Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping this in mind

How quickly life here passes on its way;
You soon will reach the evening of your day.
Be therefore good and tender to each one
Who journeys with you till life's day is done.

The hands that serve you, thankfully receive,
Ere enters death and bitterly you grieve.
How quickly cometh that unbidden one;
Then it's too late to do what is not done.

While beats the heart bound close to you in li9fe
Of mother, father, children, husband, wife-
O show them love ere they depart from you;
You know yourself what loving deeds can do.

The feet that tread life's pilgrim way here too,
Should their oft stumbling be well known to you,
Then take good care not to forget at all
How often you yourself didst come to fall.

Fault-finding, causing other souls to grieve,
Is easy, but do you thus achieve?
If you can't bear a soul just as he is,
Then your reward from God you'll surely miss.

How oft have you God's Holy Spirit grieved?
And yet His love so richly you've receive!
The bonds of love keep strong in all you do;
Do unto others as God does to you.

Happy Day,

(up .8 lbs from ending hcg weight)

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