Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our date :)

Today me and Martin got to go on a date. It was nice to get some time just me and him. We went to Ross dress for less and old navy. We got some flip flops for the kids. (.see below :) then we went to Mexican and went tanning.
I went running again. (Took a pic to document) :) And I fasted today...which was good. But I have to be careful w that. I think it added to my irritability tonight :(
Brooklyn- she had a good day today. She loves being at my moms house (my sisters watched her while we were gone.)
Ky-he had another real good day. Besides one meltdown at dinner time about daddy feeding a cricket to his frogs :) I think ky had just gotten too hungry. O and he is paranoid that his Pets will die since his hamster and lizard both died.
Mia- huge meltdown tonight after the meeting :( but it is past bedtime and not normal to be out at night.
Macy- hmm. It seemed like she had lots of fits today. But I think it was cuz we were gone for a while today. She does better when we are with her all day. But. Life isn't always perfect.
Has a good meeting tonight about not being lazy. Perfect for me to hear as I feel done. But my housework is not and my children aren't sleeping yet :)
It was a busy but good day