Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I love........

Comments on my blog ;)

When my baby smiles back at me

That my son asked me last night "isn't Macy a great gift from God, Mom?" PRICELESS! I swear I didn't teach him that, even though I should have.



Reading a good book

When my kids get along

All things Christmas

My mom

My Hubby, He's the best! No matter how glum I feel (yesterday :( ... He can cheer me up.

That RuthAnne and fam are moving home :) We have missed them!

That Macy's doc. prescribed her meds for gastric reflux...So I can actually eat again :) and hopefully she will feel better (other than that she is doing beautifully, Dawne. Thanks so much for your prayers and care)

Hope you are having a good day.


  1. I am so glad to hear that sweet, little Macy is doing so well. Yuck to the acid reflux...poor kid. Does that mean a lot of spit up for you to clean up? Seriously, she's been through enough!

    And, although I know exactly what you were saying when you said you didn't teach your son those words, he has learned from your precious example of honouring God for the miracle of life in Macy. So, yes, amazing little boy to articulate that one his own, BUT, amazing Mama and Daddy for modelling Christ like behaviour. You're a good Mama.

  2. You forgot to put Vanilla Nut creamer in there! ;-)

    And maybe Java Crew and Kids Club for our sanity. :-D