Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk!

...........I think. :)
Man, I have missed blogging. But, I have just plain.not.had.time for it.
I would like to update you.

Macy is so cute and growing up a bit. She takes regular naps now and is awake for an hour or so after eating...She coos and smiles at us, especially me. :) My husband gets jealous.. but, I guess I deserve it. After all, I did go through A LOT to have her! ;) Her pediatrician is ALWAYS so quick to confirm how pleased he is with her progress. . and to note what a miracle it is that she is with us. It's such a good reminder, God IS good.

My mom is currently doing real well. She seems to be her normal self, which is at times hard for realize she is ok for now, but her current diagnosis only gives her a certain amount of years anyhow...(if that makes sense?)
She started chemo and radiation treatments last Thursday, and seems to be handling them quite well. I picked her up from her radiation appointment last week. It was really nice to spend some time with her that day. We pray for her at dinner time and bedtime each's cute that my kids ALWAYS remember her in their prayers :)
It's becoming more "Normal" for me that she is sick (well, that sounds horrible, but my point is the shock has kind of worn off) But sometimes the reality of it all overcomes me and I CAN NOT believe my own mother is terminally ill. But, I do believe in God and He knows what he is doing...Even if I don't understand why.

Daily's become more "normal" with 4 kids. I have started doing a few things that help make days (during the week, especially) run more smoothly. One being that I cooked a bunch of dinner cassroles and froze them over the weekend...that way when my husband calls and says he has started his hour long drive home I just pop it in the oven(this was kind of an "issue" before as he never leaves for home at the same time, some days it's a 10 hour day and other days he works 14 hours) The other thing being I quit folding and putting away the kids clothes (thanks for the idea, Sherah) Laundry goes SO much faster. In fact I kind of "enjoy" doing it. I just throw theirs in a separate clothes basket for each kid and I am done. (they mess up their drawers anyhow)

On diet and exercise...I have been working out most week days at the gym.. but my prepaid membership is running out Dec. 5th and we can't really currently afford it, so I guess I will just be trying to get outside to run or walk with the kids or ????I don't know. It kind of stresses me out, cuz i am not good at exercising outside of the gym, but that's the way life is for now, so I am working on not complaining...Not just not verbalizing the complaint, but not having a complaint in my spirit etc. Life is really what you make it.
I haven't really lost any weight, sometimes I am down 1 more pound, but basically I haven't put a dent in the 13 pounds I have left to get down to prepregnancy weight. I am not sure what to do about this either, but two things I have decided. #1. Being super down on myself and talking about it all the time (to hubby especially) but not doing anything about it, is certainly not attractive! He thinks I look pretty darn good ;) And #2. It's honestly more important that I address the issues that "make" me fat, than that I lose the weight.

K, it's bedtime for kids and no one is heading that way since I am not giving that direction :) so I better sign off for now. I promise to try to have a more fun post next time, soon I hope.....If I even have any readers anymore :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. It was so fun to hear from you! glad you're doing well...thanks for the update!