Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday fess up

...I did hcg again and lost 10 pounds :)

.......I am totally pumped for the holiday season

.......My van is in the shop so I walk to the kids school 3 times a day

.....I love reading and don't do it enough

......hubby and I watched a whole season of the show Nikita over the txgiving holiday, it was super fun

......I am not sure anyone reads my blog anymore, but I still post anyhow. :)

.......I am so so far behind on laundry cuz I have been nuturing my social life far too much for that! :)

..........last night Brooklyn and I made these "doughnut things" (some indian dessert I got off tereza's blog) and then we got all the kids back out of bed to eat them :)

........I'm not sure this is a fess up, but rather a bunch of random facts, but anyhow!! :)

........also, Macy is getting ear tubes put in next tuesday which is so good, since she has been on 10 rounds of antibiotics in the last 6 months for ear infections.

.have a super duper weekend!


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  2. I deleted my first comment cause I wanted to write more and because I felt like it:)

    ~ what a hot babe!
    ~ I'm NOT pumped for the holidays casue I'm one of those disorganized people. Still no presents bought, no cards sent out, nothing baked...heck we didnt even get our family pic taken yet!!! bah humbug
    ~Walking is awesome! Love walking. I picture you as one of those put together moms who always look nice and your house is spotless and you have time for lots of friends AND walk to school THREE times a day. Yup...thats Jen:)
    ~I love reading too...I do it TOO much!
    ~I bet the best part was being with your hubby!
    ~Hey I read your blog!!! But not sure you read mine:) Did you even notice it moved? Check my profile:):)
    ~ah so you get behind on laundry too???? Shoot...there goes my image of you!!:):)
    ~Glad you liked the "donut things":):) Cant believe you dragged your kids outta bed to eat them! I feel so honored for some reason. Hope they liked it and didnt get too sticky! Did you rebrush their teeth?
    ~ya its random facts:) LOVE IT!
    ~That sucks...hope it goes ok and she will finally be earache free!!

    you have a super duper weekend too! Keep posting:)