Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday 'fess up

Ruth Anne, I would like to join in the friday 'fess up....Mind much? :)

1. I have stopped showering regularly. (oh but I guess I do have the excuse of a newborn daughter)

2. I rarely leave my couch, let alone my house. (see above excuse for that :)

3. I made pumpkin cupcakes yesterday, using baking with my 3 year old for her enjoyment as my excuse, when really I just wanted to eat them and as soon as they were ready I wolfed down 2 of them in about 2.99 seconds :)

4. I have only lost 12 of the 25 pounds I gained while pregnant, and quite honestly I don't even care.... (but almost losing my newborn Macy Grace put that into perspective for me, I am not saying I don't want to lose more and plan to eat lots of baked goods, but weight is just not that important anymore.)

5. I am pretty sure I am throwing away my scale (see number 4)

6. I REALLY love my hubby. (he's been working his booty off since I had to have an emergency c-section 11 days ago)

7. I don't think I can EVER have surgery EVER EVER again. My c-section was the scariest thing that I EVER went through (this could be due to the fact that it was a TOTAL emergency so they had to give me special K, the most trippy drug EVER)

8. I LOVE peppermint mocha creamer and I drink a cup of coffee at least twice a day lately just for the flavor (this may have something to do with having a newborn and being awake every 2 hours for an hour for feedings...but anyways)

9. I haven't unpacked my hospital bag yet, and it may never get done. I would rather hold Macy Grace :)

10.....hmm...I can't think of anything else....Catch ya later!


  1. Oh ya! Dawnie gets to be the first follower! Love, love, love the look of your new blog. Love, love, love my Jen and am so relieved that Macy is doing just fine. Love, love, love that you have a new blog!

  2. Jen!!! I was just driving home from Costco today and thought: oh darn it, I should've called Jen to see if she needed anything that I could drop by. Next time I will!

    I know your life is probably one big huge BLUR right now - and I love that you're not obsessing about weight. I realized that with my last baby too, that this time is so short and to just enjoy it - even though it seems like I should HURRY UP and lose the weight, already. =)

    But having almost lost MY 4th baby too (I didn't realize that we have that in common until just now, wow!) at birth, I can TOTALLY relate. I found that my family and friends in the church became so dear to me...nothing else really mattered.

    I'm super excited that you have a new blog, and I love 0..............................

    (lol THAT last line was from Harmony, she says "hi" to Macy =)

    that it is just a random blog, so I can hear about how you're doing in the midst of the craziness of life. It's a good life, though!! Looking forward to meeting your little sweetie...

  3. I got your blog addy from Sherah...I hope it's ok:)(BTW~ I just asked Sherah this but is my xanga not working for you? It wasn't working for Della 18underoneroof and so I invited her to my blogger you want me to invite you there or are you ok with the xanga one?)
    Anyhow..I'm so exited that you are blogging again and I haven't even actually read your post yet but just had to comment. Congrats on your new baby...I heard what happened and am so thankful she's made it through!Can't wait to see you guys at conf now I will actually read what you wrote!

  4. OK I read your post...I'm so THANKFUL for little Macy and for you...for your faithfulness in this life and that God saw fit to let you keep her!

  5. What a gorgeous girl you have! She looks perfect to me! And you my dear, look so young! I kinda feel old after looking at your new Mama photo, but I think I'm young enough at heart to be your Canadian friend!

    Sherah, I can't get to your blog to answer you. It comes up as unavailable. Sadness. It's time to e-mail me...could you get my e-mail from Ruth Anne or Jen? I will send you the details of the fact, I will send you a book! :)