Monday, April 22, 2013

Our yard

Our's in some need of help so that's our latest project. See hubby below :) he was so great today. Doing lots of weeding and all the dishes.
Me- I had a dentist app this morning. Phooey. I had two cavities. How I hate getting fillings! I had a busy day cuz Brooklyn had an app too this afternoon so I was running around all day. Tomorrow I have to so laundry. In a major way :)
Brooklyn. It was nice to have some time w just her this afternoon during her appointment. I bought her an italian soda when i got my coffee. She was so sweet to thank me for it. :)She is such a sweet Girl. She picked me some flowers in the yard today cuz she heard me telling Martin I wanted to plant more flowers in the Yard. :) Mia helped Her pick them :)
Ky- he had fun w his frogs today :) got a cute pic of that. He had a pretty good day too except when Martin made him weed;)
Mia- today was a much better day w her. Thank goodness ;) and tonight we went on a little date to target and got an icee she loves that.
Macy- she had some big fits today. But we had to miss her nap and she was with a sitter. A great one. But that is always more overatimulating for her than doing the normal. So. Tomorrow we will be home more :)

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