Monday, May 23, 2011

An early start

Hi y'all.

So, the way it works (hcg) is after quitting the are supposed to continue the low cal (500 cal.) diet til the drops are out of your system. They suggest 3 days, but my friends told me it normally happens sooner and that you can tell they are out cuz you feel super hungry suddenly. THAT happened to me yesterday. I had planned to continue low cal through today..but yesterday I woke up STARVING! So, half way through the day yesterday I started adding normal food back in.
I was careful but ate a few bites of what was served for dinner and dessert (we were at my moms last night for dinner) And today I was only up .4.
I was glad cuz you are supposed to weigh every single morning and if you are up any more than 2 pounds you have to fast til dinner. (you continue this for 3 weeks at which point you can do another round of drops and low cal or else proceed to maintain and your weight should stay stable. I plan to do one more round)

Anyhow, all else is well. We went to the dr this morning to check baby macy's ears, but I guess she is just teething (she hasn't been sleeping as well as one could hope) ;)
Then we ran by the store and said hi to a friend real quick before picking up Brooklyn. Now I am just working on laundry etc. FUN TIMES :) :)

Well, I hope you are well. I will check back in tomorrow.

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  1. I'm amazed at your self control!! I'll bet that food tasted mighty wonderful. =) I love following along with your progress and I LOVE that you finally found something that works so super well - finally, eh? =) Good luck today!!