Sunday, May 29, 2011

social functions=lots of great food


So, we had a delightful time yesterday. My mom and youngest brother joined us for our bbq. (dad's out of town and other kids had plans.) It was real nice to be together.

But, we ate. and ate, had some wine and ate some more ;) Therefore, I was up 1.6 from my lowest weight this morning. ...To be expected. So today is the day to be more disciplined and careful!

Anyhow, on to more exciting things.:) We are looking for something to do to entertain our kids today. (Poohy weather out!) So, I have got to go. We've got some brainstorming to do. :) (it could be that the trip I need to make to walmart ends up being IT! (Don't be jealous, you could do the same....if you really want :)

Happy Sunday to you~

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