Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To do list

So, I was thinking Tuesday's posts would be my to do lists for that week and in my head I was dreaming up all these things I would like to get done this week, ya know how I like to shoot for the stars? (I expect a lot from myself)

BUT, turns out this week's list will be real simple.

#1. Feed my baby

#2. Take it real easy

About #1. As referred to the other day, Macy's check up was today. . and while she is gaining weight just fine and doing beautifully, she is still a real lazy eater, so I spend an hour each feeding, just getting that job done. (8 times a day) But that's ok, this is the season of life I am in right now, and I am just thankful my baby girl is with us and healthy.

About #2. I seem to be getting ill, I am all achy and feel like I got run over by a dump truck. Doc. thinks I have an infection, so they prescribed antibiotics. This too shall pass ;) but I have strict instructions to take it easy :) So, I shall do that and just enjoy my baby girl.

Sorry if this was kind of a depressing post.. I wanted it to be all bright and sunshiny, but this is reality, so I decided to just share :)

I hope you had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!


  1. Aaaaw I hope you feel well soon! So Macy breastfeeds?

  2. Feel better. You are so wise...this is a wonderful season of life and before you know it, Macy will choosing Universities. Enjoy feedings.

  3. Hey, I just had a thought. I'll text you too in case you don't read it before your appointment... but hopefully it isn't your incision that is infected!?

    Let me know how your appointment goes. =)

  4. Hey Jen! Nice to text last night:) Hope you are doing better today?! What cute pictures of the kids on the side. Can't wait to see you guys! I agree, life should be easy and simple. I'm learning to take life as it comes as well! Good luck and heal soon!