Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday celebrations

I would like to take a moment and list out the holiday occasions coming up that I am excited about . . .

Tonight my daughter has a rehearsal for her sunday school performance, So I will see my friends and hang out while they rehearse

Tomorrow my brother and sisters in elementary school have a concert/celebration (santa makes an appearance, my kids LOVE it :)

Sat. we have our church christmas festival

Monday (or the next sat.not sure yet) Us older kids in my fam. are getting together to celebrate with our spouses and parents.

My high school sisters concert next week, she is a super talented singer

Next friday hubbys mom and brother arrive (let me note she says she is making the trip to help me :) SUPER SWEET!

The next sunday a christmas feast I get to go to with Youth group :)

And of course Christmas eve (we are having a few couples over to celebrate)

And Christmas Day (dinner at my parents)

Yay! I love the holidays


  1. When is L's concert? I want to go to that.

  2. Oh yay! You're going to the youth feast too! I would love to snag a spot next to's weird going there by myself without Bret like it was for so many years. Last year was our last one together....waaah.