Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peanut m&m's

...For breakfast. Yum! Only 4 of them. But they were good.
Anyhow, that's not really what I wanted to talk about. I just wanted to say we had a really nice christmas. We were mostly at home, my hubby felt it was too much to have his mom and brother plus spend all day at my moms like normal, with my mom being sick and all. At first I felt like protesting. But he was right. It was really great the way it worked out.

Christmas eve we gave everyone stockings. The kids got new little toys and movies, candy etc so they just piddlefarted around all day. I had gotten my gift, new hot pink nikes ;) early so I went out running. I finished my book. We all took a long nap. Later in the evening we took a walk in th dark and saw christmas lights. Then after putting the kids to bed we did the raqlette grill.

The raqlette grill is european. Kind of like a griddle. But with individual little dishes under it. What you do is grill turkey breast strips or chicken on top. And toast your buttered french bagette bread and in the dishes melt cheese with onions if you like or an egg. My hubby likes to add corn and tomatoes etc. Anyhow, you sit around this grill and drink wine and eat bread and cheese. What could be better? :)

Christmas morning. . . I slept in :) then we opened all presents and proceeded to relax again til we went to my parents for dinner at 330. 1 were there til 930 due to a freakout session macy had, but that's a whole other story :) (she tends to get overwelmed in new places when she is passed around a lot) Overall it was a great holiday. How was yours?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday wishes

Merry Christmas to all!
I have no time to post lately, it seems. I spent all morning chasing down the perfect pie plate for my german mother in law ;) so it better be good :) :) :)
Anyhow, I gotta go. I have taco cassrole to make for dinner and holiday preparations to make, but I wish you all the best!
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Been real busy with in laws and a great book. :) but I got to go out jogging today. . Courtesy of said in laws. And it was perfect! End of story! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey there~

Just checking in to say

This week is off to a pretty good start.
We got our christmas tree on sat. It's a cute little thing :)
We got all set up and beds rearranged etc. for Brother and mother in law.
Now I just need to do a little cleaning etc.

Yesterday I got a great run in at the gym. . . Started up some interval training. 30 sec. of Sprinting followed by a min of jogging for 20 min. Burning some fat baby :)

I have lost 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks, so that is inspiring!

Also yesterday we got to visit Ruth Anne at her "Red" house (my kids call it that :) It was real nice.

I realize this post is totally random and scatterbrained, but I have got lots to do so I can't think straight ;)

Have a happy day and comment if you read and have time, Please. Pretty please. :)
(I am trying to figure out if I have any readers anymore, besides Dawne and Ruth Anne, I know they read and I love their comments :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's friday

The weekend is almost here! :)

I had a nice visit with my friend, Rosy this morning. She had a baby girl a few weeks after I had Macy, so it's fun to enjoy our little girls together (she also has a girl Mia's age)

Then I got myself a Java Crew. YUM!

Now my kids are totally entertained watching the new Alvin and chipmunks movie. Thank Goodness for a new movie they enjoy :)

I am looking forward to this weekend. We plan to get our tree tomorrow and then in the afternoon in our church christmas celebration.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My son

Gosh, sometimes I just love him! Well, all the time, but sometimes he just says such cute things.
Today we had a little holiday fun. We made sugar cookies and decorated em etc. Then he asked if he could wash the dishes I had soaking in the sink. i told him sure, thinking it would entertain him awhile... after scrubbing intently a bit he told me...
Prepare! You are gonna love this.
"Mom, you can just sit back and relax a bit while I wash these dishes for you" :)
Yes, he really is only 4 years old...but my, he knows just how to charm a lady ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday celebrations

I would like to take a moment and list out the holiday occasions coming up that I am excited about . . .

Tonight my daughter has a rehearsal for her sunday school performance, So I will see my friends and hang out while they rehearse

Tomorrow my brother and sisters in elementary school have a concert/celebration (santa makes an appearance, my kids LOVE it :)

Sat. we have our church christmas festival

Monday (or the next sat.not sure yet) Us older kids in my fam. are getting together to celebrate with our spouses and parents.

My high school sisters concert next week, she is a super talented singer

Next friday hubbys mom and brother arrive (let me note she says she is making the trip to help me :) SUPER SWEET!

The next sunday a christmas feast I get to go to with Youth group :)

And of course Christmas eve (we are having a few couples over to celebrate)

And Christmas Day (dinner at my parents)

Yay! I love the holidays

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi :)
Hope you are well.
I have nothing exciting to say really.
So, I am going to talk about how unproductive I feel. I had a slight meltdown last night, well that is kind of an understatement, but anyhow...Cuz I feel like all I manage to get done is take care of the kids. My husband is constantly reassuring me that is all that matters. . but I am kind of tired of having a messy house. I guess it's not that bad, but it is always just surface clean and that bugs me! (Plus, I am sure hormones aren't on my side, as far as the meltdown goes. . I seem to have these about once a week lately)
Anyhow, I am aware that blogging isn't helping my house get clean, so I am going to go get to work. :)
I apologize for the super boring post.
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

serious randomness

Good morning. I would just like to share my thoughts on exercise. It does more than tone my body. It really helps my mood. I am currently at the gym on the elliptical. And I really do just feel so much better than I did a few days ago. I have only worked out twice since last monday but seriously ..I feel so much happier than last monday.

Anyways. I also feel real good about the fact that I got all my christmas shopping done and I found perfect gifts for everyone I am buying for.

Hubbys mom and brother are flying in from germany for the holidays. They arrive next friday so I have my work cut out for me preparing for that. But it should be fun!

Lastly, Ruth Anne and family get home for good this weekend. Yay! May we never be seperated again. Amen!

Friday, December 3, 2010


So this morning I had a mini vaca :) Vacation that is :)

My 12 year old sister had off school and wanted to help me..so sweet! And my 24 year old sister wanted to have a coffee date..So I assigned babysitting my Mia to the 12 year old and meet my other sister at my favorite coffee joint.

She bought me my favorite drink and we sat and chatted, laughed a bunch and cooed at baby Macy...Etc. Then sweet Macy made a huge mess in her pants, so I took her into the bathroom and washed her up..While in there I read a cute sign that absolutely cracked me up! It said


Just wanted to share. I have had a good day. :)

Don't forget~It's my favorite day of the week- Friday. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I love........

Comments on my blog ;)

When my baby smiles back at me

That my son asked me last night "isn't Macy a great gift from God, Mom?" PRICELESS! I swear I didn't teach him that, even though I should have.



Reading a good book

When my kids get along

All things Christmas

My mom

My Hubby, He's the best! No matter how glum I feel (yesterday :( ... He can cheer me up.

That RuthAnne and fam are moving home :) We have missed them!

That Macy's doc. prescribed her meds for gastric reflux...So I can actually eat again :) and hopefully she will feel better (other than that she is doing beautifully, Dawne. Thanks so much for your prayers and care)

Hope you are having a good day.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Story :)

So the other day Miss Macy and I took a little trip to Costco. I rushed around the store grabbing what I needed, rushed into the restroom to pee and rushed home. (This was on our way home from our trip up to RuthAnnes. So I was trying to get home to unpack etc.).

Anyhow, as I rushed out of the store I vaguely noticed a few people seemingly staring but I just thought they were looking at my cute baby or something. Ya know?

Well when I got home and rushed past the mirror I noted a white tail in my wake...About a foot long. Yep. I had myself a toilet paper tail :). No wonder people stared! Hubby and I laughed so hard. I hope you did too. :)


good morning. :)

sometimes my kids just crack me up.
This morning Mia asked where daddy is. So i told her he is at work (just like every other day of the week) :) And her response was... oh, so he just snuck out of bed.
Cracked me up! ;)

On the note of running ... uhh, i did not get to that yesterday. i fell asleep instead. Man, i feel tempted to be frustrated. will i ever get back into it? Then i have to remind myself, my baby is only 9 weeks old. (and i got my kids nasty cold.. so better to rest and get better)
I know I will get into it at some point cuz i remember, once I am used to it..I love running and it gets me into great shape. (I used to run 3-5 miles a day, back when I was a teenager.

Today is Macy's 2 month check up, so I will be packing up all 4 kids to go. Fun times. (my mom used to watch them during app. I can't believe how I just took that for granted, that I had an automatic sitter.) Anyhow, i am not really looking forward to having all 4 there with me, but at the same time...It's all in my attitude. My kids def. feed off my attitude, so I will have a good one! :)

I am off to make myself a mocha...I have resolved to stop buying them..lest we not be able to pay our mortgage!

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Monday

It's Monday! Blah! :)

Anyhow, I hope y'all had a wonderful thanksgiving. Mine, it was ok. It wasn't that it was bad, but for some reason I really had a hard time that day with the fact that mom is sick. But, after a good cry, some wine and a long talk with a good family friend (oh, and a good night sleep) I felt much better. Sometimes you just have to get it all out...I think.

This weekend...It was great! I had a fantastic time with my family, visiting RuthAnne and fam. I was quite impressed with my kids, as it is a four hour drive up there. They were super good though. We just visited and played, ate good food, drank lots of coffee, oh and some wine. ;) Thanks RuthAnne. When we got home, Hubby unpacked everything. SO super kind of him.

Anyhow, so this week...Started with a bang. I got those kiddos off to school and now have about an hour til I have to go pick up DD from school...There is laundry to do, floors to sweep and bathrooms to clean, so I best be going...but I hope to post again soon.

Just a little tidbit about myself for the week. :) My new favorite creamer is coffee mates Vanilla Nut. Yum! And cuties (oranges)are much better than the satsuma oranges I got last week. And I am going to start running every day. Also, I LOVE christmas music. Well, really anything about the holiday!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is wonderful this week

1. Satsuma oranges, Mmm! Love em. I got a box on sale at Safeway (wanted them so bad I dragged all four kids in there just to get them (in the pouring rain! ) :)

2. CoffeeMate's Sugarfree Caramel Vanilla creamer, it's my latest favorite

3. THANKSGIVING :) :) (hopefully we get to go to the dinner at my parents place.. My kids have nasty colds so my dad has to check with mom's doc to be sure they aren't too concerned about her being exposed to the germs) (the tiny yucky germs, as Ky calls them :)

4. Our trip up to visit Ruth Anne and fam. over the coming weekend.

5. My husband being around for an entire 40 hours straight :) (he just got off work) :)

6. My new laundry system

7. My new phone (the blackberry curve :) My phone broke a few months ago, when my Mia spilled coffee on it...i have been using a loaner SUPER OLD phone for WAY too long! It really got in the way of my texting habit.

8. My baby, she is seriously so stinkin' adorable. I love her so much. (she never talks back and just does exactly what I want :) (I love my other kids too. But you know what I mean :)

That's it for today.

Hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To do List

So, back to my original posting idea...It is Tuesday, so my to do list for this week is as follows

1. Read library book that I have had in my possession and renewed twice :)

2. Eat lots of good food :)

3. Take my kids out for walks and bike rides. (especially today since there is snow here :) (like 1 inch or less :) but hey! It IS snow!)

4. Bake some good food.

5. Be patient with kids.

6. Watch the latest episode of Bones, one of my favorite shows.

7. Pray more.

8. Visit Ruth Anne and family for the weekend :) :)

9. Continue to update my blog.

10. Work out a few times.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk!

...........I think. :)
Man, I have missed blogging. But, I have just plain.not.had.time for it.
I would like to update you.

Macy is so cute and growing up a bit. She takes regular naps now and is awake for an hour or so after eating...She coos and smiles at us, especially me. :) My husband gets jealous.. but, I guess I deserve it. After all, I did go through A LOT to have her! ;) Her pediatrician is ALWAYS so quick to confirm how pleased he is with her progress. . and to note what a miracle it is that she is with us. It's such a good reminder, God IS good.

My mom is currently doing real well. She seems to be her normal self, which is at times hard for me...to realize she is ok for now, but her current diagnosis only gives her a certain amount of years anyhow...(if that makes sense?)
She started chemo and radiation treatments last Thursday, and seems to be handling them quite well. I picked her up from her radiation appointment last week. It was really nice to spend some time with her that day. We pray for her at dinner time and bedtime each day..it's cute that my kids ALWAYS remember her in their prayers :)
It's becoming more "Normal" for me that she is sick (well, that sounds horrible, but my point is the shock has kind of worn off) But sometimes the reality of it all overcomes me and I CAN NOT believe my own mother is terminally ill. But, I do believe in God and He knows what he is doing...Even if I don't understand why.

Daily life...it's become more "normal" with 4 kids. I have started doing a few things that help make days (during the week, especially) run more smoothly. One being that I cooked a bunch of dinner cassroles and froze them over the weekend...that way when my husband calls and says he has started his hour long drive home I just pop it in the oven(this was kind of an "issue" before as he never leaves for home at the same time, some days it's a 10 hour day and other days he works 14 hours) The other thing being I quit folding and putting away the kids clothes (thanks for the idea, Sherah) Laundry goes SO much faster. In fact I kind of "enjoy" doing it. I just throw theirs in a separate clothes basket for each kid and I am done. (they mess up their drawers anyhow)

On diet and exercise...I have been working out most week days at the gym.. but my prepaid membership is running out Dec. 5th and we can't really currently afford it, so I guess I will just be trying to get outside to run or walk with the kids or ????I don't know. It kind of stresses me out, cuz i am not good at exercising outside of the gym, but that's the way life is for now, so I am working on not complaining...Not just not verbalizing the complaint, but not having a complaint in my spirit etc. Life is really what you make it.
I haven't really lost any weight, sometimes I am down 1 more pound, but basically I haven't put a dent in the 13 pounds I have left to get down to prepregnancy weight. I am not sure what to do about this either, but two things I have decided. #1. Being super down on myself and talking about it all the time (to hubby especially) but not doing anything about it, is certainly not attractive! He thinks I look pretty darn good ;) And #2. It's honestly more important that I address the issues that "make" me fat, than that I lose the weight.

K, it's bedtime for kids and no one is heading that way since I am not giving that direction :) so I better sign off for now. I promise to try to have a more fun post next time, soon I hope.....If I even have any readers anymore :)

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Sorry I have been completely MIA. It was a real busy week. Moms surgery was on tuesday..it went better than they were hoping (they were able to remove more than they had first thought and it is not as aggressive as they were originally thinking, however there is still tumor in the brain they couldn't get so they will still do chemo and radiation...we are waiting on word of when and how much etc.) In any case, she is resting and recovering at the hospital, so I try to make it down to visit when it fits.
My hubby got a new job, which he started today. :) :) so super cool, an answer to prayers, for sure. He is pretty excited about it. I am too, but it puts me back into full time "single" motherhood. JK, but he is gone long hours now.
I start driving at 7:30, four days a week to get kids to preschool and kindergarten. . but that is ok with me, as this keeps 2 of my 4 real happy and busy :)
Baby Macy grace is eating normal now a days, YAY! No more hour long feedings etc.
I haven't lost a pound, but considering my crazy life currently, I am doing good maintaining, I think :)
I look forward to the day I hopefully find time to exercise again, but there's a time and season for everything, right?
I better go make dinner.
Hope everyone is well.
Hope you had a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

busy to crazy

Just wanted to update you all real quick...
So life has gone from busy to crazy lately. But we are doing ok. On monday I had my younger siblings. (16, 14, 12, 9 and 7 year olds) over in the pm, while my parents went to the school and talked to all their teachers. Yesterday I spent the entire day out with my mom trying to help her organize shopping lists and buy groceries for the coming week(s).
She visited a second neuro surgeon today, who will do the surgery next tuesday at ten, so please continue to pray for her.
Life will continue to be busy, I am sure, but I will try to post as it fits.
It's been a sobering time for us all. But, it's a good reminder that life is short. We may only have today with our loved ones. I want to make each day a good day for those I have to do with. In Ps. 90 it says, So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Hope you are well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Praying for a miracle

I don't have much to say today, but that we are praying for a miracle.
We recently learned that my mom has a malignant brain tumor. It is really serious, they are looking at doing brain surgery this week.
Please pray for my mom, and my family.
Thank you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday sayings

Funny things my kids said this week-

1. When my 3 year old is throwing a fit and tells me "you are really freaking me out" :)

2. My 3 year old tells me... "i not can do that" :)

3. My 4 year old says "i really eed it" instead of need it ;)

Kids are so funny, most of the time ;)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fess up

1. I replaced my brownie/cookie/cupcake addiction with straight up candy this week.(from my kids goodie bags :) :) (clearly I have not been restricting my caloric intake, oops!)

2. I am COMPLETELY estatic about our date night tonight :) :) I CAN NOT wait.

3. I let my baby Macy Gracie (my mia calls her that :) sleep as long as she wants at night, even though the lactation lady tells me that is not ok. Mama's got to sleep sometime :) (last night I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep twice last night. I think that's the most I slept at once since she was born ;)

4. I only made 3 meals for my family this week. (don't worry they still ate, I just didn't prepare the food :)

5. I enjoyed having doc. app. almost every day this week, cuz it forced me to get out of my house (I am SUCH a social butterfly :)



Thursday, October 14, 2010


On the topic of adjusting to having 4 kids............

I feel like I am adjusting ok, but I KNOW this has to have something to do with the fact that DH is constantly around. (he works from home) In fact, I have yet to be left alone with all 4 kids. So, I actually have no idea how it will go (I mean I know it will be fine, but I just wonder how I will feel about it. Will it be no big deal as my youngest this time is 3 years old, not just 16 months a baby herself (like with first 3 kids)? Or will I feel totally overwhelmed?

Anyhow, we shall see. . As tonight is the first night DH has a meeting he NEEDS :) to attend. He has agreed to help feed them all (well, the older three :) and help get them all ready for bed before taking off, so it SHOULD be no big deal, but you know the kidlets? They "no like" bedtime ;)

Ok, so yeah,...this wasn't my most creative, fun idea of a post, but I thought ya all may like to know how I am doing and most of all I thought it would be nice to look back and see how things become more and more "normal" for me with 4. Cuz currently all I seem to do is feed my baby. (Oh but I did get to go jogging this morning and I say jogging, cuz that is barely what it was...no running, barely more than walking, but I did it. :) About 15 minutes or so. Boy it was harder than it used to be, but it felt good) Anyhow,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is wonderful this wednesday

1. I am feeling a bit better today, without even having to take the antibiotic (which is good, cuz I tend to have other health problems when on antibiotics)

2. My check-up was real good..my incision is healing beautifully, so i got the go ahead to be "normal" again :) I can drive again, work out, even pick up my kids :)

3. My good friend Esther came for a visit tonight :)

4. My husband has been SO SUPER helpful since baby arrived.

5. My kids want to behave :) :) :)

Hope you had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY as well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To do list

So, I was thinking Tuesday's posts would be my to do lists for that week and in my head I was dreaming up all these things I would like to get done this week, ya know how I like to shoot for the stars? (I expect a lot from myself)

BUT, turns out this week's list will be real simple.

#1. Feed my baby

#2. Take it real easy

About #1. As referred to the other day, Macy's check up was today. . and while she is gaining weight just fine and doing beautifully, she is still a real lazy eater, so I spend an hour each feeding, just getting that job done. (8 times a day) But that's ok, this is the season of life I am in right now, and I am just thankful my baby girl is with us and healthy.

About #2. I seem to be getting ill, I am all achy and feel like I got run over by a dump truck. Doc. thinks I have an infection, so they prescribed antibiotics. This too shall pass ;) but I have strict instructions to take it easy :) So, I shall do that and just enjoy my baby girl.

Sorry if this was kind of a depressing post.. I wanted it to be all bright and sunshiny, but this is reality, so I decided to just share :)

I hope you had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

Monday, October 11, 2010

On diet and exercise

I don't want this to be a weight loss blog. . I really am tired of being obsessed with that.

BUT, it is a part, an important part of my life, so I decided on Mondays I will weigh and post the latest with me, diet and exercise wise.

For my weigh-in this morning I was happy to be one pound down since last Monday.
I hope to lose a bit more this week. My plan is to keep track of what I eat in a little notebook (I find this works well for me too, sunshine mama ;)

Exercise wise, I am still healing from my c-section so...I will just do my best to take a 20 minute walk or hop on my treadmill at least a few times this week. When I go to my follow-up appointment on wed. I hope to get the go ahead to do more soon :)

I am excited that we are going to the park as soon as we pick up DD from school, I plan to take my walk there today while kids ride their bikes and burn off some of their unending energy :)

Happy Monday~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things I look forward to

Things I look forward to this week....

1. A date night on friday to finally celebrate my 29th birthday :) (Thanks for being willing to watch our kids, Elmina :) I can't wait.

2. My baby Macy Grace's checkup on tuesday (and a java crew drink afterward)

3. My post surgery checkup on wed. (I hope to be able to drive MYSELF places again :)

4. My favorite shows airing on Thursday evening. :)

5. Eating healthy and starting to regularly exercise again. (We did grocery shopping all morning, so no excuses now :)

6. Fall weather, I am thoroughly enjoying it (well, maybe not the rain, but the cool crisp weather, yes)

7. Hopefully making it to the feast at church next sunday, I miss people (I guess my hubby and kiddos count as people, but I miss my friends :)

8. Drinking tea and coffee drinks (I stocked up on these while shopping. . Vanilla chai tea in particular)

9. Reading comments on my blog ;) Thanks :)

Hope you are having a SPLENDID SUNDAY!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday sayings

Favorite things my loved ones said this week

1. My 3 year old-I didn't do nuffing

2. My 3 year old- I am going to go pee just for the heck of it ;)

3. My 4 year old- The baby loves me so much.

4. And I have to include one from Dear hubby- When he responded "sounds good" to a question that clearly had several options :) :) I just had to laugh ;)

5. I love every single time my 3 year old says- Eeeeever, instead of either :)

I know there are more, but my foggy post partum brain can't think of more currently ;)


Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday 'fess up

Ruth Anne, I would like to join in the friday 'fess up....Mind much? :)

1. I have stopped showering regularly. (oh but I guess I do have the excuse of a newborn daughter)

2. I rarely leave my couch, let alone my house. (see above excuse for that :)

3. I made pumpkin cupcakes yesterday, using baking with my 3 year old for her enjoyment as my excuse, when really I just wanted to eat them and as soon as they were ready I wolfed down 2 of them in about 2.99 seconds :)

4. I have only lost 12 of the 25 pounds I gained while pregnant, and quite honestly I don't even care.... (but almost losing my newborn Macy Grace put that into perspective for me, I am not saying I don't want to lose more and plan to eat lots of baked goods, but weight is just not that important anymore.)

5. I am pretty sure I am throwing away my scale (see number 4)

6. I REALLY love my hubby. (he's been working his booty off since I had to have an emergency c-section 11 days ago)

7. I don't think I can EVER have surgery EVER EVER again. My c-section was the scariest thing that I EVER went through (this could be due to the fact that it was a TOTAL emergency so they had to give me special K, the most trippy drug EVER)

8. I LOVE peppermint mocha creamer and I drink a cup of coffee at least twice a day lately just for the flavor (this may have something to do with having a newborn and being awake every 2 hours for an hour for feedings...but anyways)

9. I haven't unpacked my hospital bag yet, and it may never get done. I would rather hold Macy Grace :)

10.....hmm...I can't think of anything else....Catch ya later!