) And i loved it.
Yesterday we spent a good chunk of the day getting rid of the tree (it was taking up our whole dining area :) (we also discarded many old toys etc :) REALLY good times :)

Anyhow, I hope your holiday was every bit as wonderful as ours.
And have a happy happy day today.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey there,
Happy holidays.
Hope you are well.
We are. Just having a ton of playdates while the kids are off school.
We went and listened to the Youth group carol at a friends house last night. And then my sister spent the night, which was nice. She has been that extra pair of hands i could use and don't have :)
Anyhow, I should go for now, cuz we have 3 extra kids right now plus I really must fold laundry and put it away! like today! :)
Have a happy day today!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday


Not really anything exciting to report over here..but I thought i'd say hi anyhow.
I'm just listening to some westlife over here and googling info about gyms in the area. I really need to get back to the working out..but i'm not sure how to get that accomplished, since (a)My gym shut down their childcare option (b)DH is insanely busy at work again and (c)we sold our treadmill and (d)our wii fit dvd isn't working (not that I used it anyway! :)
So, I am considering joining another gym that has childcare, but it's spendy!

Anyways, so I don't really have anything else to say. I just wanted to say hi and that's about it!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what's up over here?


Shopping. Xmas shopping. . I've become obsessed with it and can't stop! :) Why didn't I start earlier I ask myself (after having a couple mini panic attacks...I know...still a few days left, but remember the precious ones who only have 3 more days of school and my hubby who works a million hours a month to provide the gifts? :) anyhow this equals only 3 more mornings to hit stores which really means 3 more stores I can go to (Macy is like the worst shopper ever! :) and I actually only have friday free (i'm dumb and made social plans :) wed and thursday morning) Anyhow, that's what's up here. Oh and the answer to not shopping earlier? remember my PRECIOUS van was in the shop? O van, how I missed you! ;)

Otherwise, this afternoon we are going to a friends to decorate cookies :) I'll try to post some pics later.

Happy Holidays,...hope your shopping is going well too :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

It IS friday!


I am so glad it's the weekend!
I've been looking forward to it SO much. Tomorrow we are going over to the Synergy 16 tree lot to buy our tree! :)

I am really looking forward to seeing spending some time with DH this weekend!

Today I spent a good couple hours deep cleaning my kitchen .. like scrubbing cupboards and windows and the microwave. It felt SO great! I forgot I used to do stuff like that. Like be obsessive enough to get it done. :) but I rather enjoyed it. Next is up is organizing it. . (the counter where the bar stools are is where I keep these big old tupperware drawers etc with the kids paints, crayons, papers and I plan to throw lots of old stuff away! :)

Anyhow, i am sure I am boring you! So I will go hang with my kids who are watching kipper :)

Happy weekend!
BTW, yes I got my van back. YAY!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy days

Hi there,

I can't believe it's been 3 days since my last post, since I've seriously been meaning to post more often.. but it's just been a busy week.

Macy's ear tube surgery went real well, she now is feeling better, I think! :) But she is really, like really, clingy! Like she just wants to be held all day ever since, like just in case some "scary" people come take her again and put a mask over her face and do something that made her hurt when she woke up with THEM again! :) I can understand it, if I put myself in her tiny little shoes. . .
so that's that!...My life right now :)

So otherwise, my van is still in the shop, so my mom has been really gracious and giving lots of rides, bless her heart, she's saving my dry skin and frizzy hair :) (all the cold weather) My van should be done this afternoon? I'll believe it when I see it! ;)

What else? Hmm..well, I made cookies with Mia this morning (store bought dough from the freezer :) I did one load of laundry and visited with my mom all morning! And I really should pay the bills etc while macy sleeps a bit, so......

I'll go for now...but first I will share what I am looking forward to in the near future......

...watching snow white and the 7 dwarfs with kids tonight (martin has a work dinner)

.. watching bones on tv tonight :)

.....watching the prison break final movie with DH tomorrow night?

....getting our tree on saturday.

,....going to ikea to pick out Brooklyn's gift (a desk/bookshelf)on sunday while the children's meeting kids go to the silver falls holiday bazaar
edited.......(just kidding, there's a normal meeting during this trip ;) but we will go sometime to get this and I ALWAYS love a trip to Ikea :)

......wrapping gifts

...drinking lots more coffee with peppermint mocha creamer

...getting together with the older kids in my family at my parents to chat, laugh and eat great food next sunday night (with out kiddos :)

...a moms and tots holiday party next thursday with mia and macy

.....getting together with my friend Rosy next tuesday

....Buying more christmas presents!

....eating lots of great food over the holidays ;)

....the christmas feast at church next saturday

...watching my kids faces when they open their gifts christmas day :)

Have a super day today and I will try to be back soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Things I am loving lately

Hi there,

We are doing well. It is freezing here in this part of the world, but I was brave and walked the kids to school anyhow,..and all bundled up it was actually really nice.
I am feeling the love today, so I am appreciating that :)
I have candles lit and Ruth Anne is on her way. I am super excited to visit with her. It's been way too long.

What I am loving lately...

That they started making sugar free peppermint mocha creamer! :)


Holiday lights

Walking with the kids

Goofing off with my little family :) (last night we lit some fireworks we found just for the heck of it :)

That my little girl is feeling better (when I took Macy for her preop appointment friday they figured out her ear was infected again! poor thing! I thought it was just her molars bothering her)

That hubby has the day off tomorrow for Macys surgery but still a day off!! :)

Good friends

Chewy peppermint mocha cookies I plan to make soon :)

Happy monday!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sorry to disappoint

Your comments (on my last post) cracked me up!! :)
Sorry to disappoint, but nope, Jen doesn't have it all together, at all! I like to, but so don't.

Reality is, My accomplishments in a day are normally, One load of laundry washed and the dishes from the day in the dishwasher. (oh, and I try to shower once a day :) I usually do manage that while the kids have a quiet time.
Walking to the school seems super overwhelming cuz it takes 15 minutes to get there and 20 or more home (Mia is SO lazy and I'm not really in a hurry :) It's not the walking I dislike, it's the pressure of getting to the school on time, walking, with kids in tow. But, once I am forced to do's nice. :)
Anyhow, I guess the picture you (Tereza :) have of what I thought I would want to be like as a mom (like, all put together and everything in its place in my house) but I have realized in order to achieve that, I drive myself crazy and don't enjoy my kids, so I have settled for my home to be "surface cleaned" mostly and I have a standard that I try to stick to, before I hit the sack (basically, I make sure the laundry got put in the dryer, the dishwasher is started, the toys are thrown into the corner of the living room and the coffee is ready to brew for morning and DH lunch is in the fridge)

So, that y'all know what my reality is, I have to go fold and put away 5 loads of laundry and wash 3 more :) (cuz every once in a while I have to catch up on what doesn't get done regularly, like finishing up laundry and bathrooms and vacuuming and sweeping and mopping etc. Oh and fyi, I pretty much never dust :0

Yes, I read your blogs. . elmina and Tereza and I totally enjoy them, sorry I don't comment.
Hope the weekend is going well for ya

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday fess up

...I did hcg again and lost 10 pounds :)

.......I am totally pumped for the holiday season

.......My van is in the shop so I walk to the kids school 3 times a day

.....I love reading and don't do it enough

......hubby and I watched a whole season of the show Nikita over the txgiving holiday, it was super fun

......I am not sure anyone reads my blog anymore, but I still post anyhow. :)

.......I am so so far behind on laundry cuz I have been nuturing my social life far too much for that! :)

..........last night Brooklyn and I made these "doughnut things" (some indian dessert I got off tereza's blog) and then we got all the kids back out of bed to eat them :)

........I'm not sure this is a fess up, but rather a bunch of random facts, but anyhow!! :)

........also, Macy is getting ear tubes put in next tuesday which is so good, since she has been on 10 rounds of antibiotics in the last 6 months for ear infections.

.have a super duper weekend!