Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy week.

This week has been busy but good.

Martin is pretty busy with the mcr kitchen as he is the food coordinator for the weekend. But he did manage to spread bark dust in our front yard and its looks so great :)

I'm doing good. I'm loving this sunshine. And working on just focusing on today. And today I need to pack for the weekend conference. I'm looking forward to the weekend a lot!

Brooklyn is still sleeping :) she must have been over tired. She's been having a hard time getting to sleep at night. She was cute. Asked me if she could stay home w me yesterday for take your kid to work day ;) I took her shopping last night and got her a few new shirts.

Ky still has a cold. :( or a new one...which makes him a bit more difficult. But it's good for me to remember to be merciful. I feel grumpy when I get the sniffles too ;) When I was out last night we picked out new shoes for him so he is all jazzed about that. Also. His birthday is tomorrow so I want to get him a few things while out today.

Mia is doing well. She is excited for the weekend too. :). She's been loving the weather too (I've always said she is a mini me :) .....shes been riding her bike a lot and playing in the kiddie pool and eating otter pops ;)

Macy had a pretty good day yesterday. The weather helps. A lot! She loves to play in the water too.
She was hilarious last night when we went shopping. She was trying all the shoes on ...just like the big kids :):)

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Brooklyn's comment about staying home with you for take your kid to work day is priceless!! I love it!!