Tuesday, November 30, 2010


good morning. :)

sometimes my kids just crack me up.
This morning Mia asked where daddy is. So i told her he is at work (just like every other day of the week) :) And her response was... oh, so he just snuck out of bed.
Cracked me up! ;)

On the note of running ... uhh, i did not get to that yesterday. i fell asleep instead. Man, i feel tempted to be frustrated. will i ever get back into it? Then i have to remind myself, my baby is only 9 weeks old. (and i got my kids nasty cold.. so better to rest and get better)
I know I will get into it at some point cuz i remember, once I am used to it..I love running and it gets me into great shape. (I used to run 3-5 miles a day, back when I was a teenager.

Today is Macy's 2 month check up, so I will be packing up all 4 kids to go. Fun times. (my mom used to watch them during app. I can't believe how I just took that for granted, that I had an automatic sitter.) Anyhow, i am not really looking forward to having all 4 there with me, but at the same time...It's all in my attitude. My kids def. feed off my attitude, so I will have a good one! :)

I am off to make myself a mocha...I have resolved to stop buying them..lest we not be able to pay our mortgage!

Have a wonderful day.


  1. How was your mocha? =0)

    Mia's comment made me laugh out loud. Silly girl.

    Hope you ended up having a good day!

  2. How did the check up go???? I often pray for Macy, thanking God for saving her little life.

    The running will come Jen, and then maybe I'll have to come your way to run a half marathon with you. We can do it! Give yourself time to heal lady. I bet the running would aid you in dealing with the stressed in your life though.

    Hugs from your Dawnie!