Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hi y'all

Hey there,

I am so not inspired to write anymore. Sorry. But then I remember how much I love reading other peoples blog so here I am! :)

Let's see...what is going on with us?
Macy is sick, again! :( I spent the day yesterday out and about cuz of it. Well, first I had a dentist appointment cuz i traumatized my molar by biting on a peppercorn. No really! That was his diagnosis. So he prescribed me an anti-inflammatory which I realized when picking it up, is a steroid so no, I won't be taking that right now! (can't imagine it would be good to do that on hcg and my tooth isn't bothering me right now) I know, I am vain.
Hcg is over. I mean, today is my last day on drops, and I was 148 this morning. I am moving on. I didn't make it to 145 but honestly, what's 3 pounds (this is what I tell myself!) :)

Anyhow, so I got sidetracked, but about Macy she has a nasty cold and cough and in general is just misreable and clingy (which doesn't have to make me misreable, but that's a choice :)
Anyways, she has a ear infection so I am starting ear drops. She should be feeling better soon here...I hope!

I am rather excited that I am joining a gym. I called today and figured out that if I spend 55 bucks a month I can get me and the girls a membership to a fitness/activity center, so if I want I can put them in childcare or instead I could swim with them or do other activities or kids fitness classes (so cute :) I am excited.

Otherwise, it's the same ole ;) Lots of laundry to fold and put away and lots of laundry to wash. :) Speaking of which I really should go do that! :)

I hope all is well and I do plan to be back and write more sometime soon! tata

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