Saturday, April 20, 2013

The weekends.

The weekends are great but always a bit busier with everyone home. :) not that it's bad, just saying ;)

Today Martin was around all day. Love that! :)

We had a lazy morning. And then ran a few errands.
I went jogging this afternoon. I'm excited to go again. It was super refreshing and not as hard as I imagined it would be. :) today I decided to try to go jogging every day I can til summer (and beyond) :) but I get into pretty good shape this way :) I have a few months still til I have to wear a swim suit in public ;)
I definitely went to bed too late last night so I didn't have all the patience in the world today and want to get to bed earlier tonight.
Brooklyn- today was a pretty good day with her. She has been teasing Macy alot which makes Macy scream and quite frankly is pretty annoying. But it's not her fault. She just needs to be reminded to be a blessing ;) she was pretty obedient and happy for getting to bed super late and woken up by her sisters.
I bought her a treat while out for coming so quickly when I called her earlier (sounds like she is a dog. Oops :) but she liked that. Special attention.
Ky- wow. Sleep really did him good. He was in a super good mood today and I love that! Super nice to be around him. He was really content. See. That's why it never pays to focus on the negative. im referring to his bad mood yesterday. He does always enjoy having dad around.
Mia- hmm. She had a hard day today. I think I will try to do something special w just her tomorrow. That usually does the trick.
Macy- she always has a better day when both me and Martin are home. Two people to give her love :) she played outside a lot and did watercolors. Etc. we painted our nails together :) that was fun!
she had her usual stubborn moments but overall. Today was a pretty good day. :)
Tonight we watched the brunstad feast all together at home. It was nice to just settle in at home but be encouraged.
Now. I'm off to bed. :)
I posted a few random pics below. The One of me was from my run.

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