Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fess up

1. I replaced my brownie/cookie/cupcake addiction with straight up candy this week.(from my kids goodie bags :) :) (clearly I have not been restricting my caloric intake, oops!)

2. I am COMPLETELY estatic about our date night tonight :) :) I CAN NOT wait.

3. I let my baby Macy Gracie (my mia calls her that :) sleep as long as she wants at night, even though the lactation lady tells me that is not ok. Mama's got to sleep sometime :) (last night I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep twice last night. I think that's the most I slept at once since she was born ;)

4. I only made 3 meals for my family this week. (don't worry they still ate, I just didn't prepare the food :)

5. I enjoyed having doc. app. almost every day this week, cuz it forced me to get out of my house (I am SUCH a social butterfly :)




  1. ha ha you must be organized cause I'd HATE having to go out every day unless i didn't have to bring the kiddos.:)
    I always found my milk supply could only keep up if I nursed my babies on demand at night(read constantly while the baby slept attached next to me) Some of my babies were naturally better sleepers and my milk supply dried up sooner. not even sure why exactly I'm typing this:)...cause I NEVER woke a baby that was content to sleep either!!!! With the others I had no choice...those were tiring days(and nights!)I guess thelatation nurs eis right but at the same has to go on...and sleep is so precious!!:)
    You're doing great!

  2. Date night...enjoy!

    I am loving this blog Jen. You write about a lot more on here than on your previous one. It's super entertaining and interesting.