Thursday, October 14, 2010


On the topic of adjusting to having 4 kids............

I feel like I am adjusting ok, but I KNOW this has to have something to do with the fact that DH is constantly around. (he works from home) In fact, I have yet to be left alone with all 4 kids. So, I actually have no idea how it will go (I mean I know it will be fine, but I just wonder how I will feel about it. Will it be no big deal as my youngest this time is 3 years old, not just 16 months a baby herself (like with first 3 kids)? Or will I feel totally overwhelmed?

Anyhow, we shall see. . As tonight is the first night DH has a meeting he NEEDS :) to attend. He has agreed to help feed them all (well, the older three :) and help get them all ready for bed before taking off, so it SHOULD be no big deal, but you know the kidlets? They "no like" bedtime ;)

Ok, so yeah,...this wasn't my most creative, fun idea of a post, but I thought ya all may like to know how I am doing and most of all I thought it would be nice to look back and see how things become more and more "normal" for me with 4. Cuz currently all I seem to do is feed my baby. (Oh but I did get to go jogging this morning and I say jogging, cuz that is barely what it running, barely more than walking, but I did it. :) About 15 minutes or so. Boy it was harder than it used to be, but it felt good) Anyhow,



  1. What a great hubby you have!!!
    You'll do great just as you always have!:)

  2. Every little person added to the family will take some adjustment, but you figure out a way and get used to it.

    It's so nice to still have your husband around to help. Enjoy, enjoy! I liked your to-do list for this week.

  3. Love how open you are sis! What an awesome hubby you have and it's great he can be around to help you! You'll do fine. Any change in life is an adjustment, no less with having 4 kiddos:) love ya!

  4. Way to go on the jogging! Impressive this close to a c-section Jen.