Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things I look forward to

Things I look forward to this week....

1. A date night on friday to finally celebrate my 29th birthday :) (Thanks for being willing to watch our kids, Elmina :) I can't wait.

2. My baby Macy Grace's checkup on tuesday (and a java crew drink afterward)

3. My post surgery checkup on wed. (I hope to be able to drive MYSELF places again :)

4. My favorite shows airing on Thursday evening. :)

5. Eating healthy and starting to regularly exercise again. (We did grocery shopping all morning, so no excuses now :)

6. Fall weather, I am thoroughly enjoying it (well, maybe not the rain, but the cool crisp weather, yes)

7. Hopefully making it to the feast at church next sunday, I miss people (I guess my hubby and kiddos count as people, but I miss my friends :)

8. Drinking tea and coffee drinks (I stocked up on these while shopping. . Vanilla chai tea in particular)

9. Reading comments on my blog ;) Thanks :)

Hope you are having a SPLENDID SUNDAY!


  1. Can't wait to see you at conf:) I'm guessing you wont be out there the whole time:)

  2. You are doing awesome at keeping with this blogging stuff!

  3. OMG!! I've already read your entire blog! I'm glad to hear Macy is ok. I've never had a c-section either and I don't want to have one. Just praying for a good labor.

    She is a beautiful little baby and you do look totally in love.And that baby weight will come off in in time, just sit back and enjoy baby.

    Hey, you're birthday is one day after mine, the 14th!

    Don't you love October? So, when is Macy's birthdate? I'm hoping this little one comes out in October, but just so long as he's healthy.

  4. Sunshine Mama,
    great to hear from ya!
    Baby Macy was born Sept. 27th.
    My birthday is actually on Sept. 29th, so we never really celebrated seeing as I was still in the hospital with a baby in the NICU, totally crazy, huh? (I mean the kids and DH brought cards, chocolate and gift cards to Target, oh and 15 of my friends and family met up in my hospital room to visit on my bday, but I was pretty doped up, so I don't really think that celebration counts so much :) Although I did have a good time, I just wasn't really in my right mind :) :) :)

  5. Elmina is babysitting for us too - our kids on Saturday for our date night - we are SO lucky to have her in our lives!!! She is hands down, the best babysitter we have ever had...and she's babysat us for 6 years! Crazy how time flies.

    You gotta' share now...what is your favorite show(s)? Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!! And to hearing how your date night goes. =) Our first date nights always seem to go very randomly since you never know how the baby will do...but I'm going to pray that she will be calm and let you enjoy some time to be semi-normal again. And to feel pretty. And footloose & fancy free (kind of, I guess just minus 3 of your other kids) for a while. Enjoy!!!!1

  6. Jen -
    Your blog is super cute and fun to read. :) Thanks for sharing it. It's great to get a glimpse into your life since I work all the darn time and can't actually hang out with you anymore. :( Except, I need to add one thing to your list of things to look forward to: 10) Going out with my friend Maryanne on Wednesday evening!
    I hope it works out for us to hang out...even if it's only for a short time. :)