Thursday, January 20, 2011

due to last night

...I was up .2 this morning, but I know I stayed in my calorie range, so i am guessing water weight?
I am not worried, it was worth it :) I got to go to a friends birthday party and they had fondue, chocolate and cheese and wine :) It was delicious! And it was super fun to go and party and even eat but within reason and without guilt, knowing i am still heading downward on the scale ;)
In other news, my brother and his wife came over for dinner last night. . before the party. it was really nice to have them.

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  1. Dude! What is this party you speak of!? I'm sad I'm a single mom and can not attend such functions. Either that, or I'm just not invited. ;-)

    Glad your new plan is working for you! And I'll have to come over and take a look at the ticker with you sometime. It's too hard for me to figure it out without actually working with it.

    Have fun tonight!!!!