Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy weekend

Hi there,

SO.....I guess I am just not really much of a blogger. Huh? I think it's because it's not super interactive...I'm not really ever sure Anyone reads my Then I start feeling like what's the point? :) (I guess I might need that talk therapy after all :)But anyhow, here's the latest with us.

Martin started his new job last week and so far really likes it. It's super nice that he is in town..We have stopped by a few times to say hi and he has come home a few times for lunch. He is currently out at MCR cooking breakfast for a rental group!

I have been doing fine. I started hcg a few weeks ago..I haven't managed to do it faithfully so I have only lost 6 pounds but I keep telling myself I'm 6 pounds closer to my goal and so I keep trying. I'm not sure whether to just be done with this round though and continue to eat healthy but start exercising cuz I've been feeling a lot more anxious recently and I feel like this diet is just adding to my stress list...but I'm afraid if I quit that I will be disappionted in myself later?
Different topic, but I am excited for school to be out. It will be nice to not be forced to make three trips a day to the school and just be on our own schedule!

The kids are all doing fine.....they've been more grumpy lately it seems but I blame it on a needing a break from school! :)

I've got to that's it for now but....I will leave you with a few random pictures I've taken recently...(we've been outside a lot!! And my lil sis graduated from high school! Yay Janice! :) I took this picture of Macy cuz her hair is Growing back finally :):)And I think the pic of my mom is so so cute! :) the pic of Mia was cuz she got the principal award this week :) 

Have a fabulous day!