Wednesday, May 30, 2012


On this fine day we........

Got the kiddos to school

Visited target...again

Got macy more mcds soft serve..again

Macy finally played a bit

I did the laundry..

I made pizza

I made zucchini bread

I took out the trash

We visited my family

Daddy went to fundraising

And I am going to do the dishes

And I hope I get to sleep tonight :) :) :)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've got a feeling!

I've got a feeling that I may be posting more often again.... Over the weekend we got the good ole computer back out into the kitchen...dh felt it cluttered things up, but since it's always booted up and ready to go and the labtop isn't...this clutter is worth it to me...also cuz the kiddos can play on this computer and that majorly helps keep the peace when one of em is just needing a distraction while i cook or clean or organize (my latest favorite thing to do!!) :) Today we got ky a big ole rubbermaid (or whatever that brand is) cabinet out and cleaned it out and organized his legos and toy sets and put that in his room. I told him now when he feels bored he can just go there and pick out something to do (lately he is ALWAYS bored :) For those of you who don't know I got to be home all weekend with baby macy who has a sinus and ear infection and also pink eye...poor she's been on antibiotics for 4 days but still is oh so unhappy and not sleeping or eating...couldn't figure it out but just now found white bumps in her mouth which means she got thrush so now I can treat that and hopefully she will be on the mend. Well, otherwise....not much to say....just on a major target spending spree..i mean the amounts aren't big..mostly we just love their popcorn and the happy feeling there :) Hope you are well!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

You are not the only one...

You're not the only one who... Feels inadequate.... Doesn't finish the housework (pretty much, ever!).... Wishes the sun would shine....... Doesn't know how to stop the sibling rivilary........ Eats chocolate when I get stressed....Wants to lose 10 more pounds but can't find the effort to make it priority...and I don't know if I even care! ;)............... Realizes my life is more stressful than some peoples...but am also starting to realize is much less stressful than others (it's all relative, huh?)...... And last but not least is realizing that seriously most important of all is that the kids are happy, not me! :) (and in turn THAT makes me feel happy...when they are happy, priotities!!! ;)). Hope all's well with you!