Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The latest

Hi there. Hope you are having a great week.

The latest w us is this...

Martin had a job interview yesterday. Please pray he gets it. It's an established company in town and his current work is an hour away and they didn't pay their employees yesterday!! No joke.

I am doing good. I'm so glad the weather is nice. I am currently on the Elliptical :) in general, I am working on taking things one situation at a time. No cause to flip about the work thing. For today we have what we need and god knows and has a plan with all that.

Brooklyn is good. Ky and her have been playing real nice together and i love that.

Ky had his birthday last Saturday. So it was real fun for him to have his party on Monday and he is having fun w all his new toys.

Mia. The conference last weekend and assessment tests at school and the party Monday plus a meeting after so a late night has all been a bit much for her. But when I'm merciful and remember all that. It helps :). Stay positive.

Macy. She is having a rough week. Probably cuz of all the above. But the best thing I can do for her is stay in rest. So I am working on that. She is cute and sure cracks us up when she is happy. Yesterday she told me she wanted to have peanut butter with graham cracker on it for snack. And insisted that was the way to say it :) see picture below. Also. She is obsessed w Dora currently. We are working on not going too far w that :).

Have a great day

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  1. Your kids are really cute Jen. Hope the job works out!!!