Saturday, January 14, 2012

on shopping

Isn't it so totally random how sometimes (usually when you don't have money or have to have anything in particular) you find tons of options and things on sale. (I'm mostly talking about clothes here) :) And when you have money and time and really need to find something in particular, there are no options ;)

Anyhow, totally randomly this morning (meaning I wasn't planning to go shopping for the wedding this morning) but I ended up going shopping. I went out to MCR to drop off the older three for the can drive and I was going to just head home or maybe run to the grocery store with macy, but then Maryanne asked what I was doing and said she was running to ross. :) SO...we ended up going for a coffee and then doing some shopping and i was seriously amazed that I ended up with 3 options for the wedding. :) Happy dance! (i'll probably just keep one, but I can't decide.

So, that's what's up over here. I really should go switch laundry and then fold I gotta go. but Happy weekend

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