Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Story :)

So the other day Miss Macy and I took a little trip to Costco. I rushed around the store grabbing what I needed, rushed into the restroom to pee and rushed home. (This was on our way home from our trip up to RuthAnnes. So I was trying to get home to unpack etc.).

Anyhow, as I rushed out of the store I vaguely noticed a few people seemingly staring but I just thought they were looking at my cute baby or something. Ya know?

Well when I got home and rushed past the mirror I noted a white tail in my wake...About a foot long. Yep. I had myself a toilet paper tail :). No wonder people stared! Hubby and I laughed so hard. I hope you did too. :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I love that you can laugh and not be mortified!

  2. oh no how embarassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine you laughed so hard!

  3. That is SOOOO funny!!!! At least you found out about it when you got home, instead of in the store WHILE they were all staring at you. I'm so glad you're posting again, I love reading your daily musings! =)